Science Fiction Horror

Susan walked across the frosty ground. Ice particles and snow crunched beneath her shoes. Something snapped beneath her boot. Susan froze. She carefully lifted her foot. 

“OH MY GOD!!” Susan screamed in horror. Underneath her foot was the crushed skull of a human being. 

She stumbled back, gasping. She suddenly felt nauseated, and very ill. She turned away from the head, and wretched, and wretched until she felt as if she had wretched out her insides. She knew that the aliens that had taken over earth were not people, but she didn't know that they could be so cruel. For all Susan knew, the skull could have belonged to her next door neighbor or anyone. She turned and fled from the horror. Gasping and gagging Susan ran towards her assigned residence, she was incredibly shaken by what she had seen. 

The aliens had invaded earth a few months before, in the year 2026. People had been denying their existence, even after photo proof of UFOs and unrecognized life forms. Susan had always believed, so when the aliens invaded she was not surprised. Horrified, but not surprised. Even when the aliens built human containment camps, and started using people for slaves. It was always what she had imagined would happen if aliens ever invaded. 

Susan opened the door of the assigned residence she shared with two other women. Sally Jones, and Sadie Steven. Sadie ran to her. 

“Oh my god Susan I was afraid you wouldn't make it back in time before curfew.” 

Sally came over and peered at Susan with a concerned look in her eyes. 

“Hey Suze, are you ok? You look like you have seen a ghost.” 

Susan gasped and shook her head. She clung tightly to her friend's hands. 

“Did one of the aliens do something to you?” Sadie asked, looking her up and down. 

“Susan Alice Walker! Tell us what happened this very minute.” Sally said with a stomp of her foot. 

“I… I saw someone's head…” Susan gasped out. “I stepped on it actually.”

“Whose was it?” Sally and Sadie asked together. 

“I don’t know, it was just the skull, no flesh or…” Susan closed her eyes trying to stop the terrible images from flashing through her mind. “Or hair or anything.” 

Bloody flesh, rotting eyes. Stop! I need to stop thinking. 

“Susan! Susan! Stop it. Snap out of it.” Sally shook her shoulders. 

“Come on, let's take her to bed.” Sadie said sadly. “I think she is going mad.”

“She is not!” Sally yelled. Standing up for her friend. “She is acting normal now.”

The crunch of bone under a booted foot, my foot, my boot. No no no no. Who was it? Did I know them? Did they know me? 

Susan shook with terror, anguish, and guilt. 

Shaking, shaking, shaking. 

“Sally, she is not ok, I don’t think Susan’s here anymore.”

“Well her body is, even if her mind is elsewhere, I know she will come back.” 

The two girls sadly carried Susan up the stairs. 

“I hate these aliens!” Sally burst out suddenly. “Why couldn't they stay on whatever planet they came from!?” 

“Well if humans found another planet they could inhabit, I'm sure we would do the same things.”

“I wouldn’t! I would let whatever creatures lived on that planet live in peace.” 

“You might, but whatever creatures lived there might not let you leave.” 

“I guess, but I don’t understand why another creature would want to do this to us.” 

“They probably see us as animals.” Sadie said matter of factly. “Or perhaps as aliens, like we see them.” 

“I guess.” Sally said, gently pulling the scratchy blanket they had been given up to Susans neck. 

Blood, aliens attacking, murder, death, destruction. 

The two girls both went to their own rooms to sleep. The next day would be more work, more terror, more more more, and on and on and on. 

The next day wasn’t much better. Susan woke up and was well enough to work spinning a mossy like substance into yarn which was then used for the uncomfortable, scratchy blankets the aliens used. All throughout the day Susan’s mind kept flashing back to the skull, wondering who it was. 

“Hey you!” She yelled at one of the aliens guarding the only exit. 

It looked at her a said,

“Balokys qualionz meokes comsufions.” 

Susan blinked, she had never attempted to talk to the aliens before they had always been afraid. She hadn’t realized that humans and aliens couldn’t understand each other. 

“I hate you!” She screamed. The aliens rushed forward and snatched Susans wrists. They dragged her away. 

Sally and Sadie tried and failed to save her, and they too were led away after Susan. The aliens led them to their mothership, or the place where their leader lived. The girls were led kicking and screaming up the ramp to the mothership. And it was huge. Bigger than the White house and Buckingham palace combined. As well as the Eiffel tower thrown in, multiplied by 27. It was massive and it could easily hold at least half of the human population. 

“What are you going to use?” Sally demanded, trying and failing to wrench free from the devilish creatures holding her.

When the alien replied it was no longer in their own tongue, it spoke english.

 “You are no longer necessary to our organization, so we will use your flesh to feed ourselves and our King and Queen. Your bones will then be scattered along the reads amongst your various residences so that your species will always live your lives in fear.” 

“What!?” Sadie yelled, She began to scream. 

Sally began to cry and clutched Susan, but Susan’s mind was elsewhere and she didn't notice. 

The skull, it could have been anyone, that will be us soon, Sally, Sadie, and myself. Blood, aliens attacking, murder, death, destruction. How much longer can it go on before humans don't exist anymore? How much longer before we become extinct?  

The answer was, not very long.

The last thing the girls saw was Jupiter shining in the sky, the early morning sky, and Jupiter was wavering.  

The End

August 05, 2023 18:27

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Cedar Barkwood
19:30 May 30, 2024

It was a wonderful story. The ending was wonderful! The writing was good, but I thought a few things took away from the quality of the writing. It was paced very quickly, it might be helpful to give some sort of background. Maybe Susan was reading a news article describing the invasion when she stepped on the skull? The major thing was the capturing of the girls, I thought it was just very quick. I understood that Susan was numb, but maybe you could put the horror and the fear that the other girls showed, through her perspective. I thought...


Kaelyn Klaus
15:54 Jun 03, 2024

Thank you so much, yes I probably did mean retched, thank you 😂. I would love to go back and lengthen the story later on, thank you for the advice! (I love advice)


Cedar Barkwood
00:58 Jun 04, 2024

I'm sure you're not the first one to mix up words (I'm guilty myself)! I'm glad that I could be helpful. And who doesn't love advice? :)


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Mary Bendickson
00:59 Aug 06, 2023

Horrible 😞. The story not the writing. Horribly terrific!


Kaelyn Klaus
03:26 Aug 06, 2023

Thank you!


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