Science Fiction

In the near future, the year 2035, the earth had been advanced by

scientific technology. The world was separated into small-to-big

societies. And the most known was No. 6, a dystopian society

which was known to had hidden secrets. No. 6 was supposed to be

peaceful but slowly mysterious things Started to happen.

Meet Sion, a boy raised in the advanced elite society, No. 6, by his

single mother, who was the member of the group which made No.

6. Sion is kind, polite and caring. His one and only friend is his

childhood friend, Safu. They both go to elementary school

together. On Sion's 12th birthday, safu's grandmother gave him a

sweater as a gift, which sion appreciated. On his leave, Safu asked

Sion that they had been living in this dystopian city, so will he go to

high school with her together like these days? "I'm sure we will!"

said smilingly sion to Safu. Safu always cared for Sion as a best

friend. In the stormy, rainy night, Sion came back home and heard

the moon drop crying so, he started to shout back for some

reason. In the meanwhile, a young boy with black hair and grey eyes was running away from the cops. When he survived, yet

injured by gun bullets, saw Sion shouting from his house's window. He felt weird but somehow Sion noticed him. The boy quickly came

into his room by the window, and attacked Sion. When Sion saw

him injured so badly, he immediately treated him with medicine.

The boy saw that Sion is a fool to treat a stranger without asking

his details. Therefore, Sion asked him why was he injured? "I was shot by those idiot street jerks." replied the boy. The boy was

excited to see an elite's home so closely. Sion asked if he was hungry or not. After that, he brought some food for him. He asked Sion why does he trusts people so quickly, is he a fool? "No, I know what I do." replied Sion. When they were having fun, the boy suddenly attacked Sion with a spoon after finishing his dinner. While pointing the silver spoon on Sion's neck, "If this was a knife, I

would've killed you. Probably."' said The boy. Sion laughed because

he knew he wouldn't. When both were laughing and having fun, a call came for Sion by his mother. She said him to close the window as there is a criminal in the area who escaped. Relieving his mother that he is doing alright, he closed the window. When Sion saw the boy's cloths, he gave him the sweater he got from Safu and asked his name. "Nezumi" said nezumi. Sion said his name was weird but,

however they had become a little close to each other. While changing his clothes, Sion saw nezumi's scar on his back. What is that?" asked Sion. "Huh? This is a scar I got from when my home

burned along with the people there. I was the last survivor of Mao

forest." replied Nezumi. Sion asked that what is Nezumi going to do

now, where will he head to? Nezumi said it's unclear but none of his business.

The next day, Sion with his mother were questioned by the cops for why did they accompany a criminal. So they were shifted to a lower colony. After a few years, Sion was now living with his mother in Lost town. He knew that he cannot go to high school because of his misdoing and accompanying a criminal from West Block, but yet he wanted to meet him again. He started a part-time job in the park security group. When Sion found a dead body in the park, he and his friend did research on it and found out it is as the doing of parasites. Sion mistakenly said something rude about the police of No. 6 and they immediately came to arrest him. They threw Sion in the West block. Sion remembered before coming to West block that he had promised Safu to spend time together again.

After meeting Nezumi again, he started to live with him in the dirty-trash place in West block. The people make their living in the West Block by themselves. Sion was preparing dinner (soup) for nezumi and in the meanwhile, his mother was worried about sion about how he is doing. Sion wasn't sad to live with nezumi, rather he was happy. But yet, he missed his family and home. When they talked, Nezumi told everything about himself to Sion and told him to stay inside the house and do not talk or involve with the city people, as they can harm him. After few weeks passed, Sion met Nezumi's friends (not really) and started doing his job as a dog tamer. When Nezumi informed his friends about more death cases in No. 6, he told them to not to tell or pass information to Sion.

Few days later, Sion learned that Nezumi was hiding the facts in order to protect him, so he decided to talk to Nezumi. Nezumi apologized to him and told him that he doesn't need to do anything and Nezumi will soon proceed his plan to destroy No. 6. Sion didn't want Nezumi to destroy it because he loved No. 6. they both argued together and Nezumi told Sion, " If you love no. 6 then what are you doing here? go to prison then." Sion was depressed. Nezumi said sion to hate no. 6 because even if he doesn't hate it now, he will when he will learn the truth. Few moths passed and inukashi (nezumi's friend), Nezumi and Sion decided to go to No. 6 and learn the truth behind the deaths. With slowly going with their plan, sion contacted his mother everyday through nezumi's electric rat.

After moths had passed quitely, it was the day of cleaning in West block. Sion asked Nezumi what is the 'cleaning duty'? "It is the day when they clean the West block." said nezumi. Sion didn't understood, but when they saw that the actual cleaning was to kill and wipe away all the west block to trash block, Sion was surprised to see it. Nezumi protected Sion while Sion sent the abandoned baby, whose mother died, to Inukashi and then the cleaning duty team took all the corpses, in which nezumi and sion were also, to there secret place. When they arrived, Nezumi and sion wore the uniform and sneaked into the building where they learned that the doctors, scientists of No. 6 did human experimentation on the people who were infected by parasites and created parasites inorder to claim the holy power of Elyurias but, they had failed. Now Sion started to hate No. 6. While running from the cops, Nezumi and Sion arrived at the Mother, the main computer behind Safu, was held in the Moon Drop until four years before. Nezumi saw safu there and they both talked, safu told them everything thing, The Truth. She said that the researchers had planned to use Mother to analyze Nezumi so they could learn Elyurias' power and use it to revive the land they had destroyed. Safu admits to being Elyurias, and tells Shion that she loves him. As Shion starts to lose control of himself, Nezumi puts an explosive on Mother and the two escape. While trying to leave the facility, Nezumi is shot. They tried to escape through a garbage chute, but Shion but Sion was shot in the heart and dies. Inukashi and Rikiga found nezumi and started to question him. Dog keeper (inukashi) said have to leave, because the entire building was collapsing. Refusing to leave, Nezumi started to sing to Shion. Nezumi lied next to Shion, crying, waiting to die, when a glowing, ghost-like version of Safu appeared and starts to sing to Shion. Safu then disappeared and the true form of Elyurias appeared. Then luckily, Sion comes back to life. Nezumi and Shion leave the facility and stopped to look at the destruction they wanted to witness. Nezumi starts to walk back to the outside of the wall, but Shion doesn't want him to go. Nezumi tells Sion that he'll be fine, then he leaves.

August 28, 2020 18:49

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