Romance Happy Friendship

I had recently been on a vacation to Jamaica. It was the summer, and I decided to make the most of it before I went back to college. Jamaica’s beaches were beautiful. They had the feeling that you get when you can't possibly believe that it’s real. It’s sensational. But there was something else. There was a guy. Not just any guy. I feel like he was the one. I felt the happiest I had ever been when I met him. 

Why don’t I just go up to him? I asked myself. I remember what he looked like, though. He was tall, but slim with golden hair. I would say a dirty blonde. He had emerald green eyes. He had pale skin. How? We’re in Jamaica. But hey, most people are here for vacation for the summer.

Unfortunately, the trip only lasted 5 days, but I somehow managed to see him almost every day. We did have one interaction, though. When I was walking by, I bumped into him.  I’m assuming he was drunk, because he was stumbling. He was also slurring his words. 

“Ohhh- I’m so-... hic- sorry, what's your name again?”

“Hi, my name’s liv-” and before I could finish anything, he got distracted and walked off. I noticed he was wearing a plaid shirt and baggy black pants. I’ve been thinking about him so much lately. I tried getting his attention when I was there, but it didn’t work. I need to find him. I have pictures of him, but they aren't very clear. 

I went back to the airport with my sister. She was younger than me, so I hoped this would work. I knew I wouldn’t find him, though. I had to lie and ask one of the employees if they had seen him. I told the employee that it was my cousin’s boyfriend that I didn’t know the name of. I was ‘lost’ with my little sister and my cousin sent us to pick up her boyfriend. We didn’t know the name of him, and he might have left.

“Well, if you don’t know the name, I can’t help you. Shouldn’t your cousin have told you?” the lady at the front asked me. Just then I remembered something. We had talked more than one time. The day after I saw him at the bar, he walked up to me. 

“Hey, I’m real sorry for bumpin’ into ya yesterday.” He had walked up to me. He had the most beautiful eyes. 

“It’s okay, I don't mind.” I told him with a warm smile.

“I believe I tried to ask for your name. You probably tried to tell me, didn’t you?” He said with a chuckle. I had. I figured he didn’t even remember talking to me, but here we are. 

“My name’s Liv. Yours?” 

“Nice to meet you, Liv. My name’s Trent.” He smiled at me. Thank god I remembered that. Where would I be if I didn't?

“Trent!” I yell, snapping out of my daze.

“Was that his name, miss?” The lady at the front asked me.

“Yes! Yes- yes. His name was Trent. He got back from Jamaica with us.” I hope he did, at least. I showed the lady a picture of him. I had to explain that they were going to be blurry because we weren’t really with him like we should have been.

“Can I please have Trent come to the front on aisle 4B please? Trent with dirty blonde hair, green eyes…well you get it. Come to aisle 4B, please,” The lady cocked her head toward me. “Your boyfriend should arrive… hopefully.”

“Thanks, but he isn’t my boyfriend.” I said. We waited. And waited. And then waited a little more. 

“Honey, I don’t think he’ll be here.” The lady from the front spoke. Just then, I saw someone running toward us. Then, a familiar voice spoke. 

“Hi! I’m so sorry I didn’t get here sooner. I-” he stopped when he saw me. “Liv?! I’ve been looking for you- I thought I needed to find you. I kne-” I stopped him before he could say anything else. 

“Yeah! Cousin I love so much! Shall we go home?” I say, my eyes widening to hint to him that he was my ‘cousin’.  He got the hint. 

“Yeah-let’s go.” We got just far enough away so that no one could hear. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Maybe I took it too far.

“What the hell is this about?” He instantly questioned me. Maybe I did take this too far. 

“I just- I can't really, I got this-” I was interrupted mid sentence. 

“This feeling that you couldn’t just let the encounter go? You had to find me? You were changed by me. You were happier when you met me. That’s how I felt.”

“Yeah. That was the feeling.”

“Well then, let’s go home. Get to know each other.” he suggested. 

“You’re seriously gonna let a stranger into our house?!” my little sister questioned. I completely forgot she was even here. 

“For the record, I have many weapons.” I told my sister.

“Wow, you think I’m gonna pull somethin?” he put his hand to his heart, acting offended. I just noticed the heavy Texan accent he had. I also just realized that this is Nevada. It’s a twenty-three hour drive to get there. 

“Are you from Texas?” I ask.

“Yes, I am. It’s that noticeable?” he replied.

“Don’t you have somewhere to be?”

“Yes, technically. But why go home when I can just stay here a few days? I’m 23; a big boy. I can make my own decisions.” he said. He’s 23?! That works out just perfectly. I’m 21.

“Well, I can drive, so that means you’re sitting in the back, Lily. Sorry, dude.” I know she won’t like that. 

“What?! I’m in the back of my sister's own car, while a stranger gets to sit in the front? That’s bull!” told you. But she does have a point. 

“Language! And you have a point. Trent, You’re in the back.” Trent didn’t complain and got in the back of the car. 

The ride wasn’t bad. I did put on the radio for some white noise. Fun fact about me: I always like to have music playing. No matter what I’m doing. Trent, Lily and I talked the whole way home. Trent was a nice person. He grew up in Texas, and had gotten a scholarship to a nice college. He majored in history. He loves history, which was nice, because so did I. I didn’t major in it, though. It was nice to know him. Of course I didn’t know him, though. This ride was the perfect time to get to know each other a little bit, because it was a three hour drive to the airport. I like long  drives with friends. My sister is also extremely patient.

When we got home, I gave him a little mini tour and showed him where he could sleep. I told him he could sleep.

“Thanks for letting me stay. I appreciate it.” he said.

“Of course!” I replied.

“I’m really excited that I found you. I knew it was a good decision.”

“So do I… I’m delighted!”

“Would you like to go on a proper date this Saturday? With me?”

“Yeah! I’ve been waiting.”

“Ew! Gross!” My sister scoffs.

May 25, 2023 17:14

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