“Dang, my popsicle is melting all over my new blouse.” Erica exclaimed.

    “There are worse things in the world” Josette took a napkin and cleaned it off her blouse as she rolled her eyes

    “This beach day is super nice, even if my popsicle is ruining my blouse” Erica pushed her hand away.

    “We better get out of here soon, Millie’s wedding is tomorrow and I still haven’t got a maid of honor dress” Josette picked up her beach stuff.

    “At least you got asked to be her maid of honor, I’m the freaking caterer” Erica rolled her eyes and picked her stuff up too.

    “It's your fault for going into the culinary major, and being a good cook.” Erica rolled her eyes yet again.

    “She just likes you more. She’s liked you more since the 2nd grade talent show when she chose you to be her singing partner.”

“She chose me because you can’t sing!” They got to the car and Erica began to rant on and on about how Millie liked Josette more. Erica was definitely wrong though. They were about to find out how wrong Erica really was.

 Erica and Millie have been fierce competitors ever since they were kids. Theory always fought over dumb stuff and tried to see who would win. They never have agreed over anything. The next day, the wedding for Millie and her rapper fiance was about to begin.

“Okay the limo should be here soon. Millie you look amazing.” Erica said as she patted Millie on the back. Millie looked ravishing. Her dress was white and pink, with ruby’s all around the top, the dress spread far down like a princess gown, and so did he vail, she just look like a princess altogether,

“Thank you so much, Erica you look nice too.” She hugged her. “Maybe you’ll get married someday too, I mean if someone loves you.” Erica rolled her eyes back into her head and just walked off to the bar and started drinking tequila. 

“Well then, I may look fabulous but you look extravagant! Your not supposed to one up the bride you know” Millie was definitely right. Josette looked amazing. She was in a pink poofy dress, no straps and rose quartz gemstones across her neck. She truly did one up the bride. 

“Stop, you look beautiful. Marcel is so lucky.” They hugged each other.

“I’m ready to get married! Just give me a minute for a bathroom break.” Josette and Erica made their way to the farm for the ceremony. Once it ended, they drove to a nearby wedding reception outlet for the reception. Millie wasn’t there though. She never showed up for the reception. 

“Where the hell is she? She is not at her own reception? Typical.” Erica looked around the room and still no sign of her.  

“Honestly, this is so weird. She was so excited, maybe she feels sick?” Josette looked over towards Marcel who was eagerly looking around the room, then looked at Erica. He began to walk over.

“Erica, can I speak with you a minute?” He said eagerly.

“I’d rather not.” She tried walking away but Josette grabbed her arm.

“Come on, talk to him.” Erica rolled her eyes, yet again.

“Fine, let’s go Marcel.” She grabbed his arm and sped walked into the corner.

“What the hell do you want, we aren’t doing this at your wedding reception.” 

“Please Erica, I love you, not Millie!” Marcel grabbed her hands tightly.

“Let me go, Marcel!” He held her hands tighter and tighter.

 “Ow, Marcel! You are hurting me! Our relationship is over, it's been over!” 

“No. I will never let you go.” She tried to scream but he stuck chloroform in her mouth before she could.

Erica woke up hours later in a hospital bed, Josette was standing over her. 

“Erica. Erica. Are you awake now?” Josette asked.

“Well clearly if you're asking.” They both chuckled.

“The doctors said someone chloroformed you and you hit your head hard on the floor, and he tried to shove you in his limo. But don’t worry. Marcels dead and the limo driver is-” Erica interrupted.

“Wait, Marcel died!? How?!” Erica tried to sit up but Josette pushed her back.

“Erica, Erica! Stop!” Erica began having a panic attack. “I need a doctor!” 

Two days later, Erica woke up yet again. Since her panic attack, a lot has happened. Millie has been MIA, and Josette has been sitting in the hospital waiting for Erica to awaken. Oh, and Marcel’s body has begun to decompose. Sorry, bad joke. Well, I suppose that’s basically it. No word on Marcel’s killer either. I guess not that much else has happened.

“Hey, Stranger.” Erica said tiredly.

“Hey Erica…” Josette was feeling guilty for causing her panic attack.

“Uh oh, someones got a guilty breath. What's wrong?” Erica asked. Tears began to fall from Josette’s face.

“I’m so sorry I sprung the Marcel news on you while you were literally lying in the hospital after being chloroformed by Marcel’s killer-”

“Wait- you think Marcel’s killer chloroformed me? Marcel did.” 

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Fine, do you want me to say it? Marcel and I had an affair. I ended it, but he was madly in love with me. Too madly.” Erica couldn’t look Josette in the eye.

“Wow, so you just made your friendship with Millie worse and became a prime suspect in a murder case? Wow.” Josette tried to leave the room.

“Wait Josette! You are not going to tell her are you?” Erica asked nervously.

“Erica, you can’t ask me to keep something like that from Millie. I have to tell her and the police.” 

“Wow Josette, you're choosing to be a model citizen over a friend?” Erica rolled her eyes. Josette really flipped.

“No, no no! Do not roll your damn eyes at me. You had an affair with one of your closest friends husband’s AND somehow tried to make yourself the victim. I’m so done with you now.” Josette left the room.

“Josette…” by the time Erica said this, she was already gone, but Erica got up and chased after her, she was determined to make things right.

Josette was on her way to Millie’s house. Keep in mind Millies home is very hard to find. She lives in a very big and wealthy neighborhood. Millie made sure her house was much bigger than Erica’s. That’s how hard their feud went. Kind of stupid if you want my opinion.

“Josette, hey.” Millie answered the door in sweatpants and a Chanel hoodie.

“Hi honey, how are you feeling?” Josette hugged Millie tightly.

“Honestly, I’m doing a bit better. Marcel had been being kind of a jerk lately, I’m not 100% sure why… oh my god… he didn’t want the baby…” 

“Hold up… BABY! Your..” Josette started crying.

“Yeah Josette, I am. He seemed so happy, it was my fault! I was definitely something I did but now he’s dead so I can’t even ask.” 

“No, Millie. It’s not.” Josette sighed deeply “He was having an affair with..” she paused as she didn’t know how to say it.

“With who?!” Millie yelled.

“With Erica!” They both went silent. 

“Erica… typical. Of course it would be her. Our whole lives have been competing against each other. But you knew that didn’t you?” Millie asked.

“W-what? I knew that you didn’t like her that much… but I’d never expect her to fall in love with your husband..” 

“Yes you did, cause you had an affair with him too.” Josette started laughing.

“What the hell are you talking about, are you light headed from pregnancy hormones or something? I didn’t have any affairs.” 

“My own former maid of honor is lying right to my face. Shameful.” 

“I didn’t have an affair with your jerk of a husband! Are you damn crazy!” 

“Are you sure because you're literally wearing his Jets sweatshirt right now!” Josette looked down at her outfit. “Rookie mistake.”

“Fine, I did, then he ended it with me for Erica. So I ended something of his too.” She paused “His life. And now, I’ll end his child’s life too.” she took a giant butcher knife out of her hoodie.

“No.” Millie began to run, holding her stomach. 

“Come on Millie! All I need to do is stab your tum tum, then it will be over, well you won't be a child or possibly a life. It's a 50/50 chance really!” Josette started laughing when Millie stood at the top of the stairs.

“So you killed Marcel because he didn’t love you? Well guess what he didn’t love me either! But married him! I love this child and he’s already gone!”

“That doesn’t matter, he still broke my-!” Erica came up behind her and right hooked her right in her jaw.

“Trying to kill a pregnant woman, really Josette?” 

“Oh my god!” Millie ran down the stairs crying and hugged Erica. Erica was surprised because she had an affair with her husband, but it felt nice. 

“I’m sorry I was such a jerk to you all these years, and I forgive you for the whole affair thing, thank you for saving me and my baby.” 

After this, Erica and Millie became the best of friends, and she ended up helping Millie raise her baby boy, Alaric. Josette got life in prison and not just one but 6 murder charges, and ended up going into a pysch ward. But before this, Millie went to see Josette one last time before her birth.

“Josette, hello.” Millie said nervously.

“Have you come to mock your success in my face? About to give birth, raising a child with my former best friend who I’m in here because of? How kind of you considering I’m about to go into a psych ward” Josette started laughing.

“No Josette, I came to say that I forgive you. I forgive you for killing Marcel. I forgive you for trying to kill me and my baby boy.” Josette started laughing again.

“You forgive me?! I was there for you and you betrayed me. I loved Marcel way before he met you then you stole him from me, then I stole him back, then Erica stole him. How can you forgive me and Erica?! How can you even look at her?! I’m the victim here! ME!” 

“Your right Josette. I didn’t come here to forgive you. I came here to see you before you go to the ward. I came to see your moldy hair, yellow teeth and dirty body rotting away. But that’s rude to say in front of a baby. That’s why I pretended to forgive you. I forgave Erica because she saved my life from you. My son doesn’t have a father because of you. So looking at you rotting in this prison gives me complete and utter satisfaction.” Millie got up and walked out.

“Millie I swear when I get out of this place I will come for you and everyone you love and cherish in your life! Just remember that!” After this, Millie gave birth, and Josette escaped the ward a couple times, but she never got far. Erica is also married to a woman named Raven, and she is happy. So are Alaric and Millie.

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