The Concert 

Tom, Sara, and Richard were good mates,  Tom worked on a construction site, Sara worked as a Nurse, Richard worked at a bank. 

Their favourite place to meet was at the basin reserve pub called the 1860 on a Friday after work around 5:30 pm. 

They were able to meet up with other friends also, who knew them well. 

They all met at 1860 on a Friday night as usual, and there was a new buzz in the air. 

Everyone was talking about the latest band that was coming to the city.  

 Tom, Sara, Richard were buzzing as well when they heard that one of their favourite bands was coming to the city. 

Fleetwood Mac and special guest singer Stevie Nicks everyone was bubbling with excitement. 

“ I’ll get the tickets said Tom, and you can pay me back” 

“Okay” said Sara and Richard. Sara brought another pint of beers since it was her turn. 

When Sara got back to the table with the pints, the guys were planning where to meet 

“We can meet at the bus stop near the concert next week Friday, and then I can give you your tickets” said Tom

“That sounds good” said Sara, Richard just nodded his head in agreement, with “Yeah”

Richard was the first to go home from the pub that night.

 Sara and Tom were really going out together, everyone knew so it wasn’t no surprise to see them leaving together. 

Tom, Sara, and Richard kept in contact during the rest of the weekend and the following week,till Friday.

They planned to meet at the bus stop before the concert, they also planned to meet at the bus stop after the concert. The first to get to the bus stop was Sarah she waited patiently for the other two to arrive. The street was busy with traffic, someone had bumped into another  vehicle and both drivers of both cars got out and started to argue with each other. 

Tom, Sarah, and Richard just looked at each other.

Sarah said “We haven’t got time to listen, we need to get into the concert.”

Tom gave Sarah and Richard their tickets. “Have Fun” said Tom. “You too,” said the other two. 

They all went their own ways, when they got inside. The crowd was huge,

 Sarah overheard that there were at least 5000 Fans coming to listen to the concert. 

The band started to play, then out came Stevie Nicks she started singing Thunder Only Happens When It’s Raining. 

Sarah was so engrossed by the Music, she moved through the crowd to make it to the front of the stage.

Sara was nearly there, and was so happy to be in front so near to one of her favourite singers

She was infatuated by the clothes she wore and her long blonde hair, her voice was just amazing. 

She was sure that Stevie was looking in her direction, she waved to see if she was, Stevie waved back, Sarah got excited and her heart started to beat fast. 

She saw Tom blowing Stevie kisses, he was always a charmer. Trying to catch her attention, hmmm Sarah thought. 

Stevie looked like she was blushing, Tom wasn’t the only one blowing her kisses, she looked around and saw others blowing Stevie kisses too. . 

Stevie went backstage to have a rest,  and FleetWood Mac started to play some of their songs. 

It was nearing the end of the concert and Stevie came on again to sing two more songs.

When she left the concert there was an Encore for Stevie to go on again. She did a couple more songs and went backstage. 

Everyone started to leave, Sarah went to meet the guys at the Bus stop across from where the concert had been.

She waited for both of them to arrive, Richard arrived and they both waited patiently for Tom to arrive.

 It was now half an hour, Richard turned and said to Sarah “I think we should leave, I don’t think Tom is coming.”

“You're right we can catch the bus and see Tom another time.” said Sarah.  They both caught the bus and decided to go to a cafe together. 

One of Sarah’s friends Evone worked at the cafe, “What will you have top shelf or coffee Sarah.” said Evone. 

I’ll have a coffee and a slice of carrot cake thank you, Oh you’re welcome said Evone. She then served Richard. 

Sarah and Richard sat down near the window of the cafe and chatted for a while about the event’s of the night. 

“ Did you see the guys fighting in the crowd Sarah?” said Richard. “ no I didn't,'' said Sarah. 

“Yeah they were wasted and had bottles of hot stuff in their hands and drinking it back. 

“How stupid they are not allowed to do things like that.” said Sarah. Yeah I know said Richard “They had the security guys come and take them away.” said Richard “Man will they be pissed off when they get back home from the police station." "Nah it will be like the usual thing with them sort of guys.” Said Sarah .

“Yeah you’re right Sarah” said Richard. “Guess what Richard, Stevie Nicks waved at me.”said Sarah. 

“ You were at the back, how could she see you from the back?” said Richard. 

“Easy I made my way to the Front of the stage, she looked at me I waved and then Stevie waved at me. 

“Wow how did you feel Sarah.”?said Richard.

 “I felt so excited to see one of my favourite singers waving at me.” said Sarah.   “And my heart was beating fast as well. “ 

“Then I saw Tom blowing kisses to Stevie, he didn’t see me,the charmer,  there were also others blowing kisses as well.”

Richard looked a bit annoyed that he hadn’t been in the front of the stage to see the applause Stevie was getting.

 He would have loved to be blowing kisses at Stevie than watch some hooligans spoiling everyone else’s fun where he was standing in the crowd watching Stevie sing. 

They stayed at the cafe for an hour chatting and then went their separate ways

“Bye for now,” said Richard.  They both said bye when they got out the cafe door going in different directions with a wave. 

“ See you next time,” said Sarah. 




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