Christian Fiction Coming of Age

“Are you there, God? It’s one of your own.”

“I have to say, I didn’t expect you’d manage to take time out to talk with me. I just prayed you would, and now I’m here in your beautiful palace. Everything is so awesome-looking, and I can hear the angelic choir down the hall. I’ve never heard music like it before; it’s way different from Heavy Metal and Rap, but it’s catchy; I will never forget it. Anyway, there are a couple of things on my mind. I know you already know everything, but if you just let me say what I’ve come to say, it will help me keep my thoughts organized.”

God smiled and nodded his patient understanding. 

I continued. “This all started with a project at school. I’m supposed to learn about my family’s history. I pretty much know where my mom and dad; all my aunts, uncles, and cousins came from because we all grew up together near Grass Lake, Michigan. That was the easy part, but then I got to thinking, if every one of us is a child of God, then you are my family too, and I don’t know some things about you. Did you have parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and cousins? Where were you born? Where did you grow up? What were you like as a little boy? Can you tell me about yourself? How did you become God of all the Universe?”

God sat silently on his throne and smiled at me for a short while. Since one shouldn’t interrupt or rush God, I waited, even though I danced in place a bit. 

Finally, he said, “No one has ever asked me that before. I could explain, but until you are here to stay, it would be hard for you to understand, but for the sake of your school project, you can say that your Heavenly Father is everything to everyone. All of life is my family. That is why I expect you to raise the animals, tend the flowers, and do your part to keep your world well. You must learn to love all life, including your own. You too are related to every beast in the field; every tree and every flower, and people of all colors and cultures. Care for them all. When you do that, you are taking care of our family; yours and mineAll of that should be in your report.”

“Thank you, God. That is a much better answer than I could have come up with on my own. With your help, my report will surely earn me an A+. I get fifty cents for every "A" that I get. Thanks. I understand that you love all of us, and all of us are supposed to pay it forward.”

I’m proud of you child. You listened well. You asked the right question, and now you have the right answer.”

“God, I know how busy you are, but can I ask you a few more things? They don’t have anything to do with my report. It’s just that when you gave me the gift of curiosity, you may have given me an overdose.”

God laughed; he actually laughed. He said, “I have all time for you. How about you come and sit on my lap and tell me what is on your mind?”

I felt so special. God…GOD is letting me sit on his lap. Once I’m comfortable on the softest lap that I’ve ever sat upon, I thank Him for it, and then I say, “If I understand correctly, you don’t ever get a day off. Don’t you ever get tired and want a vacation?”

He said, “I live in Heaven. There is nowhere I could go on a vacation that is better than this. Look around. Is it not a perfect place?”

I look around the chamber, and in truth, it is the most rad place I’ve ever seen. Shining white and gold marble columns and floors. A clean breeze is gently drifting around the windowless room that is the perfect temperature. It smells like my favorite cookies baking, and the angelic music is great. Even I feel like a relaxed limp noodle here. “I grin, “I can see your point. Okay, do you ever sleep?”

You do have some thoughtful questions. I don’t have the need for sleep. I never get tired of taking care of my children; I’m happy to do it. That’s what good parents do.”

“God, are you ever unhappy? ”

All I want is for all of my family to learn about love. There isn’t one thing that is more important than that. Your world has much discord in it, and that troubles me. People are too busy being worried about each other’s differences instead of simply working together. It is my wish that the lesson of love reaches everyone before it is too late.”

“How much time do we have?”

He emphatically said, “People should work to love one another as if today is the last day because it could be.”

I let his words fill me, and I realize that he has given me the key to being with Him forever. I know what he wants of me. All I have to do is go home and spread the love. I know that will be a big job because so many people are so hate-filled that they won’t want to listen, but I will do my best. God wants me to practice love and help other people remember to do the same. “I just have one more question, but before I ask it, could I hug you?”

God chuckled, and said, “That’s two questions.

“Sorry… about that hug?” I feel God’s arms tighten around me and the power of his love fills me beyond full. He gives me plenty of love to share. I eagerly promise, “I am now on a mission, to spread love. I can do it. You will see, I’m a hard worker.” 

Child, what is your last question?”

“Well, I think people constantly ask you for things. Some are worried about people they love who are sick or in danger; they are afraid of things they can’t control, and they want your help. Sometimes they ask you to fix what’s broken. I expect a lot of people ask you for things: money, new cars, fancy houses, light-up yo-yos, and new teddy bears. I can’t begin to imagine how you do so much for so many. 

Instead of me asking you for something, what I want to know is what can I do for you? I make great peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, I’m good at artwork if you’d like a new picture for your wall, or I’d be glad to wash your car if you have one. I’d be glad to do bigger stuff if there’s something you’d like. You name it. I’m your servant. I think we should all be less stuck on ourselves, and do more for you.”

Amen. I’d like strawberry jam on my sandwich, please.”

February 05, 2022 17:38

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Joy Arnett
01:54 Feb 17, 2022

Great job, Deborah, there is nothing better in my opinion than a child’s conversation. It was a bit hard to narrow down his age though. Sometimes he sounds five (he gets 50 cents for A grades) and sometimes he sounds like he may be in middle school (it’s way different from Heavy Metal and Rap) Since I am part of the critiquing group I thought I would offer the suggestion that you might hone in on one age or the other. I enjoyed the story very much and I’m voting for age 5 as they have the Best Questions, EVER !!! Thanks so much for writing ...


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Boutat Driss
16:11 Feb 12, 2022

Great tale. Well done I lked it.


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