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Main Character: I am proficient in the art of being a rogue. Allow me to introduce myself as Jacob, a person characterized by narrow-mindedness, craftiness, fearlessness, independence, intelligence, heroism, and immortality.

Second Character: I am identifying myself as a druid. Permit me to present myself as Spirit-Wolf, an individual marked by the qualities of immortality, a free-spirited demeanor, fearlessness, independence, and craftiness.


It's a soft science fiction merge into a mystery story about the Furcas of Hell. Furcas, a puppet primarily known for his trickery, embarks on journeys to uncharted territories. It kicks off inside a dream with the sentence: Spirit-Wolf, looked up and saw a sky full of dragons. During my dream, I experienced the revelation of transforming into a dragon, but the ensuing events were unexpected.

(It should be pointed out that Jacob is the one who discloses the news about the upcoming apocalypse, while Furcas is the puppeteer controlling the situation.)

In demonology, Furcas (also spelled Forcas) is a Knight of Hell (the rank of Knight is unique to him), and rules 20 legions of demons. He teaches Philosophy, Astronomy (Astrology to some authors), Rhetoric, Logic, Chiromancy and Pyromancy. Furcas (also known as Ren Vacca) is depicted as a strong old man with white hair and a long white beard, who rides a horse while holding a sharp weapon (pitch fork).(It should be pointed out that Jacob is the one who discloses the news about the upcoming apocalypse, while Furcas is the puppeteer controlling the situation.)

And there's a twist! A parallel universe will play a big role in the plot.

During the summer of ‘69, Spirit-Wolf was lying under the stars when the brightest star in the world suddenly shone down. As she lay there, the brightest star transformed into dragons.

Time went by, and I believed I was asleep, but what happened next was unexpected. When I woke up, I realized that there was no ground and nothing in sight for miles, except for me standing there.

Amid darkness, an ethereal presence resembling a ghost appeared to Spirit-Wolf, providing mysterious clues that can only be solved by unraveling a tangled web of jealousy and revenge.

In the forest of Castle Rock, Spirit-Wolf, as I packed up after the weekend, I watched as the clouds rolled in. Without warning, the wind grew stronger as I was in my car, and I caught sight of lightning in my peripheral vision.

With the rain pouring, I hurriedly made it home, collecting my belongings and entering the house, sensing an eerie presence inside! There’s no mistaking it. I brought something or someone home with me. It wasn’t just in my head.

First, I arrange the fireplace with wood, then make my way to the kitchen for a cozy cup of warm milk, as I’ve just finished something super, and finally bask in the comforting heat of the fire.

While I listened to the soothing crackling sounds of the wood, a ghost emerged, holding a web of lies to seek revenge. Suddenly, a piece of paper materialized on the coffee table, its presence hushed.

Spirit-Wolf declared, “That’s it! Enough is enough!”

It’s unbelievable that I’m in a fight with space. A tiny chuckle escaped from me. Adding more wood to the fireplace, I’m trying to settle down and get some much-needed rest.

The weekend’s memories lingered as Monday 69 arrived, bringing with it the astonishing revelation of transforming into a dragon and a sequence of unforeseen events.

In my dream, I heard my name, Spirit-Wolf, being screeched and then walked into darkness. The deeper I went, the darkness transformed into such intense brightness that everything became invisible.

Amid my sweat-soaked awakening, I knew it had to be midnight. I descended the stairs only to have a book about vampires fall open from the shelf.

Although I may seem average, my bloodline in history ensures my immortality. In an instant, a delightful breeze flowed into the house, causing the fireplace fire to fade and showing my visible breath.

Suddenly, there were more clues, providing insight into the purpose, individuals involved, methods, timing, and content of these dreams.

Just like before, I wasn’t by myself. Were you compelled to ask the ghost? What are your expectations of me? Revenge drives a ghost to construct a web of lies.

The revenge ghost’s webs of lies are finally laid to rest as he proves his innocence and reunites with his true love.

Just as I was about to enjoy my mid-morning routine of putting wood on the fire, making coffee, and having breakfast, an old frenemy arrived at my doorstep. Jacob is his name.

Sitting down together, Jacob admitted that although we weren’t close friends, he needed my assistance in unraveling a mystery. After some time, Spirit-Wolf gave their consent, but with certain conditions.

Although not legally binding, we put these conditions on paper, with the understanding that if Jacob doesn’t tell the whole truth, Spirit-Wolf will leave without further inquiry.

Once everything was said and done, it was around mid-afternoon. Our conversation concluded, farewells were exchanged, and at the very moment the door closed, a soft breeze swept through the room, altering the ambiance.

Despite my attempts to stay engaged in the conversation that had just occurred, I couldn’t ignore the shift in the atmosphere. As I was about to replace the wood in the fireplace, the lights flickered, signaling that someone or something was seeking my attention.

Suddenly, a portal appeared seemingly out of thin air. The feeling of not knowing who or what is watching me while I walk is unnerving, and some days I see immortality as a curse. I’ve come to realize that I’ve had a protective force watching over me this entire time.

Progressing ahead, I encountered darkness on one side, contrasting with the bright light on the other side, which seemed to direct me straight ahead. I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was a trap and the voice in my head urged me to go back.

I’ll never forget the night in the summer of ‘69 when I dreamt of turning into a dragon and the unpredictable events that unfolded. Now, in a portal, I am surrounded by numerous dragons while on a quest for the truth.

There was something Jacob was keeping quiet about? There was something off about the way Jacob was acting, right? My mind is filled with these thoughts, causing me to wander aimlessly as I search for the truth about Jacob’s hidden secret.

Now that Spirit-Wolf has discovered the truth, she must decide whether to go along with it or expose Jacob. However, just as she contemplates, she finds herself surrounded by five dragons, revealing the answer right in front of her!

In the midst of waking up, Spirit-Wolf discovers herself on a rocking chair with the fire fading away. Nighttime has arrived and she ponders if it was all just a dream or an actual experience.

I prepared a cup of warm milk, extinguished the fire, then went upstairs and plopped onto the bed. Drained from waiting for REM sleep to start, and eager to determine the veracity of the initial dream.

My efforts to get a few more minutes of sleep were in vain as the sun beamed right into my face. Still groggy, I made my way downstairs and into the kitchen.

I started boiling the kettle, put some toast in the toaster oven, and was just about to cook eggs in the frying pan when I heard a knock on the patio door.

I was just about to open the door when Jacob suddenly snapped, appearing out of sorts, confirming my suspicion. I felt uneasy because his words didn’t align with his demeanor.

Jacob reached out for help. He was interrupted by a different voice that spoke over him. Regrettably, Jacob is not available at the moment. I am Furcas speaking. https://youtu.be/zYpjqqTKQlg

Spirit-Wolf acknowledged you as Furcas, the one who will speak through Jacob and bring forth the revelation of the forthcoming apocalypse.

We’ve both been transported through time, and the next events will leave everyone astonished! Since entering the time worm, three entities are now floating in space, and Jacob’s lack of control over himself is evident since leaving Furcas. https://youtu.be/mPXSTMGTyPU?feature=shared. Don’t worry about losing Furcas, there won’t be an apocalypse.

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