Please Don't Cry When I'm Gone

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Inspirational Sad

Dear Daughter,

I wake up every morning to find myself looking at all the wonderful flowers. Some red, yellow, green orange and even blue. I like to look at my work, and think of all the pictures we take, and good times we have. When you work hard it pays off and the pictures are beautiful. In the end sometimes the results are worth working for. People say i have the most beautiful yard in the neighborhood. I just say thank you, but i'm awfully tired and too old to be working this hard. I'm just a widowed old woman who likes to make my yard pretty, enjoy the view, and tell all the grand kids and neighborhood kids about all the scars. One day when i'm not here to tell about it anymore the flowers, the bushes, and trees planted will still remain. I'd like to think that my work will help you to remember me. You can look at the flowers and think about all the different colors and how caring for them makes them grow. If you love something and you want it to grow you take care of it. I hope you will remember this. I pick the weeds out of my flowers and do away with the bad things. Take care of the good things you have. Appreciate the small things, and how to keep the weeds from coming back. Proverbs 22:6 says train up a child in a way he should go and when he's old he will not depart from it. Planting seeds in my yard is the same as planting a seed into someones heart. You can plant it, but if you don't take care of it and feed it the seed will remain useless. It will not blossom and it will not grow. Matthew 12:33 says you can tell a tree by its fruit. I would like to believe that you will remember my good fruits and share it with the grandchildren as they grow older. My trees and my flowers will still be here to help you to remember to bear good fruit. They will still be here to remind you to pull out the weeds. Get rid of all the bad things of the world and focus on the good. I hope that all your memories of me will be good. I hope i am not failing you as a mom. Please tell the kids about me and tell them about Jesus and explain to them how to plant seeds that will bloom and grow to be beautiful. Teach them to put their hope in Jesus. I love you my daughter. I will see you again in Heaven. 

Dear Mom,

I wake up every morning finding myself looking at all the hard work you put into this piece of land. Some of it red, yellow, green, orange and even blue. I cant help but to let my tears fall, because it makes me think of you everyday. I miss you and I saw you when you worked. The scars were there and it was your way of helping them heal. I know that now, but i didn't know that then. I believe you thought of Daddy most of the time. People did say you had the most beautiful yard in the neighborhood, but it was never a competition for you. I know you were tired and i wished i would have helped you more. I wish i could go back and change a lot of things but, I can't. I can only tell you that i will do my best to bear good fruit, plant good seeds, and do away with the weeds. When i water the flowers i wish you were here to see them grow. When i pull the weeds i wish i could heal my wounds. I can keep the flowers growing, but i cant seem to keep the weeds away. I wish you were here to tell me how. When i start to miss you, and think about you i pull out those old photos. I love the ones in the pink bushes, because i remember how the kids used to hide in them while playing hide and seek. I do the best i can, to keep watering the flowers and pulling the weeds. I understand now how tired you were and how hard it was. I tell my kids about Jesus and how you believed in him with your whole heart. I tell them that we will see you again when that day comes. It is taking Jesus to help me through this. You did not fail me as a mother. You did not fail as a grandmother. You were my best friend and i love you. I talk to you everyday and i hope that you can hear me. I tell the kids stories of you almost everyday. They will know you and remember you. You taught me things that i am now teaching my kids. I try to tell them how to plant good seeds and bear good fruit. I tell them how good of a person you were, and try and teach them to be good people too. I tell them about Jesus and how he is watching over them and you are probably there smiling down at us. They tell you goodnight almost all the time. I love you and i miss you. I love you my mom. I can't wait to see you again in Heaven. 

Dear readers,

A mother and daughter bond is one of the realest things you will ever have. Whether you are a son or a daughter always cherish her. Growing up is hard sometimes. Sometimes it even feels like your whole life just flashes before your eyes so quickly. As people get older in your family you begin to realize how much you need them. When you're little they get on your nerves, when you're a teenager they still get on your nerves, but when you grow up you tend to find yourself saying mom i need you. When you have kids, you finally realize how quickly time passes. People say this when you're younger, but as a teen or a kid time passes so slowly. Cherish every moment you have because, one day it can be taken away. God can give but, he can also take away. Don't live your life with just weeds and focusing on the bad. Bloom and blossom and think of the good Lord that you have another day. Spend more time praying because, it really does change things. I know you will have bad days. You are allowed to cry and even scream if you have to. Just remember that it will pass. Time waits for nobody and it is one thing after another. Make the most out of life. Enjoy it, because you want get another. 

March 30, 2022 18:08

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Jay McKenzie
23:22 Apr 06, 2022

Aw, sweet use of the letter format. As a newish mum, I read this with a little tear in my eye.


Jessica Hayes
18:13 Apr 08, 2022



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