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"Clara Come on hurry up, it's spring!" my best friend Leah said

"Alright!" I said I love spring so much I thought

When we got outside we saw the snow melting and flowers blooming.

"It's so beautiful," Leah says

"I know I wish it was always spring," I said dreamily

"Hey look over there it's Aaron Davis. Go and he's coming over here!" Leah squeaked

just be cool I thought.

"Hey, Leah Hey Clara." He said

"Hey, Leah can I talk to Clara alone, please?" he asked

"Shure, bye." and left Aaron alone with me.

"So the Spring carnival is coming up and there is this thing for couples and I was wondering, well do you want to go with me?" he asked.

"Cool, I would love to go!" I replied

"Great pick you up at twelve?"


After I told Leah she freaked.


"Yea I know crazy."

"Did you say yes?"

"Of course I did that would crazy if I didn't," I said

"Good," she said

A few minutes before 12:00

"LEAH HURRY UP!" I yelled

"One second geez." She said

"RING RING!" went the doorbell.

"I got it!" I yelled to Leah

When I opened the door to my dorm it was Aaron.

"Hey, let's go," he said

"Wait we have to drive Leah to because she hasn't gotten her license yet," I said


"Hey, Aaron," Leah said

"After we dropped off Leah we went to the part of the carnival for couples.

It was a Roller coaster for couples.

"Oh my gosh, I love roller coaster! Thank you so much, Aaron." I said excitedly.

"Hey me too, let's ride!" he said

This was the beginning of a relationship We took pictures and had a great time.

I just knew it. After that we got lunch and he took me home.

He kissed me goodnight It was the best day of my life.

As I lay on my bed Leah came in and saw my face and...

Screamed with happiness for me.

"What happened did he kiss you?" she asked eagerly

"Yes," I said

"Oh my you guys are a couple!" she said

"I wouldn't call us that," I said

"But look what he posted!" she said

It had a pic of me and him on the coaster with the words #Couple.

The next day...

"Hey, Clara," Aaron said

"Do you want to go out to pizza with me tonight?" he asked

"Yes," I replied

That night I wore a red dress because it clashed with my auburn hair and I wore a braid with it. Leah said that I looked amazing.

When Aaron saw me his mouth went wide open and his face went red as my dress.

"Wow! You look dazzling." he complimented

My face went red.

After dinner in his orange mustang, he put his hand in my auburn hair, and then like nothing matters we kissed in the beautiful moonlight. When we got home Leah was staring at me wide-eyed and said,


"We went on a date, and we are officially a couple."

"See I told you so," she said then we went to bed.

The next morning I smelled waffles. And when I walked in the kitchen Leah was Smiling like never before.

"Why are you-"

"Aaron came over this morning he wants you over at the cafe this afternoon. she said still smiling that crazy smile.

"But while your waiting let's eat some waffles!" she said.

"Ok," I said

"Oh My Goodness these are amazing," I said as I snarfed down two more.

"Well I've been taking cooking classes and this was the first thing I made so I thought since today is special I'd make them," Leah said

"Well, they are amazing."

"And hey why is today so special?" I asked

"No reason," she said but I knew she was lying.

"You are a terrible liar Leah you know that right," I said

"Of course I do," she said giddily.

After I got dressed and got into my light blue Kia I drove into the cafe.

At the Cafe...

"Hey, Clara," he said

"Hey, Wow there's a lot of stuff to order but I'll have the mocha muffin," I said

"I'll have the blueberry muffin," he said

While we were waiting on our food he said...

"You know we've been dating for months now and-"

"Yes?" I asked

"Heres your food!" that waitress said

"I'll tell you after we eat, ok," he said and sounded gloomy

"Ok," I said kinda sad and I kissed him on the cheek. After we finished the delicious muffins he then took me on a ride in the same orange mustang around the block.

"Do you love me, Clara?' he asked after we got halfway around the block.

"Yes of course I do," I replied

"Then I'm sorry!" he said and then put a bag over my head. It felt like forever with the bag on but he told me it was only five minutes.

When we got there he pulled off the bag I was about to yell at him but when I turned around he was on one knee.

"Clara I love you will you marry me?" he asked hopefully and then I saw that Leah and my parents with my siblings all were there wearing that smile that Leah had on this morning.

"Yes!" I said and then started to cry for joy.

we kissed and we all got dinner together.

The ring was very plain but I liked it like that it had a red ruby with a silver loop with some of the tiniest details I had ever seen.

After dinner, my parents left. A few weeks later, Aaron and I got our own house and we went to sleep very late that night.

In my dream, we had triplets named Alexandra, Pandora, and Leah,

we had a boy named kyle but he died at childbirth, other than this.

This is the perfect spring ending.

March 22, 2021 18:12

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Uh, lol why did he ask to marry her after only a few months?


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thx a lot😂😂😂 did you like the part when he puts the bag over her head😂


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b/c he loved her!!!!!!


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