Our Mirrored Realities

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  As I get up every morning, nature always compels to lead me into the bathroom into to face the dominating mirror. I strongly believe that this is the very room where the late deacon and author Lewis Carroll had privately received his inspiration for his memorable novel entitled: ” ALICE IN WONDERLAND ”. Upon his daily awakening, he had to do the very same morning ritual where it had undoubtedly revealed to him his every cagey secret, disgusting fault, inner demon, questionable action, defined quality and clandestine fantasy which he had to deliberately confront and admit to, everyday of his life.

 Let’s also just face this common fact within ourselves whether we want to acknowledge it or not. No one has ever had an ’ ideal ’ Life within this vile existence that we offer refer to as ’ human survival ’ . No one initially chooses to exist, let alone choose what race, creed, ethnicity that any of us are born into. Since everyone of us is different, we will all be under someone else’s form of emotional threat. If anyone wants to be decently content with their appointed livelihood; its quite unfortunate that everyone of us has must reach into ourselves for the very initiatives to peacefully attempt to acquire happiness and live with one another on a harmoniously basis. Society must further accept the frequent changes in our climates which can never harness whether we have indirectly tampered with it or not because the mysterious biological law that exists that will always beyond any human comprehension.

 Yet, it’s regrettably tragic that society possesses many sceptics who readily assume that ’nothing is impossible’ when it has become a specific and deceiving verbal term from all of those hopeful optimists who keep whimsically expecting to don each of their rose-colored glasses which eventually correct their dark realities and conceivably render their most beautiful fantasies into their ready-made realities. Their flailing concept sounds way too easy to reach and immediately inefficient to everyone’s attention to fully grasp the hard-core realities which do exists.

 These crucial thoughts which are subconsciously fixated on will definitely have serious reprocutions to ponder in how we end up treating ourselves. let alone how we treat others around us in the end. Our rewards and consequences will only be determined mostly by our actions and are compelled to deal with the defined circumstances of the moment.

 Our true dedication to these causes are going to simply need hard-work and utter devotion. Laziness, tardiness, disregard and procrastinations have always been nauseating excuses for the human psyche. This is why human are actual deceiving themselves with the real definition of ” Progress ”. It’s has now become a word of normalcy that describes a distracting term of delayed unimportance for those who have arrived in Power either by prestige or financial gains and never by their true merits.

 The purpose of everyone’s fair share of contribution should be noted as well as greatly respected and appreciated. But from really knowing for more or less of the last 100,000 years of ’ supposed ’ recorded History, is that how demanding and resistant that Humanity have been when it comes to regard their fragile pride that refuses to ever admit either their shameful behavior or effective fault to obsessively try to upstage someone else in order to overshadow their own stupidities. Humans are subconsciously grotesquely masochistic to generate an egotistical endocrine that is filled with simple greed that brings on unnecessary each of our own shortcomings to light; instead of being intelligent and tolerant enough to work together in order to create a productive environment.

 Within the last 10 000 years of relative science studies; has the universal medical community had completed missed out in diagnosing on another uncontrollable obsessive human pattern that had been clearly overlooked by accident? Somehow, it wasn’t reprehensible enough to be noticed as a precedented impropriety Will it one day would need to be treated by therapy and medication?

 As members of the human race, we’ve never fully grown to ultimate maturity because we’ve never been able to shed our childlike persona for reasons of always enjoying to be victimized and not taking real responsibility over our infantile policies. Like clockwork, we still remain as spoiled rotten and miserable children who have always wanted their own way while careless playing with matches and seek out some other reason or party to blame for their perpetual damage is committed and occurs. We’re unable to request external assistance from the expanded universe because we are neither correctly taught to really know how to ask for help and too proud to admit fault. Why is the whole idea of requiring Full Responsibility seems to be a quite an elusive trait in human dignity?

 Otherwise, we should never dare to ever complain about our present contingencies because we’ve gravely passed our yielding point of existence. This is where nothing can ever possess any reversible care to either justify our action or repair the permanent damage. We must now endure the approaching predicaments which we have only brought it upon, ourselves which will definitely determine our unruly well-deserved fate. Immediate solutions will no longer be at reach to be alleviated from any further lingering struggles. Humanity has been weaving the very same rope that would eventually bring all of us to a predestined and a premature death. This particular event would certainly prevent everyone from further experiencing new ideas and wonderful ventures.

 Time has given everyone a thousand chances a day either fully change or radicalise our old ways towards the better and possibly extend out health and prosperity, yet we find ourselves psychological stuck in this discontented rut, and yet quite ironically, we feel strangely comfortable living in our restless skin. Are we simply too dumb to take advantage of these these repetitive opportunities which are we consistently squandering? These are continuous moments in human existence which should be immediately and mandatory take a hold of before it’s too late to possess any lasting regrets! No one really ever knows how much longer they’ll be able to survive. The reason for this crucial action is to make due that one surprising day, Death comes unexpectedly knocking on one’s door to say ” your time is up ” where one has absolutely no choice to agree with it or not. With no exceptions to the RULE where a guarantee will be made that undeniably NO such extensions which will be ever granted to anyone!

 It’s rather irrelevant that each individual thinks about their actual fate from whatever their moral concerns they stand for; Humans have been taking their existence for granted for far too long to ever think that there’s always going to be a better tomorrow that will drop from the sky right into their lives where happiness will be easily attained. All humans will always be poorly indoctrinated by misleading data and mismanaged leaders who want absolute control over a throng an innocent populous. This present repetitious practice where the “ powers that be ” are thoroughly infecting everybody with hopeless corruption where who decides to say ‘enough is enough’ in order to distinctively ameliorate any possible prospering fate of Humanity? Otherwise, if no changes are made; without any such doubts, one day we will definitely certify our total demise where we’ll eventually become another extinct species that once existed on this planet with very little left behind to indicate any of our true accomplishments. A wide barren topography with genuinely no life covering the entire planet will be found by external visitors from space. Then, they’ll wonder WHO or WHAT had once inhabited this desert landscape and what really happened?

 Sadly, this is the reflective pragmatism that I see everyday, I must face it and deal with it, alone for the rest of my existence.

July 06, 2021 20:35

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