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It was at that unpredictable moment while looking out over the horizon, the hills in the valley in close proximity, and beginning to realise how long it would have to be before leaving from here. The different shades of green over the mountainous terrain, followed by the mist covering the hill tops, and the window pane full of dew in the corners, with a damp cloth brushing each droplet away, and looking out once more. High up in the hills, looking out again from the long veranda, surrounding itself with laundry on the make shift line, a sun lounger in the corner, while the door props open for more mountain air to fill the room. The curtains are drawn back to reveal the ambience of the setting, Puddles the pedigree pointer steps out gingerly and attempts to climb up on to the mosaic wall and steps down and again as it gallops back in side, only to be called for its lunch.

The dining hall was full of all sorts of extremities, while the suitcase was lean't against the doorway. Walking back to the kitchen, finishing breakfast and preparing it in the bar area, the main was door was opened as usual and the warm breeze was filtering in side, sitting down to a plate full of freshly made scrambled eggs and home made bread slightly toasted, with homemade butter and tasting the feeling of solitude. Looking out to more mountainous terrain and at the half moon out side steps that led to the main door of the old grey house, built several decades ago and still standing. The main door was never opened on account it was too solid, and was heavily bolted from the inside.

The breakfast was finished and the plates left bare on the table, every now and then heavy vehicles would pass which would shake the foundation of the building. Those were the vehicles carrying cargo to the shipping area into the town. It wasn't time to leave yet, with the door being left open for Puddles to guard the way, it was time to start getting ready.

The clothes were laid on the bed, inside the shower, the water was warm, there was a murky smell coming from the drain, as a reminder to call the plumber before setting out. The shower was refreshing, pulling a towel from the cupboard and drying the skin while looking at the clothes on the bed and back out side, it still looked misty and hoping the clothing chosen would be suitable for the weather, for it look like it was going to change and hour had already gone by so quickly.

Sitting on the edge of the bed at the make shift dressing table, looking at the round mirror in front, the make-up was applied, followed by combing the hair. It was going to be a long day, and hoping the weather person was going to be right, for the clothing that was set out was ideal for the occasion of the day. It had not occurred that this day would come at all.

The morning was getting late, the bedroom window was frosted, so had to turn the handle to open to look out side. The other door was still open with Puddles laying down, the dog may not seem alert, but it would always come to attention whenever it heard any noise from outside.

Still looking out from the bed room windowed shutters, at the road which forked up the hill and another forking down the hill and where the house lay with its' unearthed foundation and the piles of grey sand lay at the side of the wall by a passer-by and have never come to retrieve it.

The shutters were closed now, and the clothing on the body, looking in the full length mirror and satisfied that all would be straightforward. It was nearly time to make tracks, there would be no vehicle for the old 4X4 was no longer workable, the work to be done was not worth it anymore, it was time to walk down the winding road, that part of the journey would normally take fifteen minutes, there was no more time to lose as time was then the essence.

Everything was all prepared ready for the day, setting out to take the walk down the road, sitting down at the bar table and listening to the radio, the weather was announced again, looking out it did not seem the announcer was speaking the truth, but had no choice for it was time to set off, the large door was closed, Puddes was now inside, and listening to the whimpering while slowly descending down the steep winding road.

Looking to the right was a splendid scenery of wild life and to the left was bushes of greenery. From afar, speckles of single colour-painted extraordinary hours of spectacular design, it seemed like everyone were their own designer.

Still walking and feeling warmer, the road getting steeper and the air fresher, the mist still in the horizon and ahead is a clearer blue sky and the sun trying to come out. It is always refreshing to walk and no rain had fallen, soon near enough to catch transport which would be coming from the other neighbouring villages. The people were coming out, and waking to a new morning.

Coming to halt and now have to wait for the transportation and see people hailing each other, a lot of greetings, so many happy faces, the air is getting warmer as the hour past by and still waiting, not wanting to be late as this would be the day, a very special day for the journey is not yet complete because the weather has to be at a certain temperature, this was the day with the skills that have been acquired from pilot school would now be put to good use because it would be the first day at work as an experienced pilot for the local airways of the Caribbean.

It would was going to be first day at work in a different working environment and working for a new company.

June 20, 2020 06:39

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1 comment

Praveen Jagwani
11:13 Jun 21, 2020

Hello Carolyn, This is your first story I have read. I found the long sentences a bit difficult to follow. In general shorter, simpler sentences are easier to digest. Flying on a rainy day is tough in the windy islands. They were called LIAT earlier, weren't they ? :) You have a good plot for the story. Not sure why the font for the middle paragraphs is bigger than the rest. A story without dialogue tends to get heavy. May I suggest incorporating some dialogue ? Maybe even with puddles ? Best wishes :) Would love your feedback on my st...


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