Crime Mystery

(Also this is my first story on Reedsy. So please leave any tips or comments on how I can improve. Thank you and hope you like it. Also warning it’s a tad bit dark.) 

     It wasn’t supposed to go like this… no one was supposed to get hurt. It all started with me and my best friends, Abby and Addy. Abby and I started the day at her house. We had just finished an enjoyable sleepover at my house.

     Sarah, Abby’s mom, dropped us off at Edge Wood High School. We met up with Addy and started our short journey to homeroom, which we all had together. We met up in the back left corner of the cafeteria, grabbed our books and headed to class. After school, we went to the park to study for our upcoming finals. Lately, it seemed like Abby had been overly nervous and begun acting weird. Addy decided she was going to follow her.

     I didn’t think anything of it. They walked into the woods where not long after, I heard a blood curdling scream. I ran into the woods to see what happened, and what I saw that day would change me forever. There Addy was, covered in blood lying on the ground with Abby standing over her. I was screaming trying to save her but soon realized I couldn’t do anything. I fell to my knees sobbing and asked what had been done. ”you shouldn't have come, ” Abby had repeated. That’s when I realized there was something wrong. She yanked a gun from her pink fluffy jacket and told me to go grab a shovel. I started to walk away to pretend to find one. But she figured out my plan and yelled “No! Grab the shovel over there.” While pointing at a plastic shovel. 

     When she decided that it was taking too long, she told me to grab her feet. I grabbed them whilst Abby grabbed the shoulders. We carried her to the Edge Park Bridge, and threw her in the river. As I saw Addy land into the rapid river and rush down the rocks, her body formed to the sharp rocks. I didn’t know what to do. I stood there blank-faced, not understanding anything. Abby said if I told a soul I would end up just like Addy. We walk home not talking and split ways to head home. I didn't know how I was going to tell my mom. Or if I even should tell her. I got home and my mother asked what was wrong with me. ”You look like you committed murder or something, ” she chuckled. Little did she know she wasn’t very far off.

     I headed to school the next day and saw Abby standing in our corner. She waved me over smiling as if nothing happened the previous day. She whispers “Don’t look so guilty.” I didn’t know what to do. We just threw our best friend over a Bridge! What was my reaction supposed to be? Weeks pass by. Abby seems unfazed and happy like she has done it a million times. While I deep inside was freaking out not knowing what to do. How to even live with myself. It was summer break and nobody had seen Addy. They set up a missing person profile. They even had a week-long search party. It seemed like the whole town was looking for her. They searched till it was too dark. Abby and I helped them but I knew they were gonna find her. Soon after they found her washed up on some rocks near the river. One of Addy's neighbors had found her. That’s when I realized I messed up. I should’ve told someone the day after it happened but yet I was scared. I let Addy down and know I had to face the consequences. They opened up a murder case because during the autopsy there was a bullet whole in the middle of her pale white chest. They asked Abby and I if we knew anything and we both said no. At this point it seemed Abby was a professional killer and liar. 

     They started bringing up suspects and questioning people. They start suspecting the high school pervert of a janitor. Everyone behinds to blame him but deep inside I know what happened. And I was an accomplice. All I wanted to do was tell the police what we did but, then, Abby would kill me, literally. One day I brought up the courage to tell them what happend. I wrote an anonymous letter to the station explaining what occurred. I texted Abby and told her what I did. She started calling me and said “What the heck,  Ally you're gonna go to jail too,” But I knew what I did was right.

     I knew they would only give her a few years in jail and I knew she would do it again. She was a killer. I decided to bring her to the bridge where we dumped Addys body. I told them what we did was wrong and I said “Now is the time for you to get what you deserve.” I took her to the edge and pushed her off into the river as I heard her scream until she crashed into the loud bursting river. It was time for what I truly planned. I deserved to die. I knew I wouldn’t be able to jump off by myself so I walked down to the river. I tied a rock to my waist and took one step. I knew it was what I had to do. 

     I know I didn’t have to die but I couldn’t live with myself. I needed to do this. I knew once my mom heard what I did she wouldn’t want me and I didn’t have anywhere else to go. It didn’t even seem like Abby was fazed it was like she had done it before. I’m Ally and this is the life-changing story of Addys death.

December 04, 2020 05:40

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14:02 Dec 11, 2020

Wow I was not expecting that ending I love how your main character would be, in many stories, the side character. I also thought the names were funny There were a few grammatical errors: “How to even live with myself”- you said this in your story but its not a complete sentence You need to add a comma after things like “One day” But over all, it was really good! I would work a bit on showing the readers your character’s feelings, not just telling them. I love the narrator’s voice. I think its very realistic and I like how you showed ...


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✨Abby ✨
06:50 Dec 04, 2020

Ahhh yessss. Love this so much. Scary, but in the best way possible. I was totally not expecting the ending! Definitely looking forward to seeing more of your work! Keep the good work up.😋😋🐎


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