Fantasy Romance

“The stars in their grief seek revenge.”

Drina’s hollow voice stills my hand and I momentarily abandon the task of copying a particularly difficult rune. I glance around the unoccupied library to see if something around us could have sparked such a statement, but all I see is empty space and old books.

“Hold that thought, Drina,” I say, dropping my gaze back to the parchment before me, “I’m almost finished with this ridiculous rune for Professor Miranda.”

A few moments of silence pass, which is odd since Audrina Alderidge is never quiet for more than a minute. I glance up again.

She’s sat so still it was as if she’d been frozen in time. The slight parting of her lips, trembling hands, and quiet breaths are the only signs to the contrary.

Well, that’s odd.

My palms sweat at the sight of her, but surely she's just stressed about her history exam. I place my quill down with a small sigh, resting my chin on interlaced fingers.

“Drina, my love, why exactly are you gracing me with such an ominous statement this morning?”

I flash a smile I know she can't resist. It's one she's called charming yet teasing and it never fails to makes her laugh, even when she's in the foulest mood.

I wait, but the laugh never comes. Her ice-blue eyes do not move from the various ancient books before her. It’s as if she’s focused on something else, something distant.

“Drina, come on,” I laugh trying and failing to hide the slight quiver of my voice, “Blink already! My eyes are starting to burn out of sympathy for yours.”

Her breaths begin to leave her in soft huffs.

“They seek revenge among flame and frost,” she breathes, trembling harder.

I stop laughing.


Her trembling vibrates the table now.


My chair scrapes and clatters against the library floor as I rush to the other side of the table. I don't register the pain as my knees slam into cold marble, solely focused on sliding both hands to Drina’s face. I gently turn her head towards me, but her vacant eyes land everywhere but mine.

“Audrina, look at me!” I pour as much authority into my voice as possible while keeping it calm - the voice I use with new recruits on the battlefield.

Her eyes suddenly snap to me, wide and...angry. She searches my face like she’s looking for the answer to whatever question is causing her distress.

“The stars seek revenge,” she growls, fisting my shirt.

I swallow. Every breath I take seems exaggerated, too shallow but too long at the same time.

Then, as quickly as it appeared, the anger melts into something softer - grief.

"The stars," her voice cracks and something in my chest does too. Her eyes flutter shut, and a single tear slides down her cheek.

She collapses into me.

“No, no, no!” I cradle her in my arms, lightly tapping her face. “Drina, hey, wake up!”

There are people around us now. I vaguely register a female voice instructing someone to send for the healer. I think someone is trying to speak to me, but I can’t hear them over the roaring in my ears.

My world narrows to the blonde unconscious in my arms. I bring my forehead to hers and say only loud enough for her to hear.

“Audrina Alderidge, I swear to the celestial being above, if you leave me here alone, I will never forgive you.”

I close my eyes and hold my breath lest I mistake it for hers.

“Nor will I survive. So…please.”

What feels like an eternity passes in a matter of a single second.

Then, she gasps.

I jolt back, and this time, it’s me with the unblinking eyes.

“Luca?” she squeaks, eyes full of questions but clear.

The air fleas my lungs as if to confirm that she is awake. I take a couple steadying breaths before my hands return to her face.

“Drina,” I whisper, scanning her face. I gather her close against me, mumbling a prayer of thanks, “My Drina.”

“Luca, what happened?” Her voice is muffled as she buries into my chest. Her breath tickles the exposed skin at the base of my neck.

My mouth opens but the voice that sounds is not mine. The Healer, Jensi, crouches beside us.

“You know, I was just about to ask the very same thing,” he says with a wink. Drina smiles at the older healer before they both fix their eyes on me.

I explain everything.

“And Drina, what do you remember?” Jensi asks, digging through his medicinal bag. He pulls out a small stick with a glass orb at the end. He taps it once, and the orb glows with soft light. He points it to Drina’s eyes.

“Well, I was studying for my history exam,” she says, following the light with her eyes, “and I was reading about the ancient prophecies when suddenly…” she swallows, her wide eyes darting to me. I drop a kiss to the top of her head and nod.

“Suddenly, I was in complete darkness. All around me, stars were falling, and they were…they were crying? I don’t really know, but all I could feel was intense grief like something had been taken from them.”

Jensi hums in response, tapping the orb again and putting it away. Drina glances down at my thumb, tracing comforting circles on hers. When Jensi says nothing else, she continues.

“And then they weren’t crying anymore; they were screaming. It was hard to make out what they were saying…I only understood a fragment: The stars, in their grief, seek revenge among flame and frost. It was everywhere, their grief, their rage, those words. It was impossible not to scream them myself.”

My hand stills as the weight of her words washes over me.

Jensi, ever the professional, nods as if she’s just told him what the kitchen will be preparing for evening meal. I see it, though, as he runs his hand through his salt and pepper curls. It's buried deep behind his green irises, but it's there - shock.

“My lady,” Jensi starts, drawing both of our attention, “I believe you had a prophecy.”

Drina’s mouth falls open. She's speechless, which a small part of my mind notes is a first.

A laugh bubbles out of me, earning me a glare. I feign confusion and a fake coughing fit, earning me a deeper scowl and an epic eye roll.

“Sorry,” I say, clearing my throat.

“So what you’re saying,” her gaze locks on the elder healer, “is that I’m a seer?”

Jensi nods his head slowly.

“I’ve been around a long time, Lady Drina, and although I’ve only ever seen it twice, I would recognize the manifestation of sight anywhere.”

I feel Drina’s back touch my chest as she inhales. She nods, offering him a small smile of thanks. When he bows to leave, he asks her to visit him in one week for a follow-up. She promises she will.

I gather Drina’s things and guide her out of the library into the loggia. Her golden hair flutters in the spring breeze, and suddenly, I am jealous of nature for caressing her so openly.

“What are you thinking?” I ask, approaching her side. She doesn’t look at me but slips her hand into mine.

“What am I thinking,” she muses, a hand falling delicately against her cheek.

“I’m thinking that I will need to seek training from the royal seer to hone this craft and figure out the rest of the prophecy,” she says earnestly, glancing back at the gardens, "Something is telling me it's important for the kingdom."

I nod but I'm too focused on her face to truly respond. Her face is much too grave for such beauty.

So I kiss her temple…and then her cheek….and every part of her face until her laughter echos against the stone ceilings.

“I’m also thinking,” she says breathlessly from her laughter, “that we will need to tell the King and Queen…and my parents.”

I pull her closer and marvel at the soft smile that blooms across her delicate features. I tuck a piece of hair behind her ear, humming in agreement.

“Let’s go to the King and Queen,” I suggest, “right now.”

“Right now?!” Her face flashes with shock, but there is fear in her eyes.

She thinks they will be upset.

“Yes, right now,” I say with all the support and confidence I can muster. My eyes never leave hers, “If I know my parents, and I assure you I do, they will be ecstatic to learn that the future Queen of Celestia has been blessed with the gift of sight.”

The fear melts away and is replaced with a dazzling hopefulness. My eyes drop to her lips. She’s only a breath away. All I’d need to do to kiss her is lean forward-

She grabs the collar of my tunic and crashes her lips on mine before I even finish my thought. I whine when she pulls away, chasing after her lips, but she stops me with her smile.

My heart constricts at the sight of her.

My powerful, fearless, beautiful Drina.

She grabs my hand.

“Let’s go!” she giggles.

She pulls me forward, and I follow with only one reply on my lips.

“Yes, my queen.”

December 23, 2023 01:43

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Dan Brawner
14:11 Jan 04, 2024

I like this story, very entertaining and well written.


Angela W
15:48 Jan 04, 2024

Thank you so much, Dan!


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