1 November 2000

Dear Diary.

Let me first introduce myself. My name is Peggy Norton. I am 10 years old. I live with my mother in Hampton a small and beautiful countryside town. I am beautiful, have long hair, I have many rotten teeth in my mouth that resembles a pig and my ears look like a Christmas elf.

I attend the Hampton school. Everybody calls me Piggy because of how my mouth looks but I am not a shame because I learn to accept myself and true beauty and children at school would bully me.

I have best friends name Rebecca, Mary, Holly and Kaddy. My friends and I been friends since I was 5 years old we all go and met at dancing school. My pet is flurry and white cat name snowflakes, I adopted him from the animal shelter; he loves to drink milk and when I rub the top of his head that makes him pur.

My hobbies are reading, singing and dancing. My mother name is Sarah, she is a single parent mother, loving and caring while my father name is Dennis and he is dead. My father was a brave firefighter that rescued many people during his lifetime.

I miss him all the fun we had like the pillow fights, movie night, fishing, camping and reading me bedtime stories but my mother stays strong for us even though I know she is hurting inside. My favourite colour is pink and favourite food is ice cream I love and enjoy it but after my experience; that was quite thrilling and scary. I am scared to ever eat ice cream again in my life.

Dairy I decided to write to you for the first time to express my feeling because you are the only person that would ever believe my story and everybody I told thinks I am a crazy child with wild imagination but I know you will believe me.

It all started Last night which was Halloween night I was in my bed because my mother didn't want me to celebrate Halloween cause that's is the night my father was murder by crazy psychopath man that was practising rituals. My mother is scared because there are many crazy people on Halloween night and after my father tragic death, she doesn't want me to celebrate Halloween anymore.

While most kids were outside in the streets dressed in scary costumes, masks, partying and collecting candies. I was laying in my bed bored and watching the ceiling then suddenly I felt this cold breeze blowing over my body and then a strange man appears from a red smoke, dressed in a clown suit and is made out of chocolate ice cream. Small drops of ice cream off his body fell to my bedroom floor.

I was shocked was I dreaming or awake I question myself before I could say a word. He told me his name is Frizzy and he is the ice cream man from a magical icecream land; that gives kids free icecream on Halloween night.

I was excited because I love ice cream and it is free also. Then he offers to carry me to icecream land to eat all the free ice cream I desired. I accepted I am just a child I didn't know better I just wanted the delicious free ice. He told me to close my eyes and when I opened my eyes I was in a different world, it was freezing; vanilla icecream covered the ground and there was chocolate ice cream mountain.

When I went into his strawberry house made from ice cream, he told me to lock the door, it was a door tasted like strawberry ice cream!; inside his house, there were many flavours of ice cream machines and all the things in his house was made from ice cream.

Wow, I thought this was like a fairy tale book a world made of icecream I was living the dream of any child my age. I could eat a house made from ice cream that was an awesome feeling. He told me to eat and choose any ice cream I wanted and it is for free first. Then decided to eat chocolate ice cream while sitting in his icecream chair.

Then Frizzy laughed and told me didn't your parents tell you dont take times from strangers it is time to die then he opens his mouth broadly with worms falling out his mouth and inside the top of ice cream cone turned into worms. I screamed loudly and dropped the cone.

I ran off the house quickly while my foot was stuck in the mud, the icecream off the ground and mountain had disappeared; the house turns into an old wooden house burning on fire then Frizzy came outside from the burning house with his body burnt, melting ice cream and his clown suit burn with patches of holes. Then he blows a cold breeze from his mouth and it seemed like the breeze waa pulling me while he was blowing the cold wind out his mouth.

It seemed like the icecream world was made from my imagination to deceive my young mind because small children are easy to target with candy and ice cream.

It had become a nightmare I didn't want free ice cream anymore. Then Frizzy told me for his free icecream I ate that I must give him my soul as payment. He had deceived and lie to me. What would I do I thought to myself then by luck I began to cry and said I hate ice cream. Then Frizzy said no as his body melted into icecream and that was the last thing I could remember before I woke up in my bed this morning.

Frizzy is an ice cream man that comes on Halloween night and steal kids soul for free icecream. Now I am scared that next Halloween he will come for me again but I promise myself to hate and never eat ice cream again because that seems like Frizzy weakness, when I hated the icecream he disappears.

I must warn other children of this demon icecream man because if adults won't believe me children will and must tell them how to stop him if they ever get to icecream land.

I know Frizzy is real and he will come next Halloween to get little children souls.

April 08, 2020 21:02

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