There's no one like Mom

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Hey there my name is Maya. I'm currently 22 years old, and well today... well my mom is coming to visit me...

I only have a mom, my dad he left us when I was 16... my mother was heart-broken, it took a long time to get her back... but even when he was still there... I never felt as though he truly loved us...

You see me and... my mom don't have the best relationship... When I was going to college... well, like I'm really into Arts, and I'm actually an Artist... Not trying brag, but a pretty popular one too. I have had many gallery's as well... and you see... well my mom did NOT approve of that what so ever.

She wanted me to become some sort of really smart Mathematician or something, but as I said, I really, really like art and so... when I actually got selected for a top Art School... The day I was leaving for college... Well we had a fight... A big one, and it ended up me leaving with us both really angry with each other.

We didn't talk for nearly 9 months after that, however we did finally call once after that and now we call every 3 months but those calls are never like very long nor too peachy.

However, I really do miss my mom. Before that incident me and my mom were very, very close, and no matter what I'll always love her.

A few days ago I've finally collected enough courage to ask my mom to come over for lunch! And I couldn't believe it when she actually agreed!

Today now... well I'm getting ready for the lunch, my mom should be here in just about 20 minutes! I have just finished cooking her favorite foods-or at-least her favorite food 4 years ago.

I had made roasted Chicken, along with some rice. I had also made some noodles. Hopefully she'll like it.

After I set up the dining table I paced around the house to make sure everything was tidy and in it's place, after I made sure everything was in it's place, I finally sat down for a moment. I've been working all day, and barely had a chance to just sit down and rest.

I got out my phone and started to idly browsing... I saw that I had gotten a few message's when I checked, I was surprised to see one was from my mom!

It was sent only a minute ago and it read, 'Almost there. See you soon.'

I texted her back, 'Alright see you.'

A couple minutes later the bell rang! I instantly got up and walked over to it. I took a deep breath... and opened it.

There stood my mom, in the past four years we haven't met she didn't look like she aged even a bit in-fact she looked even younger. I suppose having to worry about your children really does age you...

As I was trying to decide what on earth to say, my mom first said, "Hello Maya"

"Uh, hey... mom" after a pause I quickly added, "Please um come in!"

After she walked in, I closed the door behind her. She was looking around the house, before I could say anything she told me, "This place you have is well organized."

"Uh thank you?" I instantly wished I didn't say anything because the way I said it made it sound more of a question than an well... sentence!

"Well... I've seen some of your artwork on television, they were looking pretty good."

I nodded, "Thanks, I was currently corking on..." I walked in front of her and to the side of the hall where I had a piece of paper covering it.

"This" I finished as I revealed a giant canvas, with the painting of a beautiful sunset over the ocean.

My mother walked over to it and for a long moment examined it, before she said, "Maya I must say this looks marvelous."

When my mother said that I felt a huge sigh of satisfaction rush over me.

Even though many others have told me, my work is great... when my mother said it I felt as if it really was good. Even though we barely have a very good relationship there's still a feeling you get when your own mother tells you something is good. The reason I think for that is because only your true family will give you true criticism and advice that will truly help you grow.

"Thank you so much, it means a lot to me mom" I said with a smile.

After a moment of looking at my own work I turned back to her and told her, "Well... um you must be hungry..."

"Well... I guess could eat." she replied.

We walked over to the dining table, and we both sat down. The conversation at first I felt as though was a dying fire. If you didn't say something for too long or if one of us didn't ask a sort of question that the conversation may die down forever. And I hated this.

I just wished that we could be like we used to... like before. Back, before I left... we both would sit hour hours just talking, unlike some where they always complain their mother doesn't get them at all... I felt as though my mom would understand me... better than anyone else.

However, it wasn't as if we didn't have small arguments, but whenever we did we'd always make it up to the other... I guess when you don't have anyone else then each other... we wouldn't have a choice anyway.

That's when it hit me.

I can't take it anymore.

I want to be how we used to be.

I want my mother back.

Then I said it.

I said what I should have a long time ago.

"I miss you"

My mom stopped eating, and I held my breath. There was a long pause before my mother finally talked.

"Maya... I miss you t-too! I hate this distance between u-us!" her voice broke as she spoke, "You're the only one I have left... I..."

Without thinking I walked over to my mother and sat next to her, I wrapped my arm around her, and she started crying. I could feel my own eyes getting wet too.

"M-Mom, please don't cry... I miss you too... and I know how hard it was for you when he left us... but just as I was there for you then... I am now too... I always will."

By now, we were but crying.

My mother hugged me back, "You were always so strong even then... you were stronger then me... if it weren't for you I don't know what would have happened then... But you... You helped me, you kept me going, assuring me everything would be okay..."

After a few seconds more of silence my mother finally pulled herself together, "I.. I'm sorry... I don't know what happened to me there... but Maya... please promise me... that you won't leave me again, you're the only one I have left..."

My heart sank, it was clear she hadn't forgotten about...

"I promise mom... I love you" before she could say anything else I hugged her, and she hugged me back, and whispered, "I love you too".

June 29, 2021 00:11

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