"What are you dorks up too?"Augustine says to us"Coloring with chalk it is recess" my best friend Vivian says " that's boring you guys are useless"he says as he walks away to play a game of kickball "uhh that kid" a girl says walking up to us her deep brown eyes glaring at Augustine as he kicks the ball "I know" says Vivian in a overwhelmed look "what's your name?" I say "Anastasia" she says, I wish my name was that pretty instead of Plain Seraphina I thought to myself "My name is Vivian and that's Seraphina" Vivian says putting her dark black hair behind her "yah cool" I say not really paying attention to them or what there doing..

I watch as Augustine throws a ball at a younger kid he looked like he's in kindergarten or first grade he runs off to the teacher crying and he has to go inside. "jeez" I think to myself Not long after that the principle comes outside and takes Augustine inside with him I look in the window and see a kid crying and Max sitting there but the Principle closes the shutters "He is in trouble" I say widening my light blue and green eyes and messing with my cream white hair trying to get it perfect.

Then before anyone gets to say anything the whistle blows and everybody runs to the line "Did you see that" "he is gonna get detention" "o my gosh" "he really did that" "he's gonna get in trouble" "will he come back" "his parents will be mad" I hear throughout the line.When we get to class Augustine isn't there "Do you think he got expelled" "he is dead meat" I hear all throughout lunch.After school I went home thinking about it.

The next day Augustine WAS at school and no one wanted to talk to him listen to him sit by him or even go by him they were so confused,By recess he just sat on the bench I kinda felt bad so I went to sit by him everyone looked at me like I was crazy I felt a lurch in my throat but I swallowed it down I get enough power to ask Augustine what really happened my throat felt as sawdust as he answered "my dad is going to the army he is not going to be coming home for a long long long time." My throat suddenly felt free and I felt really bad for him he turned away.

I look over at Vivian and Anastasia they looked really worried about me and how I was going I decided to help I go into the principle Baxter's office and tell him how it was all my fault and he says to tell that to Augustine I go over and my throat crumbles up my face turns red I spit out the words "It was my fault nobody likes you my fault nobody wants to be your friend it was all me" crunched up incase he would punch me and hurt me or even KILL me, but-but he didn't he just sat there and did nothing this made me more angry at myself that he wasn't angry at me.

I didn't know what to do next I was really worried it was just silence I had a large bump in my throat even if I tried to say anything I couldn't I felt like a chicken with its head cut off finally he said "forget about it" and walked away.

I didn't know what to do so I just stood there Anastasia and Vivian came running towards me "how did it go" "how did it go" they asked I just stood there in silence.

Finally I say, "bad" "really really bad" with no expression

I can't think I can't have fun...I..I can't live my life Its ending my life is over.....

All of a sudden I hear a voice singing good morning to you-I wake up It was all a dream...hopefully.

That day I go to school and everyone was paying attention to him maybe it wasn't a dream I go up to him and- H-"what are you doing dork" Augustine interrupted......I was left in silence "uhh-uhh m-moving past you" I gulped down feeling like i'm about to pass out I-I couldn't see "HELP" I screamed than I-I woke up? so me waking up was a dream to? it was the middle of the night 12:59 was the exact time I couldn't fall back asleep so I didn't I got up and sat on my bed thinking about my dream till 6:22

The next day..."it turns out we didn't even have someone in our class named Augustine.

The teacher says we're having someone new in our class i'm really excited! He is sitting next to me "yay!!!" I say really loud to get people attention about how he is sitting next to me.

"His name is..." the teacher says "Augustine" everyone smiles...except me I-I I can't

"really?" I ask sounding kinda mean but not trying to be rude I guess I didn't think that part through.

"I love it here" Anastasia says "Mee too" Vivian says "same" I say in my head the new schools great we made lot of friends and I am having lots and lots of fun!!

I made a friend named Ally one named Charli she is really nice I also made a friend named Jack he's ok Life is great we even have a POOL!!! that is amazing we use it for exercise!...I wish everyone had this much fun..

"Take a lap again Ally" "Good job Charli" "Great job Vivian" is what I hear all day at the pool "high five Seraphina" Mr. Fisher the pool teacher says to me I think everyone should have this life I say...If only..

By this time I have fully forgotten about Augustine and my dream about his dad.Life was too great here at Himoton grade school,It was a giant place I think everyone should come to grade 4, Miss.Amborns classroom!!!!!!!! I know they would love it just like me and my friends!

April 15, 2020 15:37

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Ciaran O'neill
11:20 Apr 23, 2020

I liked the clumsy narrative style - it really felt like it was being narrated by a kid. It made the story more immersive. Good job!


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Aurora Piontek
15:38 Apr 15, 2020

This wasn't as good :(


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