The Adventures of Kelly Toy and Meeko

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The early morning sun beamed down on the rabbits’ burrows, one by one, each rabbit started piling out and exploring the fields for food. It’s been rough on their community, the fields have been dry, no fruits or vegetables have been growing. The rabbits have been left with just dry grass and weeds to munch on. 

“I can’ts do this anymore, Meeko! I cants!” Kelly Toy exclaimed pacing back and forth, “I’ve been eating grass and random flowers for weeks now! I almost ate a bee!”

“You shouldn’t be eating those flowers….” 

“I’m STARVING. I’m losing ten pounds a day!”

Meeko rolled his eyes and went back to chewing on the weeds. 

“What happened to the berry bushes?!” Kelly Toy complained.

“No one knows, Kelly Toy! If one of us knew you think we’d be eating grass like a cow?” 

Kelly Toy started pulling, ripping and tearing apart the grass out of frustration. Meeko stopped chewing and just stared at her.

“Kelly Toy….what are you…..”


“Kelly Toy...calm down…..”

“AHHH!” Kelly Toy accidentally pulled a handful of worms and threw them in Meeko’s direction. Kelly Toy and Meeko started screaming and running in circles.


“Stop! Stop! Both of you! Stop!” I voice yelled.

Kelly Toy and Meeko stopped, they looked over to one of the elder rabbits, Mr. Teds, glaring at the two brown haired rabbits.  

“What on Earth is wrong with the two of you?” Mr. Teds asked. 

Meeko looked at Kelly Toy, in which she replied, “We were attacked by an army of worms!” 

Meeko shook his head and looked down at the ground. 

“You need to get your head checked,”  Mr. Teds said to Kelly Toy. 

“No, I need proper nutrition that’s what I need,”

Mr. Teds reached into his little messenger bag and pulled out a handful of blueberries.

Kelly Toy’s eyes immediately widen. 

“Share!” She screamed and leaped toward Mr. Teds. He started hopping away from her yelling, “Leave me alone! Leave me alone, rodent! Go get your own!” 

“Where!?” Kelly Toy screamed still chasing him. 

Mr. Teds jumped over a branch and Kelly Toy tripped on it, causing her to fall face-first in the dirt. She was still yelling, “GIVE ME SOME!”


“Where?” Meeko asked

“Done the hill….if you go down the hill and….”

Kelly Toy stood up interrupting Mr. Teds, “OH! You’ll answer him but you won’t answer me I see how…..”

“Kelly Toy! Come on he was telling us….”

“AS I WAS SAYING,” Mr. Teds continued, “If you go all the way down the hill, you’ll see water. Just go across the water and keep straight. You’ll see a garden. But be careful! It’s a human garden,”


“Nooooo, it’s a human’s garden,” Meeko explained.

“A regular garden? Not a limb garden?” 

Meeko nodded.

“You mean to tell me you knew about this and you just let everyone here eat like peasants?!” Kelly Toy yelled at Mr. Teds. 

“You know what. I’m done. Good luck with the humans. You’re going to need it.” 

Mr. Teds started hopping towards the burrows, Kelly Toy screamed out, “I ain’t scared of no humans!” 

Mr. Teds stopped, dug his paw in the ground, scooped up a worm and threw it at Kelly Toy. Kelly Toy started running and screaming again, Mr. Teds laughed hopping home. 

“Kelly Toy! Kelly Toy! Stop!” Meeko yelled. 

Kelly Toy stopped, looking towards Mr. Ted’s burrow. 

“One day I’m going to fill his burrow with worms!” She exclaimed.

“No, you’re not,”

“One day,” She whispered, putting one finger in the air.

Meeko rolled his eyes and started eating weeds again. 

“What are you doing? Don’t eat that. Come on, we’re going to the garden. It hurts my soul eating this garbage. I want berries,” 

Meeko’s eyes grew wide, “Kelly Toy, I’m not going to the human garden,”

“You said it was a regular garden,”

“Those humans could kill us,” Meeko’s voice started to shake. 

“Or worse,” Kelly Toy continued, “Keep us as pets,”

“I’m not going,”

“Meeks you have to! I can’ts go alone!”

“We could go to the forest!” Meeko suggested.

“Meekoooooo did you see those blueberries? Those are some quality berries. The forest doesn’t have that. The forest just has rude squirrels. Come onnnnnn BFF….. don’ts make me go alone,” Kelly Toy begged. 

“Finnnnnne!” Meeko whined. 

“Good. You didn’t have a choice anyway but I’m glad you chose the right one,” Kelly Toy started going down the hill. Meeko slowly walked behind her. 

“Let’s go, turtle!” Kelly Toy hollered at him.

Meeko ran to reach his friend. 

“Oh….my…….we made it….we made it to the river,” Kelly Toy was kneeling down gasping for air. 

Meeko hopped right behind her, “Kelly Toy, that didn’t even take five minutes…”

“Meeko I really don’t need any of your sass right now,”

“I’m not giving sass!......Kelly Toy, how are we going to cross the river?” 

“Well, we are going to have to fly across,”

“What?” Meeko asked flabbergasted.

“We need to make a catapult! Look for rope, long pieces of wood……..” 

“No that doesn’t make sense. Mr. Teds didn’t have to do all that,” Meeko explained. 

“You’re right, plus he’s older than dinosaurs, his old tail had to have found an easier way.” 

They looked around in circles trying to find something to help them get across. They couldn’t find anything, Meeko went up to the water and stuck his paw in. He immediately looked back at Kelly Toy. 

“The water isn’t deep, we can just walk across,” Meeko stated.

“Lies!” Kelly Toy exclaimed.

Meeko walked across to the other side, water barely touching him. 

“Truths!” Kelly Toy followed right behind Meeko, she reached the other side and started walking left. 

“Where are you going??” Meeko questioned.

“The old hairball said left after the water,”

“No, he didn’t, he said to go straight”

“No, left.”






“Fine Meeko! You wanna play leader then we’ll go your way. I swear if we get lost and die I’m not sharing any of my berries with you,” 

Meeko shook his head and started hopping directly straight from the river. After a few minutes, Kelly Toy and Meeko made it to the backyard of a farmhouse - where a huge garden filled with vegetables and bushes full of berries waited for them. 

Kelly Toy looked at Meeko saying, “I told you it was straight,” 

Meeko gave Kelly Toy a dirty look and rolled his eyes. Kelly Toy started hopping full speed towards the garden, Meeko stopped her. 

“Kelly Toy! What are you doing!?” Meeko said, grabbing her. 

“I’m about to go grocery shopping what do you think I’m doing?” 

“We need to be careful! There are probably humans everywhere!”

“Meeko I’m so hungry I’ll eat the humans I don’t even care anymore!” 

Meeko glared at her for a second before continuing, “We need to be sneaky, come on, army crawl,” 

The two rabbits’ army crawled to the edge of the house, just a few feet away from the garden. 

“Okay. We made it,” Meeko whispered. 

“I can’ts wait anymore!”

“Kelly Toy!”

Kelly Toy hopped passed the backdoor into the garden, Meeko followed right behind her.

“Meeko! Look at all of this food!” 

They both started eating everything they laid their paws on. They ate lettuce, tomatoes, beets, berries, cucumbers, carrots, until both of them laid on the ground defeated and immobile.

“Mee….*hiccup*...Meeko,” Kelly Toy tried to speak 


“I thinks I’m dying,”

“Me too,”



“You’re going to have to carry me home,” Kelly Toy started laughing.

“What? No, I’m not doing that,”

“Meeko! Your BFF is asking for your help in this desperate time and you’re just going to shut her down?”

“Yes because this “desperate time” is just you being fat and lazy,” 

“Woah, woah, woah, there’s no need to take it there, you on the other paw……” Kelly Toy trailed off, something behind Meeko grabbed her attention. 

“What?” Meeko looked behind him and saw what Kelly Toy was looking at. It was a red little wagon holding flowers. Meeko immediately knew what Kelly Toy was plotting. 

“Kelly Toy no…’s too dangerous……”

“LOAD UP!!!” Kelly Toy was already halfway to the wagon before Meeko could finish. She started pulling all the flowers out of it. 

“I don’t have a good feeling about this!”  

“That’s just your full stomach, Meeks! This will be easy. Either we get food for a few days, or we come back here every day. What seems safer?” 

Meeko thought about it for a second, “Fine, you’re right,” 

“What did you say?” Kelly Toy asked. 

“You’re right, it’s a good idea, let’s just be fast,”

“One more time?”

“Kelly Toy! I won’t help if you keep messing around!” 

“Okay, okay, relax cottontail, let’s just load this baby up and get home,” 

They pushed the wagon closer to the food and started piling tomatoes, lettuce, beets, berries, carrots, anything they could grab and put into the wagon. 

“Meeko, you think we can just fit the wagon in the burrow-” 

“Are you serious? No. YOU can barely fit in the burrow anymore!” 

“Hey buddy I saw you struggling to get out of it and I didn’t say anything,”

“Because you were laughing too hard! You couldn’t talk for like an hour!”

Kelly Toy started laughing uncontrollably.

“See!” Meeko shrieked.

“Okay, okay,…… let’s pull this wagon home,” 

Kelly Toy and Meeko started pulling the wagon, they got it out of the garden and started heading towards the stream. They were almost there until the wagon came to a dead stop. 

“Meeks what are you….” Kelly Toy said panting.

“I’m pulling! I’m pulling! I don’t know……”

The rabbits turned around to face a tall man in jean overalls. He was holding half-eaten carrots in one hand, and a net in the other hand. 

Kelly Toy and Meeko started screaming, they abandoned the wagon and started running. 

They were almost to the stream when Kelly Toy heard Meeko screaming behind her. 

“Kelly Toy! KELLY TOY! HELP!”

Kelly Toy turned around and saw the farmer carrying her friend trapped in the net. They were heading back to the farmhouse. 

“Meeks!!” Kelly Toy dove full speed towards the wagon. She started pushing the wagon as fast as she could and rammed it right in the farmer’s shin. The farmer shrieked in pain and wobbled backward. He dropped the carrots but held on to the net. Kelly Toy leaped at the net and tried yanking it out of the farmer's hands. He tried shaking Kelly Toy off but she held on. She started tugging and pulling the net back like a rabid dog, Meeko fell out of the net from the struggle. He hit the ground but bounced right back. Meeko bit the farmer hard in the leg, making him shriek loud in pain. He tried kicking the rabbits but missed, he threw down the net and ran inside the house. 

Kelly Toy put her paws up in victory, yelling, “WHAT NOW, HUMAN?” 

“Kelly Toy…..please….. let’s go before he…..”

“I hope he does come back! I was just warming up….”


Shotgun shells exploded through the backdoor. Kelly Toy and Meeko immediately retreated. 




They bolted across the stream and ran as fast as they could to reach the top of the hill - where they made it home. They laid in the grass gasping for air. They didn’t hear any more gunshots, they crawled to the edge of the hill, they didn’t see the farmer anywhere. Kelly Toy and Meeko stood up still gasping for air. 

After a few minutes of silence, Meeko sincerely said, “Thanks for saving me, Kelly Toy,”

“You’re welcome but next time I tell you I need to be carried home you better carry me home,” Kelly Toy started laughing. 

“Sure thing,” Meeko started laughing too.

The sun was setting, all the rabbits started piling in their homes, except Kelly Toy and Meeko. They stayed in their spot watching the stars. Meeko, especially, was in complete awe of the peaceful night. 

“WELL. Better luck tomorrow,” Kelly Toy abruptly said with a yawn. 

Meeko’s peace was shattered as his neck snapped to look at Kelly Toy, his eyes wide, “What are you talking about?” he asked. 

“We’ll get his food tomorrow,” 

Meeko threw his paws up, “No! You’re kidding, right?! Kelly Toy we can’t go back there!” he pleaded. 

“He’s a farmer! I’m sure he has more wagons,” 

“What? No, that’s not the point! He’ll kill us tomorrow! He’s probably setting traps for us as we speak!” 

“You’re so dramatic, Meeko. What do you expect us to do? Survive on leaves?” 

“The forest!” Meeko exclaimed.

“Meeko,” Kelly Toy sighed, “I would rather face another armed farmer than step FOOT in that sketchy squirrel haven,”

“The squirrels aren’t even that bad,” 

“They’re rats with fluffy tails!”

“Kelly Toy!”

They were quiet for a moment, staring out at the dark sky. Meeko let out a long yawn. 

“You know what I’m thinking about?” Kelly Toy asked.



Meeko rolled his eyes and started hopping towards his burrow, “I’m going to bed. I’ve had enough excitement for one day,”

Kelly Toy started hopping in the other direction. 

“Where are you going?” Meeko asked.

“Mr. Teds. He has blueberries he wants to share,”

Meeko laughed, “Kelly Toy leave him alone,”

“No, he owes us.”

“For what?” Meeko asked.

“For not warning us about the farmer!”

“Kelly Toy. He did warn us.” 

“Well, his warning didn’t work the human still tried to kill us. He owes me blueberries.”

Meeko shook his head smiling, “Whatever you say, I’m going to sleep. Goodnight, Kelly Toy.”

“Goodnight Meeks!”

February 18, 2020 22:51

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