Christian Inspirational Contemporary

Abbie Carter was born in the heart of New Orleans, on a brutal August day, to a Gypsy mother without a father in the picture. Her entire life she watched her mother swindle men out of their money, and sell all of the fake, ritualistic charms that were popular in the French Quarter to foolish tourists passing by.

Living on the move, changing names, fooling people, it was all just part of the business her mother would tell her. So one day, Abbie grew up, her mother grew old and succumbed to her sicknesses, and Abbie was on her own in the big city.

She had learned how to deceive people very well, but Abbie wanted more consistency in her life, so she opened a small shop in the popular party town. She sold all the classic New Orleans gear, but wasn't doing good enough, so she decided to order a fancy looking purple ball off of Ebay and start telling people their "fortunes."

But this Crystal Ball could no more reveal anything to Abbie than her own brilliant imagination, so she used everything her mother had taught her about deceit, to make enough money to afford to live in the expensive part of town. She made up futures for people using her "psychic powers," and people began to flock in, mainly tourists eager for the full "New Orleans experience."

Abbie was doing pretty good for herself until one day a strange man walked in, with a crooked cane and blind in one eye. He was probably in his 70's and even though he looked frail and weak, he spoke with an authority that gave Abbie the chills.

"Good day, Miss." He said with a strange accent that she couldn't place. "I've been told that you see the future?." He both asked and said at the same time. "Well," before she could answer, he continued, "I would like to say that every person interested in the things yet to come, should be privy to their own personal insights."

"I'm sorry?" Abbie said, kind of annoyed, but somewhat intrigued.

"My dear, sit down." He said, half-looking at her, the other blind eye seeming to stare into the distance.

Abbie felt like she should do as he said and without thinking much, complied. Sitting on her hands, she stared at the old man, for the first time in her life, at a loss of words. He reached out and gently, yet intently, placed his wrinkly hand on her shoulder.

"Now, my dear. Close your eyes, if you will, and hear what I have to say." He then began to say things about her mother, and even about who her father was that no one could know. He revealed secrets about her life that she had buried and hid from. How could he know these things? Then, he proceeded to speak about her future.

In shock, because these words were actually so crazy accurate, she didn't know what to do next. "Child," he continued, "Would you like to find better for your life and stop cheating people out of their money and have all that I told you that you can have? Would you like the real thing?" She nodded, feeling suddenly emotional.

"Good." He sounded warmer. "Take a deep breath and relax. Trust that the Creator of the Universe is in this room with us and He now desires to heal you and free you from the shackles you wear. You no longer have to be a slave to darkness which wishes to consume you. I will set you free and I will give you a gift that is real, if you wish..."

Abbie nodded, fighting back tears. She could suddenly feel a presence of a Higher Power in the room, a tingling, a peace, a love was it? It felt good, real good, and real, really real, unlike the lies she told customers just to survive in "the city of lies."

Taking a deep breath in, she clinched her eyes shut and felt she could trust this man who seemed to know everything about her. He put off a good "energy," and she felt she needed this now more than anything. He began to say some things quietly under his own breath and then began to get louder. It sounded as if he was praying to God and then suddenly, she felt a surging of power shoot through his hand unto her shoulder and she began trembling.

Her whole arm shaking, she began to feel really happy and light, and started laughing. She felt a freedom from the heaviness of life that she didn't know was possible, and she felt a love come from this man that seemed so deep and so authentic. She didn't know exactly what he was doing, just that she needed it desperately.

He opened his eyes and they seemed to sparkle in her direction. Her own eyes filled with tears, all she could do was mutter a gentle, "Thank you." He nodded and gave her a little smile.

"Your life will never be the same again now, dear. I believe the One who gives Breath has now breathed on you. I am a messenger and you need to know that the path ahead will be filled with thorns, but also roses. If you can see the flowers instead of the poison, you will find the path of peace and righteousness. All you need is a belief."

She nodded with gratitude and the man got up and headed toward the door. "Oh and one more thing," he smiled, before he disappeared into the night, "Jesus loves you kid, no matter what."

She laughed; before she had mocked religious people but something about this man had seemed so sincere, and what she felt was the most power she had ever encountered in her life. No longer did she feel bitter towards her mother, confused about her father, and feel as if her life had no meaning. Somehow, now, she felt like things were really going to be different. Only tomorrow would tell...

Tomorrow came. Abbie woke up feeling like she had had the best sleep of her entire life. When she rose up from her bed, the sun seemed to be shining brighter than normal through her window. She swore she could hear music in the background too, although not sure where it was coming from. She felt alive and recharged!

She made a big, beautiful breakfast and then she heard it. A voice in her head, very loud and very clear saying her name. "Abbie. Abbie. It's me. Abbie I love you. Abbie I know you." She dropped her fork. "Who's there? Who's that?!" She said out loud, looking around.

"You know who I am." The voice responded. "You have your whole life. Remember that strange woman handing out these little Bibles to people on the streets when you were a kid? That time your mother drug you away and said that those people were just freaks but you saw a light coming off of that woman? She was mine."

"Lord? Is that you? Are you actually real!?" Abbie asked out loud.

"I am breathe. I am light. I am life. I am truth. I AM the way. The man from last night, he was working for me, on assignment. He gave you a gift. Now you hear my voice. Follow it, I am good to my children. I will give you good and perfect gifts, lasting ones, like peace, love, and joy. I will give you strength, courage, and hope."

"This can't be happening." Abbie spoke out loud once more, turning around in circles, but she knew deep inside it was.

"Go, remodel your store, take out all of the evil and replace it with real power, as you call "magic," but this "magic," it is not fake and it is not built on lies but it is Spiritual and it is Supernatural. The more you trust me and know that what I want for you is good, the more you will know an abundant, blessed life filled with genuine power."

"The main thing to know though is that I love you Abbie. So much so, I gave my life for you. Now kid, let me take you on a wild and wonderful journey. You are not your mother and I will be your Father if you let me be. I am patient and I am kind and I am good."

Abbie fell on the ground and began to weep as once more, a presence so powerful and this time, so peaceful, seemed to enter into her room. Squinting through her eyes, it seemed to get smokey in there. "I am here. Abbie, and I am not going anywhere." The voice continued with a strength and authority unlike any other.

"From now on, your physic powers are real and they are now called "prophetic powers," for I give my followers Supernatural, spiritual gifts as such. You can now see people's real futures and you don't have to lie anymore. But I don't want you to focus on getting wealthy anymore either; my child that won't satisfy you."

Abbie cried louder for there was a glorious, Heavenly presence filling every corner of her room that she knew could only be God. "Sweet Abbie, I will never leave you. I have loved you before there was time. Now know this, I will provide all of your needs. Chasing money won't save you, but I can. You must help people with this gift you now have and I will always be here, helping you too."

"You are now able to hear the voice of God and that is true power."

January 04, 2022 23:32

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Jeff Petersen
23:46 Jan 11, 2022

Thanks up lifting


Lilly Blossom
18:28 Jan 13, 2022

Glad you found it encouraging ;)


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Stevie B
13:22 Jan 10, 2022

Lilly, you possess a very strong sense of style in your work. Keep on writing!


Lilly Blossom
01:40 Jan 11, 2022

Thank you sooo much Stevie :)


Stevie B
13:34 Jan 11, 2022

You're welcome, Lily.


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