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Adventure American Christian

I had just attended one of the most bizarre lectures of my life.

That the person went into detail how democracy is going to kill humanity.

I felt this could not be right.

We were in America.

WE stood up against bullies.

We were not bullies.

In yet.

Ignorance is a woman online Going to start a war with Russia Russia Russia.. No, please, no nuclear war Oh, my god I am not saying to start a nuclear war. Russia said in 2017 if NATO or US got involved they will use nukes. America is stronger than them. Not the point lady you are to murder humanity over your ignorance. Com on, man Russia will not use nukes. Ever wonder why Gulf of Tonkin was covered up for 10 years? Indeed, FDR policy in Japan covered up for 30 years? Seriously remember RMS Lusitania for 99 years? Americans are warmongers. World War one and two should never been involved. Oh, my god the Nazis in world war II.. Man, come on, you are willing to murder humanity for Nazis in Ukraine? America has to stand up for what is right. Now that is right - but Nazism is not right. Oh, my god com on, let’s fight world war III.. Now you are showing your warmongering ways. Live a little before you die of famine, plague or war, please. Indeed, realize your warmongering ways. Now come on, Biden is the man to lead the US into world war III. Eternity watching humanity die from Kamala Harris or Bidens’ ways. Biden telling US troops they are going to Ukraine. Spain. Germany. Japan Vietnam Syria Afghanistan Saudis Saint Thermonuclear WAR and the dragon thereafter.. Oh, Saints above protect me from Biden and Thermonuclear war. I read the Art of War differently these days. To realize remember the Maine was away, Teddy murdered Spaniards these days. They say the art of war is deception and I realize with remember RMS Lusitania a legitimate military target with ammunition, the Great War World War One a grand deception of a lie by Wilson claiming to be against the war. In studying the art of deception, I read FDR's pointed policy to cause Japan to attack the US in 1940.. To be turned into another art of a fake war by the Gulf of Tonkin causing how many deaths? Two million Vietnamese? How ironic that Syrian government is to blame for the CIA rebels gas attack upon Syrian soil. The irony is even greater when you add eleven million murdered by Noble Peace Prize winner Obama, and his friends Bush, Clinton. I always asked if 9/11 was Saudis flying the plane why did we invade Afganistan? Now onwards to Ukraine a group of Nazis. The end results is humanity does not survive thermonuclear war as the climate changers are pushing. The art of war is to kill and death. Death does not provide life. Surviving means life and thermonuclear with Biden is insane. Biden telling US troops they are going to Ukraine. Spain Germany Japan Vietnam Syria Afghanistan Saudis Ukraine NASA

So I decided to write a short note on the topic on facebook. Which got me banned from facebook.

Why I Am Opposed to the War in Ukraine."

I see this war as an unjust, evil, and futile war. That US is funding, supporting military material, and providing mercenaries to Neo Nazis speaks volumes towards what type of corporate fascism we have in the disney white house.

Americans are not hearing the truth about this tragic war.

What is even more sad is the media is lying about this war.

What is even more sad is the public seems to concur with this war.

What is even sadder is that the public will be led down the path of slaughter and even demand THERMONUCLEAR WAR with Russia - because of the CIA / NASA saying a little nuclear war will help CLIMATE CHANGE?

. That I have been blind to American fascism for most of my life is true.

I would say most of my life I did not know or look at war or warmongers.

I felt America was standing up to bullies.

Then I looked up the amount of dead.

Then I looked at those who are in power now.

Then I re read history about those alternative facts that seem more real than the garbage they teach in social studies or history classes.

I realize I have been blind.

I realize I hated people for what reason?

Let’s look at Afghanistan.

No, Afghanistan was on those planes flown into the buildings on 9/11.

WHY did we attack murder millions of people there?

Let’s look at Syria.

NO Syrian attack the US. NO Syrian Government used gas on the Syrian people. THE facts are shown those were CIA operatives. BBC even states now the whole Syrian gas attack it was and will always be a LIE.

They say he who lives a lie will always be in a spiritual slavery. STEALING this idea.

FASCISM is that lie. The idea American culture is better or GREAT even is a lie.

Look towards Japan. Their culture has less than 2 percent in prison. While the US now has what 20 28 percent incarceration levels.

Patriotism to the United States - lets look at some 8 million veterans without proper homes, food, or hospital stays. In yet? THE Budget states the money is there. Something like 120,000 to 300,000 dollars is misspent or misused per year for veterans and NO ONE CARES?

. “Ye shall know the truth,” says Jesus, “and the truth shall set you free.” Now, I’ve chosen to preach about the war in Vietnam because I agree with Dante that the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in a period of moral crisis, maintain their neutrality. There comes a time when silence becomes betrayal.

Speaking out on this issue is not enough. STOP using corporations. STOP paying any more taxes than you have to. Meaning pay taxes, yes. BUT no more TAX refund. USE your own money. Stop giving the government interest-free loans. STOP using loans when you have money that could be used.


USE your money - wisely.

EAT food from non-brand sources -

STOP purchasing Microsoft products -

SPEAK out - simple copy paste message into word fax your congress member -

Stop working for the corporations requiring vaccinations. EVEN if they have changed their minds. MEANS they tried to Murder you once with Suicide / expermental vaccine - AND they will do it again.

I know they stole the election. Both TRump and Biden are responsible for this horrorifying experience.

Trump put Fauci in charge after Fauci paid millions of tax payer dollars to murder you.

Biden is a disney character. Pedophile.

April 21, 2022 13:37

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