Speculative Suspense Fiction

She tried to open her mouth and call Caitlyn her friend but she couldn’t, she slowly opened her eyes to darkness, she trained her ears for any sign of anything rather than dread that crept up her spine only to pick up a faint muffling sound followed by shuffling all around her, she thought of patting herself and check for injuries but her hands are bound and by the feel of the knot whoever tied her up is no amateur because that is a constrictor knot, she opted using her legs only to feel they are tucked in a hay sack and tapped together.

She tried thinking of what happened last night only to draw blank each time, she closed her eyes, exhaled through her nose and started the recollection of the last day she was healthy, whole and sane

Annelise sat on the couch eating popcorn with her mouth , her dirty sneakered legs on the table laughing at no apparent jokes doing all she can to spite Amber her stepmom who sat across her , in a business call talking about new taxes and transfers

“Can you please keep it down a bit sweety I am in the middle of a call?”

“Exactly stepsie you are on call and I aint”

“Two minutes and we’ll be done, please Annie”

Annelise grabbed her popcorn dish, threw it at Amber narrowly missing her head

“I am not your Annie you stupid, blonde trickster”

She ran up the stairs to her dad’s room , stood before the dresser and looked at all Amber’s photo’s with hatred ,she started breaking frames and shredding photos, and pouring red  paint all over Amber’s clothes which she had piled on the floor

She wasn’t sure how long it took her to ‘remove’ Amber from her house but she remember her dad removing her from a choking Amber, she isn’t sure what led to what but she was sure that she almost killed Amber by her bare hands

Fuzziness again until she’s at her dad’s cabin, her whole belongings with her, her car keys as well as her inheritance check before her ,her Dad disowned her

Bottle after bottle , her hands fumbling around her phone’s keypad composing one vile message after the other

Go to hell with your she-devil

I h8 u David you’re not my dad

You kitld mom & married hr sis u psycho

I hope I never see you again dowg

U ll die 2

I hp she gvs you crippy kids like you wheelyboy


Corrupt cop

Sh$$$$$t cop

Fuziness again

The next she remembers is that she’s in a club, a sophisticated club for that matter

She looks at herself and realise that she’s dressed to kill

A red corset which clings to her like second skin

A black pair of stilettos

Her auburn piled on top of her head elegantly

Her lips, red and looked ready to be eaten or bitten

Her eyes looked fake and uncomfortable and she blinked repeatedly

Her phone buzzed and she growled when she saw it was Amber

“ What ? Is your cheating accomplice dead?”

“Please come back Anne, your dad didn’t mean the things you said, please come back home”

“Oho now he wants me back? And you want me back?”

“Yes I need you back please tell me where you are and I’ll personally fetch you  Anne and your dad will know nothing about this we’re family”

“Okay I can only come back when you’re not there, is that doable family of mine?”

“ If it was me I would’ve jumped to it but you know Daph needs her machines and they are here and I can’t take her without them, anything else I would do I swear”

“Leave me alone” Annelise hanged up the call

 Fuziness again

Annelise is drinking shots with a cool friend she found on the night club called Caitlyn, call it intuition or being a police officer’s daughter but Caitlyn keeps glancing at the gentlemen in the VIP section , wearing Italian tailored suits, black identical rings she was certain they belonged to some fraternity of some kind, she wasn’t sure where she has seen that ring before but she was certain she has seen it before and it is engraved on the inside

Fuziness again

Her minds takes her to the restroom with a squelling Caitlyn jumping up and down with two bracelets one black which she wore on her left hand and pushed the green one on Annelise’s right hand the moment it touched her skin it tightened, blinked three lights and opted for green again

“Take it off me what’s this Cat?” she tried taking it off

“Relax this is an invite to the VIP party at the back, don’t worry be free tonight and we’ll return to boring lives tomorrow, okay?”

“Perfect, sorry I freaked out it’s just that you are exactly what the Doctor ordered for me, thanks Cat”

“This aint no horror movie, chill ,act as wild as you like and tomorrow morning we’ll go to the beach, sip our cocktails and compare notes , no go green door is that side, meet you on the other side”

“Other side Cat”

Fuziness again

She remembers trying to text Amber , only for her texts to remains on the draft folder

Plz gt sum rest I’ll c u 2mrw

Tel Pa Im sowi I lv hm

Tak car f Daph

Sowi 4 d clothz


“Maybe these guys are into BDSM”

A thought when on Annelise’s head

She sort of remember the ring , the words engraved on the inside are RTR which the police dubbed Ruthless Trafficking Ring. She remember the notes on her dad’s files

Girls in their early-twenty’s disappear attending one VIP Party , they later send letters to their relatives that they are well and should be forgotten

She remember Gina who left a description of her new friend Samantha who invited her to one VIP Party

The description of the Samantha matches Caitlyn besides hair and eyes which could be easily altered

No way she wasn’t here

She was going home at the first light

No way she was in the mist of TRT

Lights flicks on, momentarily blinding her and when she has adjusted to the intrusion light she can see at least girls her age and younger, tied up in the same ways as her being taken to different rooms judging by the cries and moans of satisfaction she can only imagine what happens there, all girls are move except her , she hoped that she didn’t fit the criteria and that she was returning home since all girls were natural blondes

She is pulled up and released from her bounds and they leave her alone but she begins searching for anything which she can wield as a weapon, she walks to the desk and is surprised to see a collage of a woman who looks like her at first glance they can be mistaken for one another, she heads to the drawer and finds an article with her dad

Super cop raids the Torinto’s Mansion and seize more than a billion worth of drugs and illegal firearms

David Montobello sustained gun shots to his lower body which will leave him wheelchair bound but he's glad that he arrested the notorious Torinto family which has terrorized the area for so long ,our super cop is pained that one Latin lady heavily pregnant was caught in the cross fire and lost her life as well as her pregnancy

“I am glad you now know the reason you’re here”

The man threw a pen and paper

“I am not writing the so-called Don’t look for me letter, my dad is unto you, she even has the description of Caitlyn , he has the picture of your ring it won’t be long before he catches all of you …”

The man talks to his wrist

“ Get me the catcher who brought in the Cop’s daughter”

A minute later a somber Caitlyn/Samantha enters wearing the signature ring

“The cop has your picture, you want to tell me how did that happen?”

“It was Giana, the artist girl who painted the picture of the …”

Three shots rang in the room and Caitlyn dropped dead before her eyes

“Write daddy a letter and tell him that the sins of the father are about to be visited on the son my dear…”

May 28, 2021 11:35

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Ashley 💜
12:06 Jun 05, 2021

Holy moly, you created a messed up character but the fact that I could understand why she is so messed makes it a good story, keep it up!


Yvone Mthembu
10:58 Jun 07, 2021

Thank you Ashley ,I will try to


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