I'm going to America. Episode 5. THIS IS A SEIRES!!!

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Friendship Fiction Drama

Note: This is not related to the story’s topic. This is a series (my first series in fact). If you are interested, I suggest you go read my first episode, and my second episode, and my third one. go to my profile (link): https://blog.reedsy.com/creative-writing-prompts/author/iron-genius/

Episode 1: Torrey tells the story of how he met Amber Chanel and is about to tell about his brother’s death for the first time in his life to another outside person. This is also the past. It has been five months since Amber’s sister’s death in the present. It has been two months for Torrey (the person who is telling the story) at that time when he was at Starbucks.

Episode 2: Torrey tells how his brother, Logan, dies. He is thinking about running away from his parents.

Episode 3: Torrey thinks about leaving the house to run away.

Episode 4: I hate safety. In my house, it’s more like stalking. Why? Well because there’s a camera in every single inch!!! Unless you actually have a camera every single inch, you’ll have no clue what it feels. Since my house is like a mansion, there’s like a hundred cameras. It’s so annoying. I just had to pack my bags and leave through the windows to not get caught or pull out the electric cord, so every camera goes off. But I wouldn’t do that because my phone’s charging. So I’ll just have to cover up the camera and jump out my window. I guess the impact on my foot will be okay but I’m pretty sure it’ll be okay. 

30 minutes into Torrey’s packing

Okay… *panting* I’m done packing almost everything necessary in my bag. Ooooooh!!! I got it! I’ll just throw down my bag first then try to land on my bag cause it’s mostly my clothes. So it’ll be a pretty smooth landing. Well let’s try it… *crosses finger* Okay… *sweating* Let’s do this. *Falls on bag* YESSSS!!! There is zero possibility I just landed that drop. It’s like landing a pencil. I mean the bag’s like three feet! Dang! I’m GOATED in landing just like Michael Jackson except he sang, and I landed. Well anyway, now I just have to get out through the back door. *opens the backyard door and gets out* OKAY!!! I’m officially out of the dang house!!! That was hard. I mean I had to pack all my bags and then jump out the window then get out of the house. I mean it must’ve taken like 40-45 minutes just getting out of the house! I mean now what am I gonna do now? I guess I’ll have to just go to school and rent a room there so I might a good roommate. I’ll probably write a note on the front door so my parents will know what I feel exactly and where I’ll be so they don’t call the police when I’m in school.

*rides his own car and goes to school*

Now that I’m in the hall, I’ll just have to ask the office to see if there’s a room available or not. Ah! Dang it! Now I don’t know what my plan B. is! Dang it! Now that I’m here in the office, I can’t turn back. *stands in front of a woman* “Hi! Umm… I came here to see if there’s a room available?” I asked her. “Young man. Everybody was supposed to rent a room in the beginning of the year. I don’t really know if there’s a room anymore. Nope. I don’t see a room that’s available right now.” “NO! I mean there has to be a room available! I mean… can you just check one more time?! Please.” I pleaded her. She put on her glasses and checked. “Uhm… OK!!! I found a room!” “YESSSS!!!!” I yelled. Well I technically didn’t scream but it was just right below from screaming. “Okay th- Which room is it!!!???” I cut her off. “calm down, will you! As I was about to say. Your room will be room 248. Second floor on your right.” “THANK YOU!!!!” “Hey! mister. Your keys?” “Yeah… That. THANK YOU!!!” Then I ran to the stairs. I either wanted nobody in my room or one of my best friends. Well here goes nothing.

*Walks into room to see nobody*

“LETTTTTSSSS GOOOOOOOO!!! Nobody is in this room! LETS GOOOOOOOOO!!!” I shouted. “Uhm… EXCUSE ME?! Do you not see me?!” “Wait what!!! Amber?! Wh-what are you doing here exactly?” I asked her very confused. “That’s what I should be asking YOU! I was here first so what are you doing here?!” “Running away from home.” “WHAT???!!! And why are you doing that?!” “Because. You know what! I don’t want to talk about it.” I said while I clenched my teeth. “uhm… ok.” She said ending our conversation. After a few minutes, I realized that I kind of yelled at my crush?! Dang it. I totally screwed up everything. I always manage to screw up almost everything in my life including my crush!!! Now that I screwed our first conversation, it's super awkward here and that was the last thing I wanted to do. Well I guess I forgot the order. Kind of set it up backwards to forward as the order. I kind of want to just run away from the awkwardness in the room. It took awkwardness to a whole new level. The only way I could’ve lowered the tension in the room was to… I guessed was to apologize to Amber. I started another conversation trying not to screw things up with her anymore. “You know what. I’m sorry. I was such a jerk. Sorry Amber.” I started the conversation.

“I’m really sorry Amber. I just so frustrated with my family, and I just spat all my anger on you. Hope you forgive me.” I wrote. After that, I just sat on the balcony in front of my room. Then I just sat and looked out the window. I just sat and sat and sat. I really felt better. I’ve never had time to just sit. It felt very relaxing and good. The last thing I did before I went to bed was shower and go to bed. That’s how my first day of my new day had started.

The next day I found Amber already dressed and washed. I wondered what time it was. I mean it must’ve been pretty late because girls usually take a long time to wash and dress. It was either Amber dressed and washed really quickly or woke up really early. I hopped onto my feet and looked at the time. It was… WHAT??!! It was 12 P.M!!! How did I sleep this long!? I usually woke up around 8:00 A.M or something. How- what?! I nearly broke one of my backbone while jumping out of my bed. I got my phone to find out that there was a note on my phone. It wrote, ‘I totally understand. It’s kind of how I got in this room. Everything was just the same except the runaway part. I mean I guess kind of same because I sneaked out and got a taxi but still… I forgive you.’ “Thanks.” I said after. “Eh. It was nothing. I just wrote what happened to me too. Now let’s forget about yesterday. Let’s start new today! I have breakfast ready!” Amber said. For a second, I really thought she was my mom. The way she talked and put the sentence was my mom. I nearly said are you my mom? I just said, “Are you my m- what are you making?” “Oh. I made pancakes with bacon.” I thought in my head. There’s a whole kitchen? Dang! I mean I didn’t really explore the room but I thought the room was pretty small. I just thought that there were two rooms, one bathroom and a mini living room. But there was a kitchen! If there was a whole closet, I was just going to say that the place was a mini mansion. Thank goodness that there wasn’t. I washed and then ate my breakfast that Amber made.

June 16, 2021 04:58

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Amel Parvez
13:53 Jun 16, 2021

Dang it! lol Ah i loved it. I love Torrey. waiting for the next part.........


Somegenius Kid
04:28 Jun 28, 2021



Amel Parvez
13:58 Jun 28, 2021

ur welcome!!!


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