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Fiction Mystery Suspense

This story contains themes or mentions of physical violence, gore, or abuse.

The iron bars were cold, the mattress thin, and the smell putrid. How I ended up in the confines of this jail cell is a long, exhausting story that begins with Kate Myers. I hate Kate Myers, she killed my big brother, so in return, I killed her. The mystery of his death lasted over a decade long, reports were made and suspects were interviewed, still the long investigation ended inconclusively. No one paid for this crime. The trail went cold and my big brother was nowhere to be found, but I know what happened, I was there. A tall, tan, brown haired man came to my cell and opened the door, I didn't mind, he was cute. He was the officer sent to take my statement, I was thrilled to finally tell my half of the story, to tell the truth about the murderer named Kate Myers. He led me to a small, green room with a large mirror, a metal table and 3 chairs. At the center of the table there was a recorder, he pressed play and he introduced us saying his name was officer Dudley and that I was Samantha Greenwich, he stated that it was case number 45325, and that is was 11:27 AM on November 18th. He then instructed me to tell my story, "It all began 14 years ago, Kate Myers was my 16 year old babysitter and I was only 5, still, I remember it all. Jacob was only 12 and Kate killed him, he died a painful death and I had to watch it all. I was sent to my room at bed time but I had snuck back downstairs and that's when I saw it all." He rubbed his fresh shaven chin as he asked for more details about what I saw exactly. "It comes back in short glimpses, in parts, I can't remember it all as a whole, almost like how you usually can't remember all the details of your dream. I do remember, clear as day, that she stabbed him with a kitchen knife. I had to revenge her, she could not get away with something like that". Before Dudley could ask his next question I continued to tell my story, my favorite part was coming up. "This autumn I pieced it together, I just needed a way to prove it; I needed to find his body. So I did the neighborly thing, since Kate lived only 3 houses down at the time he was murdered I figured the best way to take a look around is to offer to do a little yard cleaning up." It was just me, my trusty rake and a determination for revenge. "I went around the entire neighborhood offering to rake leaves into piles for my neighbors, house after house, hours and hours, saving the Myers for last. Finally, after 4 days of yard work I made my way to their house," I thought to myself how I remembered how my body was so energized solely by the idea of sweet revenge. "I began with the front yard slowly raking the leaves into piles, searching for any abnormality in the ground, a patch of missing grass, uneven ground, a mound, anything. He wasn't buried in the front yard. I made my way to the fenced-in backyard, raking slowly, not missing any spot. Finally I found it, a mound, small and barely noticeable, that is where Jacob was, I just knew it. I dropped my rake and ran back to my house, I shut the door slowly and climbed the stairs quietly so my parents wouldn't know I was home. I failed, "Honey, is that you? Vacation isn't until next week, why are you home?", my mother questioned. See I was supposed to be at BU in my physiology class right about then, I was riding on a full scholarship, and couldn't afford to miss the classes. "Oh mother they gave us a few days off, I'm heading out now for a few hours but I'll be home tonight". I ran up the rest of the stairs and slammed my door behind me. Under my bed I had a green antique golf bag that I stuffed a change of clothes into, I threw my closet door open and reached to the top shelf and took my dads old machete down, I put that into the golf bag also. I grabbed my wallet, some winter gloves and an apple from the kitchen and walked out the back door. Popping the truck I threw my golf bag in, slammed the door and walked back over to the Myer's house. I heard the doorbell ring, at the far end of the house, I peered in the window and I saw Mrs. Myers running down the stairs. "Hello Samantha! Is that you, How are you?", she said excitedly. Why was she excited? She should not have been, for I was going to kill her daughter. "Just call me Sam. Where is Kate?", I said relaxed. "It's been a long time since you asked about her. She is living across town, she lives with her husband and my two grand babies". I considered the casualties for a moment, but they didn't bother me too much, "Do you think you could tell me where exactly she lives, I want to visit her," I said emotionless. "32 Croke Ave", she said while adding something about Kate being so happy to see me. "Im sure she will be", I said halfway down the front steps, my back already turned away from Mrs. Myers. I then hopped into my car, put "32 Croke Ave" into my GPS and turned the radio to Taylor Swift, she is my favorite. 7 minutes away, it took 12 minutes because I had to stop for gas, I was parked outside her house at 5:13pm." "Very good Sam, can you tell me what happened next?", "Yes, but I am only telling you all this because you are so very hot and I could not lie to a face like yours", I reported to him. I didn't want them thinking they tricked me into turning myself in, I think credit is due, I was a genius. "The next thing to happen was simple, I pulled my golf bag out of my trunk and removed the machete and the apple. I stood by my grey 2002 Toyota Camry with the trunk open as I chowed down on the apple, then I threw the core in their recycling bin. I was then standing at her door waiting for her to open it, I rang it once then I rang it again and then finally I could hear her coming. The door opened and well let's just say she ended up on the floor with my machete injected through her entire midsection." I didn't even shut the door on my way out, I left her there for her kids to find. "From there I drove to 7-Eleven, I bought a blue raspberry slushy and drove here to the police station." It was entertaining to see Dudley's face, he had no idea how to react, he stopped taking notes almost as if he thought I was making it all up, that made me mad. "Do you feel any remorse for what you have done", he questioned. "No, she killed Jacob." "But you can't confirm that can you? You never said you dug up his body, all you saw was a mound in the grass." He began to piss me off, "He was there, she killed him", I exclaimed. "See the problem is Sam", he said folding his hands, "You never had an older brother, and well we searched the area you claimed his body was and there was no body". I laughed. "Well maybe I have a good imagination and needed a good reason to kill Kate". Dudley settled back in his chair, "But why Kate? What did she do to you?" You could almost sense how desperate he was to know the answer. "She did nothing, she was actually rather nice to me, she gave me her doll once when I was crying, I just felt like she would be a fun person to kill".

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Graham Kinross
13:04 Feb 23, 2023

Great story, Rachel.


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