There is roughly 8 billion people in the world. About 70% have brown eyes, blue is 8%-10%, 5% have amber or hazel eyes and 2% have green eyes. My point... nothing really, just thought I’d impress you with my knowledge... that I googled.

Flicking off the switch, I heaved the creaky door towards me, the flowery wallpaper containing near sheer happiness clipping away from the wall. The decorative furniture held a cozy glaze under the set of caked stars, perfectly aligned to make everything perfect. Dark though it was, the library was open, like it was destined for me to travel the great length (15 steps) towards it.

Like a magnetised soul, I eagerly paced to my destination. The wisps of my curly hair floated back and forth but stayed grounded; one of the rules of freedom was limitation. My breath spiralled out of my mouth and hovered in the cold night air, it evaporated through my nostrils and repeated the cycle.

Did you know? The air in our atmosphere acts as a cushion. Immediately, I could see myself sleeping on the softest, cushiest air pillow. The dust underfoot spitted out in grains, aimed in all directions. And another one bites the dust! Chuckling to myself, my eyes watered at the gush of warm air that invited me in.

Unknowingly, I had reached the library and I deserved a bloody good book. Grasping onto my handbag, I tightened my toes grip on my trainers clumped in. Looking around, everything was silent, great! So my mind would run on its own words and I’d sit there like a mad lady. Most of the ladies wore jeans, shirts, skirts. No tracksuit and hoodies girls? Well I was the only one then. El solo lobo! Which means the lone wolf. I snatched the phrase from ‘free birds’, (on Netflix).

Mystery aisle, romance and so on, so forth, until I reached the end. Where was the self help aisle? Did I skip it? Walking back, I searched for it slowly and carefully. No self help aisle! What kind of library was this?

Suddenly my brain clicked, I’ll ask the librarian. A stout lady stood at the desk with her head shifted up, robot-like. It seemed as if she had never moved her face about ever. As I approached her cautiously, her deep blue eyes stretched deeper, it was if she could read my mind. Like wow! Stuttering, I asked her, “D..do you have a self help aisle? Or...or..o or a shelf, maybe?”

“Why didn’t you ask before? It’s just round the back, it’s only for members, since they contain the most exclusive and expensive.” She said in an American accent, looking up and judging me.

“Soooo, you’re saying I can go?” I utter.

Nodding her head, she pursed her lips and sat down into her seat. “Nathan is at the back, ask him for anything.” Smiling again she chuckled as she tended to the pile of books on her polished desk. Shuffling away from her, I entered the vip’s room.

“Very important people, more like very important poop.” I discreetly said, until I suddenly looked up to see a worker stare at me. “Sorry! How rude of me? I just meant... sorry... my brain just talks and talks and talks and I just, I just can’t control it. You know?”

“You know you just said a whole sentence in like, 2 seconds. Deep breaths okay.” He said as he looked away.

“Great, now he thinks I’m a psycho.” I mutter to myself.

“You never know when to stop do you? Psycho.” He asks as he grinned broadly. “Nathan, yours.”

Not answering, I stare into the distance, clicking his fingers in front of my eyes, “Stiff! You there...”

“Melissa.” I say as I walk away. Did you know, I get offended very easily by idiots!

Browsing through the books, I chortle at the way I ended that conversation, it was getting so boring. Now that I came to it, Debbie asked for the book ‘Divergent’. I’ll get that for her birthday.

There was nobody except him, so I approached him. Looking up at me, “Sorry.” He muttered as he lost his eyes in my clothes and quirked his eyebrow.

“Do you have the book divergent, please?” I asked.

“Yes, umm, I’ll just find it with you.” He replied,

“With?“ I ask.

“Yes.” Briskly walking on, he continued ing for the book as I wandered about each book.

My concentration dipped into the books, I felt my eyebrows stretch further as the skin on my face felt like it was going to rip or tear apart.

“Sorry, couldn’t find it.” He said, startling me in my engross text. “That’s a good book.” He pointed at the book on my lap.

Grabbing it, his fingers grazed over my leg as I felt a pang of goosebumps, I flinched my leg away. Peering down at me, he smiled calmly, instantly my goosebumps disappeared and I just twinkled.

“It’s too cheery though. Not my type.” I said.

“Here, try this one. Read at least 2 chapters, for me please. Go on.” Smiling he winked as he walked away.

Sitting into the chair beside me. The butterflies in my stomach kept me reading on and on.

——————————— —————————-—————-——————

“Melissa... Melissa... wake up.” Fluttering open my eyes, stood opposite me was Nathan. “You okay.”

“Never been better.” I yawned. “Thank you for waking me.”

“Your welcome. We’re closing now so I shall escort you home.” He manly said. “Let’s go sleepy bones. Bring the book with you as well.”

——————————————- ————————————.——- —

I didn’t think it would take this long to get home and not only that, inviting a stranger into my house and into my bed. Reading the story, I lay in the duvet with him beside me. I felt myself nod off, shifting off, he switched off the light. “No, Nathan, please stay.” I pleaded.

“Is this what you do?” He laughed as I pulled at his wrist. “Fine, but only if you will let me take you out on a dinner tomorrow. A date.”

Nodding, I pulled him in. Hugging him, I put my leg around him as I felt safer and secure. Nestling my head into his chest, I sniffled. “Do you know. The last time I had been in bed with a man I loved, was my husband. A cheating husband.” I announced.

Kissing my forehead he said, “Do you know. The last time I’ve been in bed with a beautiful lady was when my wife passed away.”

Pulling up my head, I looked him in his eyes and knew he was upset. Hugging him I pulled away to the other side of the bed. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to hit on you.”

“Come back please.” He asked.

“No, don’t worry I’m fine.” I said as I quietened a sob.

“Fine? You are literally shaking. Are you... you crying?” He asks.

“No I’m not.” I bit my lip.

Hauling his arm around my waste, he flipped me over to face him. Face streaming with tears, he tugged me closer. I lay idly as I stared up at his eyes: “Sorry.”

“Don’t be. My wife told me to tell you this, ‘Don’t worry, he’ll take care of you and love you. Just keep him happy.’ Okay.” He said.

“How does your wife know me?” I question.

“She doesn’t know you. She told me to tell this to my next wife.” He stated as he pulled me closer as we smiled knowingly.

Nathans kiss is not all the same as those movie stars, but one steeped into a passion that ignites. It is the promise of realness, of the primal desire that lives in us all. And with it he tells me that he is awake, connected within, that he embraces himself rather than hide as a copy of those romantic idols. He removes my black frame, chucks it out. New memories are gold.

January 24, 2020 23:53

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Nikkianne Spaans
21:42 Jan 29, 2020

Melissa seems like a character that would do better in longer prose with more time to delve into her character but I enjoyed the overall concept and the characters


Yoomi Ari
22:40 Jan 29, 2020

Thank you! And I agree with you, I didn’t describe Melissa well as a person. So thanks on the point out. 😅


Nikkianne Spaans
00:53 Jan 30, 2020

I always find characters hard to describe especially in short stories!


Yoomi Ari
18:53 Jan 30, 2020

I can relate!


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