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‘Are you there?’ asked a whisper to a silhouette hiding in a box beneath the wooden floor. The light failed to enter the box.

The only thing that entered the box was oxygen. That silhouette hiding inside the box survived on that oxygen. 

‘Yes, where else I would go from here? There is not even an inch to move. Luca, are they near?’ asked that hidden figure. 

‘Yes, stay low. They are coming right here. Do not make any noise or they would take you back,' said Luca. 

'Hey, you. Did you saw anyone running away from here?' asked the terse voice of a 40-year old police officer.

'No, officer,' replied Luca with all the calmness that he could summon. 

'Are you sure?' asked that police officer succinctly.


That police officer took out his walkie-talkie and left a brief message to the head-quarter. 

'We lost the creature near the corner of 44th and 45th avenue. No body saw that creature disapper. Over,' said the polite voice which was terse before few minutes. 

'I am not a creature,' murmured the silhouette inside the box. However, the sound escaped the box to create a buzzing sound. 

'Did you hear that?' 


'I heard the voice of that creature.'

'I did not hear any of that.'

'Okay, partner let us go back to head-quarter and write down the report of our encounter with the space creature,' said that police officer to his partner.

'Officer, what do you mean by creature?'

'Nothing, little boy. What is your name?' asked the officer.

'I am Luca. You are looking for a space creature?' asked Luca

'Luca, do not call me Space Creature. My name is Arnold, and I belong to a different universe. Why these people can not understand this simple thing?' said that silhouette hidden inside the box. 

'Did you hear it?'

'It seems that voice has occupied a permanent room in your brain. Let us go to the head quarter and clear your mind,' advised the partner of that police officer.

Both the officer departed from the place, and Luca took a breath of relief. They were inside an abandoned warehouse where Arnold barely manage to evade the police officers. 

Arnold and Luca were playing in the park and lost the track of time. The sun hid behind the origin, and the darkness overpowered the light.

Luca noticed the change in Arnold. Luca covered Arnold in the blankets and covered the transformation. They ran away but someone reported the sighting of a creature who appeared like a silhouette in the dark.

Luca and Arnold were both Aliens, but Luca somehow managed to adapt to the new environment. Arnold failed to do so.

The reason for their presence on the Earth was the countless asteroids. One of the asteroids collided with the spaceship of Arnold's father.

They crash-landed on the Moon. They managed to salvage enough necessary materials from the spaceship. With those bare necessities, they established a colony on the Moon.

Unluckily, humans landed on the Moon and found out about their existence. 

Fearing for their lives, the crew only captured them on camera and dropped the idea of capturing them to take them to the Earth. 

The subsequent mission followed, which helped humans capture those Aliens. The astronauts brought the aliens to the Earth for dissection. To say that in a more digestible way: advancement of the human knowledge in the matter of the extra-terrestrial bodies. The US Government imprisoned the entire family inside Area-51. 

The transforming nature of Arnold helped him and Luca to escape. They were unable to free their parents as to when they reached to release them, the parents of Luca and Arnold were dissected into pieces. 

'How can they do this to our parents?' asked Arnold.

'What can I say? But I know this that If we don not run now, we will also be in bits and peices. Let us run and contact the alien residence programme.' said Luca.

'What are you saying?'

'There was a guard that was also from other planet. He or It said to me about this Alien residence programme that helps abducted individual like us from this inhumane aliens of the Earth that they called themselves as human. Is this what humanity looks like?'

'They are cruel. How do we contact them?'

'They will contact us, and in return we have to do a task assigned by them.'

'How will tehy know where we are?'

'They have the most advanced machineries developed by the genius minds of the entire universe. They can track us in minutes. Their only limitations is that they are short of physical intimidation. SO, they will train us to law low and blend in.'

'Will that work?' doubted Arnold.

'Currently, there are about 9 million aliens residing amidst the 8 billion population, and humanity is still debating for the existence of Aliens. That is how good the Alien Residence Programme is.'

Luca and Arnold managed to escape the enslavement and found a foster home to live in. The Alien Residence programme helped them with finding this place. 

They blended in as orphans and enjoyed their stay over there. They lived a life pretending to be something else. They were not much proud of that, but pride was not apt to merge all their pieces and bring them back to life if the government caught them and dissected them for the advancement of science. They accepted false identities rather than being sliced into pieces. 

But one day, while playing in the park, Arnold forgot about his transformation in the darkness, and he turned into a silhouette. A human figure dipped in tar. 

Children shouted and parents were scared. They called the police, but Luca and Arnold were successful in evading the police. They planned contingencies for such occasions, and they somehow managed to scout five abandoned places and converted them into safe houses.

Today one such safe house saved the life of both. 

'I am tired of hiding like this. Why can not this inhumane Humans fathom the fact that we come in peace.'

Luca almost smiled but decided to hold it back for naive and brave Arnold.

'Do not worry, Alien Residence Programme picked up a signal from our planet. Your grandfather is coming for us. We have to wait it out for three months. After that we can go back to our planet.'

Arnold smiled with hope.  

August 18, 2021 05:48

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Keya Jadav
12:00 Aug 18, 2021

It was a nice fantasy story. I did not find any major errors so that's great except- No body saw that creature disapper. - it should be 'disappear' and 'nobody' without a space. All over, nice work.


HBR Patel
04:59 Aug 19, 2021

Thank you for taking your precious time to help me improve on this skill. Will definitely try to keep that in mind, the next time. Thanks.


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