Cherries or Chocolate?

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Is life really like a bowl of cherries? Shiny with the occasional pit.

Or is it like a box of chocolates? An assortment that you strategically pick out.

Either it flows along nicely or you are dealt with choices that need to be dealt with.

You start by choosing to breathe, eat, and sleep. Later on, you become more selective in what you wear and attempting conversations. Then, either you attend a formal education or learn by example. Along the way, you decide on a social outlet. Some are butterflies and others prefer more quiet, reflective routes. You can be either curious and more relaxed or concrete and structured.

Nora was in her last year of education. She was flooded with upcoming choices but remained fairly calm so she wouldn't have a melt down. She made a checklist of what tasks needed attention.

1. Staying in her current location or relocating elsewhere.

2. Finding employment. . . .either in her field or a general job.

3. Keeping up with acquaintances.

4. Deciding where her relationship with her significant other was headed.

5. Etc.

Her network of people helped keep her grounded, and she continued perusing job boards. Her choice is education was a good foundation. However, Nora found another city to begin working in her field. Most of her network of people followed suit and branched out in various directions. This included her significant other. She and Joe grew close to each other throughout their educational careers. Nora was a science major and Joe excelled in math. They each could lean on each other for moral support. Ironically, Nora and Joe ended up relocating to the same tri-city region and remained in contact with each other.

Nora's job at a medical production facility gave her some challenges such as expediting orders and attention to detail. Most evenings after work, she meandered her way home to her 2 bedroom apartment by using various routes. This prompted her to learn the area. On occasion, she would order a meal to go. But she also enjoyed cooking meals at home. She missed her network of collegiate friends and acquaintances. She kept in touch with Joe via phone and a few others who were not bogged down with their new life outside of college.

Joe acquired a sweet employment deal by working remotely with the occasional travel opportunity. His job required him to problem solve on a regular basis and make minor executive decisions. However, he, like Nora, thought of their network of collegiate buddies and wondered what they were up to.

One day while Nora was at her job, she looked up from her task and saw a group of well dressed visitors enter the facility. She continued on her task at hand. The group of visitors disburse and one of them approach Nora.

“Excuse me, ma'am, but I need to turn off the conveyor system to this machine for maintenance. This will only take a short while.”

Nora obliged.

But something about this person seemed familiar. Was it their demeanor? Was it that they looked familiar?

Nora reverted back to her task. Then she asked the visitor where they traveled from. The visitor responded.


The visitor took a double take at Nora.

“Yes. That's my name.”

“It's me, Nora.”

This sparked interest.

Nora was still the industrious worker like Joe remembered. Nora was enamored with Joe's clean cut appearance and attention to detail as he continued to work on the conveyor system. They made small talk amongst themselves about the workday and agreed to meet up after their shifts for that day.

Nora meets Joe at the cafe around the corner from her apartment for a bite to eat and conversation. A spark develops. Joe mentions that he will be in the area for a month or longer, on assignment. This interests Nora. They talk amongst each other about new discoveries, their past and current acquaintances, and outlooks on the future. Nora invites Joe back to her place. He obliged. They spend the rest of the evening catching up and enjoying each other's company.

Throughout Joe's assignment in Nora's town, they regularly visit each other. Joe likes the neighborhood in which Nora's apartment is in. It's a quiet and convenient area.

One day at the production facility in which Nora works, Joe's supervisor makes a surprise appearance. The supervisor presents a permanent offer to Joe, which includes the town that Nora resides in. Joe inquires further of the offer as the supervisor elaborates. Joe accepts the offer.

Later on that day, Joe tells Nora his good news. Excitement grows inside Nora. Joe decides to rent a studio apartment while maintaining contact with Nora. Nora had other plans but accepts Joe's decision.

Joe's ultimate plan is to buy a house, and somehow convince Nora to share it with him.

Nora enjoys her cute 2 bedroom apartment, and everything is in its place.

Joe admires Nora in her diligence and enjoys her company.

Joe's studio apartment is approximately 20 minutes from Nora's 2 bedroom apartment.

One weekend when they both have time off from their jobs, Joe picks up Nora and they drive around some neighborhoods, casually chatting and sightseeing. Joe's car pulls up into a driveway of a 1920s Craftsman bungalow. Nora asks who lives here. Joe replies that they both do. Nora catches her breath. Joe gets out of the car and opens her door. Then he grabs her hand and they walk side by side up onto the front porch. Joe looks at Nora and asks her if she accepts the gift. Nora takes a moment to register. Then she gives Joe a huge hug. He turns the doorknob and presents Nora inside the house. The 1920s house has a living, dining, and kitchen on one side, and 2 bedrooms and 1 and a half baths on the other, with a master extension in the backyard. Nora starts to tear up. The two friends eventually merge as one and reside happily together.

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This certain prompt could be interpreted in various ways. This story was interesting to write nonetheless.


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