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One night there was a set of twins that were trying to go to sleep. Max the boy twin fell asleep in the blink of an eye, but Sarah the girl of the twins kept hearing a sound. It was like a drill and thunder combined. She thought that there was a robber trying to get into the house. Sarah went to wake up Max. All Max said was " go back to sleep." in a drowsy voice. Then Sarah went to her parent’s room, but there was no one there. She was about to go downstairs, but just then Max came and said “don’t go downstairs! Come in our room and I will tell you a story.” Sarah was a bit suspicious, but she wanted to be told a story. Then she heard the sound again and she got scared. Max told her a long story then went downstairs when he came back up, he had a “candy” (a pill to make you go to sleep). Sarah asked if she could have it and Max said YES. Sarah devoured it in seconds. The candy was green with a chewy thing inside. It tasted like lemon, orange, banana, and melatonin all mixed together. UGH, but before she could say so she fell asleep. Max was so relived because Sarah was about to figure out what her surprise was. Max went downstairs and outside. Outside there was a humongous tree house that was being built. That was Sarah’s surprise. Max was in charge of measuring the tree house. He measured and got a width of 20 feet and a length of 36 feet. Now that is humongous. Then Max’s dad Tony put a TV in the tree house and Max’s mom Mary put in a big couch in the tree house. At the end the tree house looked like a full, completed house! Then Max’s parents gave him the same pill they gave to Sarah and instantly Max fell asleep. Tony carried Max upstairs into his room and went back downstairs. Max’s parents didn’t tell Max why they got presents, but it was because tomorrow morning were the twin’s birthday. Max’s present was a basketball hoop and a real NBA basketball signed by LeBron James and Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers. They were from Max’s favorite NBA team and were his favorite players in the NBA. Max’s parents even bought NBA team stickers that you could put on the backboard if you lower it. Tony and Mary had finished the presents, so now all they had to do was make the food, put up decorations, and invite Max’s and Sarah’s friends. Mary started on the cooking. She made a carrot cake, the twins favorite. She made a cream cheese frosting with blue dye in it. Blue was Max’s and Sarah’s favorite color. It was now 5:00 in the morning and the twins wake up at 8:00 which means Tony and Mary had to finish in 3 hours. Now Tony was putting up decorations. He put up balloons, stars, and found 16 candles for the cake because both of the twins were turning 8. Everything was all ready. The friends were there, the breakfast which was cinnamon rolls and fruit was set on the table. Dinner, Lunch, and the cake was in the fridge. The presents were outside. Soon, the twins came downstairs and everyone yelled surprise and the twins were surprised, but Max was also confused. He thought that the surprise was only for Sarah, but then he looked up and it said, “Happy Birthday, Max and Sarah!”  Then Tony came and told both Sarah and Max to come outside. When Sarah saw the Tree house, she sprinted for it. When Max saw a basketball hoop sticking out of Sarah’s tree house, he went for it, but they found Sarah’s Tree House locked. Since the twin’s birthday was on Easter instead of eggs the twins would have to find the key by the end of the day to unlock their presents. When Max and Sarah went to find the key, Sarah said “so that was all the racket last night.” “yup, but I forgot that is our birthday today and I thought they were doing special for you only, but then they gave me the pill that I gave to you which was disgusting.” Said Max. The twins kept on talking and talking and eating cinnamon rolls until they found the key which was in a cinnamon roll. They went straight to the presents and unlocked it. When Max saw the autographed basketball, he yelled. Max went asked his dad if he could move the hoop. Tony did. Then Max just started playing in a jiffy. She went to get her best friend Eve and told her about her surprise. They watched Tv and ate chips just like couch potatoes. When Max saw that Sarah invited a friend he went and got his best friend Zander and his brother Quint. They played games like horse, 21, and 1 versus 1. Now it was dinner/lunchtime. On the table was pizza, mac’n cheese, chicken, and garlic bread. On a different table Max spied a cake. Soon, after everyone ate their food Tony and Mary went got the cake and put in front of Max and Sarah. They both blew the candles and made a wish. Max wished that the birthday party would last a little longer and Sarah wished for a pet. When they lifted their heads up, they saw a dog and Mary said, “20 more minutes.” Every boy was either playing NBA 2k or playing real basketball outside. All the girls were in the tree house watching a show and playing pageant queen. Max was the 2k champion and real basketball champion and everybody said that Sarah was the best pageant queen that has ever lived. At nighttime Sarah and Max said, “that was the best birthday ever.” Max said, “I loved the presents and the cake.” Sarah said, “I loved being the best pageant queen.” This time none of the twins had a hard time falling asleep.

April 11, 2020 01:16

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Qasim Ali
13:55 Apr 20, 2020

i love it. It is well written and is very descriptive and its so cool that we have the same exact name


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