Fiction Holiday Kids

"Could I wear that dress mom?" I ask my mom. Tomorrow is Halloween, one of the best days of the year, Halloween. Who doesn't like Halloween? My mom looks at the dress. She pulls it out of my closet. She smiles at me. We both really like this dress. It is a Halloween dress, with lots of different Halloween prints on it. Like skulls and candy corn and pumpkins. My mom ordered this dress for me a while ago. I was thrilled to have it. I wore it a while ago, and I wore it last Halloween, but it still fit. I loved this dress. She agreed and pulled it out alongside my leggings.

Then she gave me a hug. She held my hand. She asked what I wanted for dinner, and I answered tomato soup. I'm cold and that is my favorite soup. Especially the way my mom makes it. My mom's tomato soup is the best soup out there. No joke. She turned my television on, my dad would be home soon, and then she told me to play. She went to the kitchen and began to cook. I could smell it because my playroom was right next to the kitchen. The television was playing a rerun of a cartoon. I went to my bin of dolls and began to play with one of them, but then my dad came home. I ran into his arms, as always.

I told him all about my day and what happened at school. I told him about my dress. My mom had me set the table as they talked. I then cleaned up my playroom. My dad came in and turned my television off when it was dinner time. The soup was delicious. I really liked it. My dad and I complimented my mom on it. We cleaned the kitchen. Afterward, we all got me ready for bed. We played go fish and then went to bed. We usually play go fish after bed. It's the only card game I really know how to play. My dad read me a story, about a unicorn. My mom tucked me in and turned off the lights. I went to bed and had happy dreams.

When I woke up in the morning, my mom got me dressed right away. We got me ready for school, and then she left for work. My dad fed me and packed my snack. When I came home to change into my costume, I would have lunch. He got me in the car and dropped me off. I was showing my dress off to my friends when my teacher came out of our classroom and let us in. We did our morning routine. We did a bunch of different cool Halloween activities. We even decorated the class pumpkin. It was so much fun. We had a snack and then we went back home. Once I got back to school from changing into my princess costume, we had our Halloween parade. My dad was there.

We had to march around the school three times. After we were done marching, we found our parents and were to go trick-or-treating. My dad found me. He grabbed me my Halloween basket and then took a picture of me. He was a prince. He had taken the day off, but my mom couldn't. But it was ok. We went from house to house gathering candy. We had so much fun collecting the candy, and once I had grown tired, around three blocks, my dad found our car. Then we drove home. I guess I had fallen asleep because I do not remember the drive home and when I woke up I was in my bed. When I woke up, my dad was shaking me.

"Your mom is home, come on. Let's go see her!" He urged. I woke up. We hugged my mom. I showed my mom all my candy, and she was so happy for me for how much candy I got. My dad made us pizza for dinner. We sat around the living room television, watching the weather. My dad handed out candy until seven at night. At that point, we got me changed, a bath, brushed my teeth, and into bed. I got a story and tucked in, but it had been such a long day that we just went to bed, without any cards. I slept pretty well, but I cannot remember if I had any dreams that night. When I woke up, I knew it was the weekend. So I climbed into my parent's bed. They snuggled up with me.

When they, at last, woke up, we made pancakes for breakfast. We ate the pancakes altogether, and then cleaned the house. I helped by cleaning my room and my playroom. My room was nice and tidy when I was through. My mom vacuumed and put in a scent thing. It made my room smell like roses. When we were done, I went to my playroom. I played with my tea set. For dessert that night, we had my Halloween candy. But just one piece. I had a small chocolate bar. It was very good. After that, we cleaned the kitchen and went to play go fish. My mom won. After that, we got me ready for bed. My mom tucked me in and read me a story. My dad snuggled me. Halloween was so much fun, and I loved wearing my dress. The dress that was made for me to wear on Halloween.

I knew that dress was so cool. The coolest dress I could wear on Halloween. I know I will wear it more and more. It was not the first time I had worn it, and I would try to sneak it on even if it was not Halloween. But it was so pretty. I wanted to wear it again and again. It was my favorite dress. On Sunday we were picking another dress for me to wear on Monday. My mom then found a pink frilly dress. Well, maybe my second favorite.

May 09, 2022 22:25

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