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PROTAGONIST: A bounty hunter named Crawley, who can jump to conclusions? Characteristic and temperamental. SECONDARY CHARACTER. A fallen angel named Samuel is popular among the people and known to be a trickster.
It kicks off inside a dream with news of the impending massacre. (Note that someone in the story is hiding a criminal background.) And there's a twist! It's an anti-utopia Spoken Narrative Voice.

Try to see things from more than one's perspective! To live by your morals.

On this night, in {Castle Rock,} I, "Crowley," sit in this little cabin owned by a deceased relative; his name was Voldemort and surrounded by the wild.

Putting wood in the fireplace removes the chill in the air and making coffee to settle down. Ready to get a book, listening to thundering and lighting pitter-patter on the roof. Just then, lightning struck, knocking down an old tree step near the door.

A jolting sound caught my attention while I, {Crowley,} was ready to go to bed. Looking outside, just in time to see all kinds of the wild running to get away, whatever spooked them.

A loud rumble came in the distance, loud enough to wake the dead and stomp around. I {Crowley,} could not believe my eyes! Standing in the fount was a smokey Dragon Statue. Then was gone in a blink of an eye.

Letting it go, my bed was calling me to sleep. That night took me on a journey inside a dream with news of the brewing massacre, and I woke screaming.

Good thing it was a nightmare since I, "Crowley," was now awake; a soft wind whispered {it was not a nightmare!} pushing that thought out of my mind, continuing downstairs, out the corner of my eye, I,

"Crowley" saw what looked like a black shadow and disappeared just as it appeared.

After putting wood in the fireplace and making some warm milk, I thought since I was in the living room, I should curl up in this chair.

Breaking out of character, {Crowley} remembers his past, hiding a criminal background that, back in the summer of 69, was about 16 years of age, I {Crowley,} and was falsely accused of a robbery that involved murder.

Being found innocent was offered a job as {A bounty hunter,} and now back to the present. As the fire slowly went out, shutting my eyes, a low growl in the background, and trying not to pay attention, something touched my arm. I suddenly awoke, and the

Dragon Statue stood before me, Crowley.

Now that {Crowley} was awake, what comes to mind first is {how this statue got in and second, why?} Concluding has to be a dream or nightmare! No nightmare. It started talking.

I know what it is. I'm losing my mind! Can a statue talk? Again, Crowley, I am speaking to you. The {dragon statue} exclaimed while listening: "Within this realm is a fallen angel named Samuel who is going to trick you."

"Crowley" woke up because it was morning and a little chilly. I {Crowley,} was required to place the wood in the fireplace and retrieve my coffee. While seated at the kitchen table, I {Crowley,} found it impossible to divert my attention from the unsettling nightmare.

While searching for a means of mental engagement, a sudden knock at my door interrupted my thoughts. Responding to the inquiry. "Crowley" encountered an acquaintance from the past who goes by the name of "Samuel."

The scenery changes, transporting us to the realm many have forgotten. Let's take a moment to relax and have a coffee session with "Samuel," as we reflect on our friendship during our teenage years. Our bond remained strong until "Crowley" encountered legal issues, altering our relationship.

Given his occupation as a Bounty Hunter, Samuel has requested Crowley's aid.

"Crowley" communicated to "Samuel" that he would have to respond later. Samuel bid his farewell and will patiently wait, giving "Crowley" some time.

It is likely already supper time, and I am experiencing hunger. As I finish washing the dinner dishes, "Crowley" finds it necessary to add more wood to the fireplace and choose a novel to prepare my mind for rest.

While seeking solace and getting ready to sleep, an unexpected cloud of smoke appeared, revealing the dragon sculpture in front of Crowley.

The Dragon Statue declared an hour had arrived. The recurring dream that has troubled you is an ominous reflection of a grim reality as you receive a warning about an impending massacre.

Assuming the {identity of the fallen angel Samuel,} Samuel is currently inspecting "Crowley's" cabin when an unsettling occurrence occurs.

A flickering of the streetlights was observed, accompanied by the sudden appearance of a cloud of black smoke that encircled the cabins within Castle Rock.

While that was happening, the dragon statue was enveloped by a swirling cloud of black smoke. Samuel was also encircled.

While that happened, the dragon statue was enveloped by a swirling cloud of black smoke, and Samuel was also encircled. A supernatural event unfolded while Crowley grappled with the smoke cloud's enigma.

I neglected to inform you about the existence of a fallen angel known as {Samuel}. Samuel rebelled against the divine and was subsequently banished from heaven, earning the moniker of the Trickster.

It had to be midnight by now. I, Crowley, was elaborating on the phenomenon of flickering streetlights, the emergence of a cloud of black smoke, and the actualization of my nightmare.

Despite having no recollection of falling asleep, Crowley woke up feeling rejuvenated and enjoying a restful night's sleep. I am getting dressed, proceeding to the living room, replenishing the fireplace with wood, and preparing coffee.

I sat comfortably by the fireplace, savouring my coffee as I indulged in the harmonious melodies of the natural world beyond. A knock on the door's window caught my attention, presumably in the mid-morning.

While "Crowley" was approaching the door, an image of the massacre showed and was led by "Samuel."

Could you please explain the rationale for the persistent occurrence of this image? Said: "Crowley."

Recalling that "Crowley" was about to respond to the door is essential.

With a cup of coffee, Samuel entered the room and joined me in discussing whether "Crowley" was aided by "Samuel" in resolving a particular issue.

Besides Crowley, what other motives does Samuel hold for making this request? I want to expand on the justification for giving him the title of Samuel, a name often associated with the Trickster archetype.

Supernatural Gabriel

Besides Crowley, what other motives does Samuel hold for making this request? I want to expand on the justification for giving him the title of Samuel, a name often associated with the Trickster archetype.

Samuel aims to attain reacceptance into {God's} embrace and to be loved by all.

The outcome proves "unfair" for "Samuel" as bloodshed becomes a prominent factor.

"Crowley's" nightmare comes to light. Then realizes that all this was one big nightmare becoming a reality.

Potential bloodshed within a dream has been brought to attention, as it was solely a product of the mind's creation. Thus, the twist was unveiled through the spoken narrative voice. 

March 26, 2024 04:59

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Alexis Araneta
05:43 Apr 04, 2024

Hi, Kathy ! I got here through Critique Circle. It's a very interesting story. I must admit I'm not really a fantasy fan (magic realism, yes. Fantasy, not so much), but I found the story very enjoyable. I love how you kept the feel of this running, thoughout. I do want to ask what the intention is with the narrator (or is it?) referring to himself as "I, Crawley". I mean that is an unusual way to refer to yourself, and I was wondering why the very legalese way of referring to oneself. Also, I was a bit confused when Crawley seems to shift t...


Kathy Frizzell
15:14 Apr 04, 2024

thank you for your response. that helped me on clean up with using the third person.


Kathy Frizzell
00:35 Apr 08, 2024

Thanks for your feed back it helped lots.


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Kritika -
05:39 Apr 03, 2024

I have never read a story like this before. It was very interesting and you have a great style of writing.


Kathy Frizzell
14:10 Apr 03, 2024

Thank you.


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