The rain had stopped before 2:30pm. But the moisture from the rain hung in the air making the environment pale. I sat on the couch waiting for Nellie's call that I didn't know when I fell asleep. I woke up 30 minutes later to a knock on the door. I sluggishly dragged myself to the door but when I opened it, I couldn't find anyone. I paused for a while. I was a bit confused so i just went back in.

Nellie hadn't called. We had an appointment with a client who wanted to buy a house uptown and it was getting late. So I picked up my phone from the couch and placed a call to Nelly. 

"Hey" I said speaking into the phone. 

"Hello, I'm at your door" replied Nellie.

What a coincidence. I thought. 

I opened the door hastily and Nellie just stood there.

"so, let's go" she said forcefully.

I followed her downstairs as we got into her car. I wanted to ask her why she arrived late but I just decided to let it go.

We drove through the odd and quiet town, then suddenly we stopped.

"We're here" she said.

"this place looks familiar, I think I've been here before" I said taking a quick look at the environment. It seemed weird and off. Like it wasn't real.

"it really looks familiar" I repeated it all over again.

"in your dreams" replied Nellie.

Suddenly a dark cloud covered the atmosphere, and I found myself on my bed in my room. 

I felt a bit lightheaded as I got out of bed. I sat down confused and irritated. I spent an hour thinking about the dream I had. I was lost in thought when I heard a knock on the door. I stood up immediately and walked to the front door.

"who's there". I said peeping through the pin hole.

"I said who's there" this time my voice was louder.

"it's me, Nellie.

" what? " my lips vibrated.

I hesitated a bit before opening the door. Nellie got in and sat on the couch. I quickly poured her a glass of orange juice.

"Hey, what are you doing here" I said giving her the glass of juice.

"so it's a crime for me to come see my best friend" replied Nellie.

She leaned back. "are you okay?" She asked.

"it's a long story" I said

"well, I'd like to hear it" replied Nelly sipping her juice slowly.

"it's nothing"

"are you sure" she said.

"yeah" I nodded.


She searched her bag and brought out a green file which she gave to me.

"What's this" I asked.

Nellie frowned. " what does it look like, a file of course".

"that file contains all the names of our clients, I just thought you might need it" she added.

"OK" I nodded. Feeling very much out of my element.

"I have to go now, see you soon babe! ".

I walked her to the front door and watched her go downstairs before going back in. I knew I had an appointment later in the day, so I needed the file after all. It was 2:30 pm already, so I took a quick shower and got into my car after I was all dressed up. I picked up the green file and searched for the next client.

"Mr Carlson O'Hara uptown lake" I whispered to myself.

I arrived a bit late. I got out of my car in a hurry taking the green file with me. But as I stepped out of my car I noticed that it was the same place I dreamt about. Everything was the same. Nothing changed.  

I quickly walked to the front door of Mr carlson's house and pressed the door bell twice. I waited for someone to come and at the same time I kept looking at the environment. It looked so familiar. This time, it had nothing to do with the dream I had. I knew that I have been here before. Maybe in the 90's.

I was lost in thought when the door swung open. It was Mr Carlson, he had white shiny hair, looked like he was in his 60's.

"You must be Nevaeh O'Hara" he said with so much excitement on his face. 

"come in" he smiled. 

I walked into his apartment and sat down close to a nicely molded figurine. It caught my eye, so I kept looking at it. 

"here you go" said Mr Carlson as he offered me a glass of water. 

"thank you" I said softly. 

I couldn't take my eyes off the figurine. It looked so familiar, like the one my mum gave to me before she died. It was a rare one. Something that only my family had at that time, even now. It was like a trademark. 

I was curious, so I had to pop the question. 

"excuse me Mr Carlson". I said. 

"this figurine, may I ask how you got it". 

"wanna take a look" he said. 

"sure" I replied. 

I stood up immediately and moved closer to the figurine. I picked it up from the small glass table that it layed on. I turned it upside down and looked closely only to find a signature that looked exactly like my grandfather's. I dropped it hastily, opened my bag and brought out a book that my grandfather gave to me when I was three years old. I looked at the top right corner of the book and saw the same signature. 

I was shocked. 

"I am your grandfather Nevaeh". He said. 

I moved backwards and fell into the couch. He sat close to me. 

"I know this might be hard for you to believe, but it's the truth" he said. 

"I always wondered why I had weird dreams about this place" I said softly. 

"You grew up here Nevaeh". He said. 

"where have you been all this years" I interrupted. 

"where?". I screamed. 

"Nevaeh please sit down" he begged. 

"I was in the battlefield when I heard about the demise of your parents, there was no way I could have left". 

"after the war, I came back to uptown lake but I couldn't find you". He said with a frown. 

"yeah, I'm sure you tried" I replied sarcastically with teary eyes. 

"Nevaeh, I had no idea where u were until 4 months ago".

"I'm sorry for giving up" he said in a sad tone. 

"I wonder why you gave that book to me, when you knew I couldn't read at that time" I chuckled. 

"because you're special" he said. 

He hugged me like my dad did. Like I Was still a little girl. Even with the pain I felt all these years. I finally had someone to call family. Dejavu seemed like a bad omen but what I had now was real. 

February 26, 2020 12:08

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Amanda Mitchum
17:39 Mar 06, 2020

This story is interesting. I like the points of deja vu.


Stephanie Njoku
21:11 Mar 06, 2020

Thank you Amanda 😏


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Kelechi Njoku
21:45 Mar 04, 2020

I love the story, didn't see the end coming.


Stephanie Njoku
05:42 Mar 05, 2020

Thanks 😃


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Uzochukwu Njoku
18:28 Mar 03, 2020

osheeeee. i love it. made me smile. Now i would have loved if the book with her Grand dad's signature was first introduced in the beginning. like to show her attachment to the book. For me it would have emphasized/hinted her yearning for something or someone. And this signed book is all she has of that something/someone. I believe this would give more heft to the reason she carries the book about, even for a business meeting. Other than this, i'd say it's a well thought out story. Nice one


Stephanie Njoku
18:55 Mar 03, 2020

Yea.. That's true. Thank you


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