Marianne and Bobby lay on their backs on a fluffy blanket and gazed up at the stars. Marianne shyly squeezed Bobby` s hand and turned her face towards him. She had a huge smile on her face she could not believe how lucky she was; the last few weeks had been the best of her life.

Three weeks ago Marianne was a nobody, a shy, studious pupil blending in the background who happened to have a locker three away from Bobby Prior’s. Bobby was the best looking, most popular boy in the school. He was tall, blond, tanned and muscular with the deepest green eyes framed by long dark lashes. All the girls fancied him, all the boys wanted to be him. On this fateful Tuesday afternoon they happened to be at their lockers at the same time and he smiled and said “Hey” as he casually retrieved some books from his locker. Then he walked away. That was it, yet to Marianne it was a huge deal.

Bobby Prior spoke to me, to me!! Marianne floated on a cloud all day; the first thing she wrote in her diary that night was “Today was the best day of my life, Bobby Prior spoke to me”. This would have been enough to make Marianne’s year. Bobby was the captain of the football team, lived in the best area of town and always had the latest fashions and technology. His girlfriends were all the beautiful girls, the cheerleaders, the would be models. He never looked twice at a normal, average, slightly geeky girl.

Two days later Bobby leaned against his locker and called “What’s your name?” Marianne looked behind her because she thought he must have been speaking to somebody else, but he had moved closer and was looking right at her. “I am Marianne” she managed to stammer. “I`m Bobby” he replied. As if he needed an introduction.

“Can I take you for a hot chocolate after school? I know a nice place”.

“Who me?” was all that Marianne managed to squeak. Eventually she managed to agree a time and meeting place. Bobby had football training first for an hour after school, so they were meeting by the side gate at 4.30pm.

Marianne ran to find her friend Stacey to tell her the unbelievable news and the reason why she wouldn’t be walking home from school with her. Stacy screamed with delight jumping up and down, causing quite a scene in the corridor.

“Marianne, you lucky thing, my friend is dating Bobby the most popular boy in the school, wow, will you still speak to me when you are sitting on the cool table for lunch and you are meeting him for cuddles at break?”

Marianne blushed with pride but quickly dismissed her, not wanting to get ahead of herself.

“It is just one hot chocolate, he will probably find me so boring he won’t want to see me again”. Marianne accepted that it might well be the case so she was going to make the most of every second.

Marianne could not concentrate on anything else all afternoon, she spent the last hour before she met him in the toilets trying to do something different with her hair and reapplying her lip gloss over and over.

The hot chocolate afternoon had gone better than Marianne could have hoped for. She didn’t have to worry about awkward silences as Bobby was happy to talk all about his family, his life, his dreams, everything really. He walked her home with his arm casually draped across her shoulder; she wanted to shout to everyone who passed “Look Bobby Prior has his arm around me, around me, Marianne!” He walked her to her doorstep, then as if it was the most natural thing in the world, leaned in to kiss her. Luckily Marianne didn’t have time to worry about her first ever kiss because she didn’t for one minute think he would actually kiss her. But he did and it was amazing! The second she got in she rang Stacey, she was so jealous; she had never kissed a boy before either.

For three blissful weeks Bobby took Marianne to the café, the shops, the park or just for a walk. She was living her best life, waking up with a smile on her face every morning, going to bed with a smile on her face every night. He didn’t ask her to sit with his cool friends at lunch though, still it was early days yet.

Thursday night Marianne got a text from him “Sneak out and meet me, I want to take my special girl to my special place x” And here she was, lying with Bobby looking up at the stars on this beautiful night.

 “So are you going to give yourself to me tonight, be my special girl?” Bobby whispered. Marianne’s stomach knotted and her heart accelerated, she wasn’t ready for that, it was only three weeks ago she had her first kiss. She shook her head “I um, its er too soon” she struggled for words. Bobby was holding her hands and starring right into her eyes.

“I thought I meant something to you, I thought I was special to you”. He looked away rejected with his head down.

“You are, of course, you mean so much to me, I can hardly believe you actually like me”. Marianne tried to explain, to take away the hurt she saw in his eyes.

“I couldn’t wait to see you tonight to take you to my special place; I thought it would mean something to you”. He ran his finger gently down the side of her face, looking into her eyes. She felt she couldn’t say no even though she wasn’t really ready for such a big step. So she reluctantly agreed. That was two weeks ago tonight.

Bobby leaned over and kissed her cheek “I couldn’t wait to see you tonight, are you going to give yourself to me Rachel? Be my special girl in my special place”. Rachel looked uncomfortable but Bobby knew he could talk her around; he pulled her towards him and ran his finger gently down the side of her face. She nodded quietly. Bobby smiled to himself and looked up at the stars.

April 29, 2020 11:27

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22:02 May 02, 2020

I liked your story very much. When I came to the end, I was hoping to read more. I love school stories. Great job🌟


Marsha Webb
06:01 May 03, 2020

Thank you, I am a high school teacher so sometimes I can’t help write about school. I got a story about school published last year . I guess they are right when they say stick to what you know.


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