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Crime Fiction Western

Many of us enjoy eating dinner outside of our homes occasionally. It can get tedious to eat dinner at home all the time. Even though it is our responsibility to cook, we women nowadays don't always feel like it. However, we enjoy eating our dinners outside occasionally. Even if it is not healthy, changing our taste can be really enjoyable. When we bring our family over, we love having meals outsides. Here's a story about a family that ran into problems and how they overcame them. Shiv, Piya, and Arnav, their five-year-old son, were middle-class Madhya Pradesh residents. However, when Arnav grew older, Shiv and Piya intended to move to Mumbai in order to ensure Arnav's wonderful future. Piya always makes food for them when they are in Madhya Pradesh because there is no nice place to eat lunch or dinner. However, the entire family was a foodie. As a result, they had always planned in Madhya Pradesh that they would eventually migrate to Mumbai. As a result, when they moved to Mumbai, they resolved to make their fantasy come true. So, after a year in Mumbai, they went out for supper at a nearby Dhaba restaurant one night. In December, the restaurant was wonderfully illuminated; it was a frosty night, so everyone wore sweaters, and Piya wore shawls. It was a gloomy night, with no stars or moon to be seen. They got all suited up and went out to lunch. When they arrive, they order chicken biryani and mutton masala curry for dinner. They would occasionally see a few truck drivers conversing and eating dinner while they were eating at the restaurant. Piya was terrified when she saw them because it was a gloomy night and there were few people in the area because it was dark. She suspected they were assassins because their faces resembled those of a serial killer. As soon as Shiv and Arnav notice Piya's expression after witnessing those, they finish their dinner and drive away as quickly as possible. rivers, they decided. However, they may find themselves in a difficult scenario before arriving at their destination. They saw a genuine killer approach them to kill them because it was a dark night. The killers kidnap them and hold them captive for several days, demanding a large sum of money that was not in Shiv's possession and was far over his monthly salary, threatening to kill them if the assassins did not receive the money, and promising to release Shiv only if he brought money. Arnav and Piya were both terrified. The killers continued to refuse to feed the mother and son as the days passed. They grew into it gradually. Shiv was tense in the meantime, trying to figure out where he could get the money. He didn't know many people because it was still a new city for them because they had just lived in Mumbai for a year. He tries to rely solely on his friends and neighbors for assistance. But no one could effort such a huge amount. Now there's a twist in the story: the people the family saw in the restaurant who appeared to be killers were actually CID officers who had come to catch the killers, and the officers were following the family because they were aware of the killers' plans to catch their prays in the middle of the night. Officers dressed as truck drivers and pretended to drive trucks. The officers were noticing everything but couldn’t track it down as the killers were very clever However, immediately after the investigation, the officers noticed Shiv wandering around aimlessly. They approached Shiv, who was taken aback and became terrified, believing that they were linked to people who had kidnapped his wife and son back there. Shiv explained everything once they confessed their true identities to him. Officers formed a plane to apprehend the killers after listening to him. They told Shiv to return to the kidnappers and that they would follow him if he did. Shiv followed the officers' orders. He was able to contact the kidnappers despite the fact that he did not have any money. However, the authorities apprehended the killers just as they were ready to shoot them, and the family was shortly released. Piya and Arnav were both horrified to learn the truth about the CID officials who pretended to be truck drivers, which made Piya feel ashamed because she had assumed they were the killers. After fleeing from them, she comes face to face with the true killers. The policemen are thanked by all members of the family. Piya also thanks God for saving them because God sent the officers at the right time. As a result, we learn a few things, one of which is to never judge a book by its cover. The folks the family felt were scary were actually protecting them. Never make assumptions since they are almost always incorrect, and instead of saving ourselves, we fall into even more deadly traps, as this family did.  We should never jump to any conclusions based on assumptions or suspicions. If Piya hadn't believed the CID officers, they wouldn't have hurried to their car and ended up in the hands of genuine kidnappers and murders, where they were on the verge of dying. They were fortunate, but not everyone is so fortunate.As a result, we should try to remain calm and always try to dig deep into the truth. There are numerous incidents that occur during these roadside adventures. Several mishaps occur frequently at these roadside feasts. When we opt to eat dinner outside, we need always be cautious of these things. And, in general, crimes occur only at night. We should also be cautious when traveling so that we do not end ourselves in such a position. Because we are obligated to eat our dinner outside while traveling, especially if we are night travelers who prefer to travel at night. However, if we stay at home at night, we can avoid going out. And when we move to a new city, we must be more cautious because there will be no one to assist us if we get into trouble.

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