High School Horror Teens & Young Adult

Is she dreaming? Even if she was dreaming, why would she dream of an all white room? She looks over to see her best friends strapped down on metal tables. Huge lights shined so brightly that she felt like she was starting to sweat from the intensity. She thinks about the night she and her friends Mya, John, Kaite, Jack, Lydia and Luna were in her Jeep on their way to a house party that Jackie, one of the girls from their school, was throwing. Mya was a convincer. She was the party wolf of the pack. If there was a party then she was the one who could convince the others to go. 

When they got there they saw pink, blue and yellow light flashing. Her pool was a purple color from the lights Illuminating it. The grass is covered in red plastic cups. Somebody was even passed out on her front lawn. Although She remembers very little about that night, she had one too many drinks. Yes, they all were underage but she figured that everyone does it, why not her. That was the second bad mistake she had made that night, the first was not telling her mother she was going to the party in the first place. She was thinking of all the possibilities of how she and her friends could have ended up here...wherever here was. 

Breaking her consecration she hears groans coming from one of the tables. She turns her head to see who was making the noise. It was John. He was still in his dark blue jeans and plaid shirt. His hair soaked from sweat. At least she wasn't the only one feeling the lights in the room. He's struggling to get out of the straps that are holding him down. In frustration He goes limp. Nobody else is moving. 

“Melissa?” John looks over at the table that Melissa is on.

“John, oh thank God!” her voice cracking “I was so worried”

“Why are we her-”

Before John could finish a huge thick grey door opens from the outside. A very tall person wearing a white hazmat suit and black boots walks in. The room wasn't all white as Melissa had previously thought, she noticed that there was a little bit of blood staining the floor. The person comes in the room farther pulling something behind him, it was another metal table the table had Luna on it. Luna was the light of the friend group. She had snow white hair and freckles all over her face. She was never a complainer; she loves everybody and everything. Her forearm had a long red scar. Luna starts to shift and move. And as if annoyed, the person slams his arm into Luna's head. Cracking it. Blood from Luna's head starts to drip on the floor from overflowing on the table, her white hair turning dark red. Melissa sees John lighty shivering but not enough to have the figure noticed. The person walks around putting something in the iv bags that were connected to all of their arms. Except lunas. Once the person walks over to Melissa. she freezes. She doesn't even breathe because she's so frightened of what happened to Luna will happen to her. Once whatever was in the person's hand was in Melissa's iv bag Melissa's head started to spin, her eyes fluttering. 

Then everything goes black…

Everyone wakes up in a bigger room laying on beds instead of tables. There is no carpet in this room, just unfinished concrete.

  katie is the first to wake up. looking around the room for her sister Luna but can’t seem to find her. Melissa, second to wake, sees Katie looking around. Feeling terrible, Melissa calls for katie.

“Kaite , I'm so sorry,” a huge tear lumps in her throat. “they killed her, they killed Luna” 

“What!?” Katie fell to the floor like a dropped sack of potatoes instead of a human being. Kaite curls up into the corner and starts to cry as silently to herself as she could. 

About twenty minutes later everyone else starts to grumble and groan. Melissa sitting up and getting a throbbing pain in the right forearm tries to comfort everyone, especially Katie, for the loss of Luna. That is when they hear a forigh voice coming from the two speakers on the walls.

“Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m Dr. Burg I’m very sorry about the situation with that girl luna” Dr. Burg says over the speakers

“That girl was my sister, you twit!” Kaitie shouts but curls back up, signaling that was all she had to say. 

Dr. Burg goes on as if Katie hadn't said anything at all “Anyway I feel like I owe you all an explanation, we are called he Carnage we have been around for thousands of years. We need to consume humans to live, basically like a vampire but we don't drink blood. Think of you people the cows.” he chuckles at the little comment and goes on. “The funny thing is I suppose that you children can't blame us, blame your parents, they are the reason you are here. Though we do not visit every single family in the world, some children are lucky enough to grow up with life and or with the life of a parent, considering we chose our meals randomly.” 

Melissa was disgusted at what she heard.

“What about Katie, why is she still here? you killed her sister so she should be able to live”

Melissa, who was successful in standing up, heads over to the one way mirror and looks directly into it, but is not able to see anything besides her beat down reflection. 

“Yes, we could send her back to her family but I doubt her parents would want to take away 17 years of their life they've just earned.Just to have her die anyway from disease or old age.” 

Her parents are selfish. Melissa thought to herself. 

John who was sitting quietly on his bed gets up and looks around lost. Confused on why they're all not dead yet if The Carnage people have yet to eat. 

“How long will I be kept alive here?” John asked, also looking straight at the one-way mirror. 

“Well we just killed your friend. There are two hundred of us and she’ll feed about fifty of us. Meaning we will only need to kill four of you every four mouths.” Dr. Burg says crackled through the speakers.

Melissa was trying to think of ways to escape.

 Cutting herself to have the people come in to save her and then having her attack but then she would have blood loss and would be weaker than she already was. She could pass out, but she thinks that they would let her wake up on her own. 

Any harm she does to herself would have her become one of the four that dies. She wants to live, she wants to see her baby brother Dylan and even though her mother and father gave her away to add 16 more years to their life she still wants to hug them and cry in their arms.

Katie is thinking about Luna. She wants to be with Luna again. She misses her so much even though at home they would fight non-stop. They would snitch to their mother about Luna’s smoking and Katie always sneaking out of the house. Katie can help but think that even if she does make it out alive she'd probably just end up here again from her mother wanting more years to her already used up, beat down, trashy life. The funny thing is that Katie and Luna are identical twins. You would think that they would be the closest pair of siblings. 

  Lydia had the best life, there was until her dad had given her to the carnage. She wants to see her pet Timon one more time. He’s probably barking and crying wondering where his favorite human was and why she hasn't been receiving her daily treat. Lydia had Timon since he was just a tiny little pitbull puppy. He was the cutest little thing there was. But now Lydia may never see him again. Hopefully her dad will keep Timon. Unlike how he kept her. 

Jack and Mya haven't said a word ever since the party. They have nothing really to say besides that they hate their parents considering that they will rather have their kids eaten by the carnage than giving up their long lived life. They quietly think to themselves that maybe they deserve it, maybe they all deserve it. They have all repeatedly done something bad. From stealing clothes and jewelry to drinking the night away. They are not perfect but that does not mean they should be eaten by cannibals.

They have to think of a way to get out of this place. Alive and hopefully not in a bodybag if there would be anything left to be carried out. 

Five months later

Still grieving from the loss of her four friends. Jack, Kaite (Katie decided she couldn't live without her sister, so she decided that she was going to see her again) Luna, John (John had tried escaping, he tried many different tactics but one was a little too risky and tried it anyway and ended up not making it. It wasn't like the carnage was going to try to save their meal from death. (They need to eat).

There's only three left of the party group. Melissa, lucky enough to have made it this far, is still scared it has been a month and one of them has to die. She doesn’t want it to be her. She would be willing to give up one of her friends but that may lead to the carnage picking her. From the selfishness she would show if she had to pick who was next to die. She doesn't want to lose any more friends so she's going to figure out a way to save the last three and if they have more kids or parents in this facility then she’ll set them free if they have time but if they don’t, they don't. 

 Melissa waiting for dinner to roll around decided to take a nap so she could have full energy. She's facing the wall before falling asleep. And she sees the marks she put in the wall like a prisoner counting the days they have been in their cell.


    She wakes up to the buzzing sound signaling that they are opening the door for dinner...or to collect their dinner. She flys out of bed and grabs one of the knives off one of the trays he was rolling into the room.

She knew there would be a life not because they think they would plan an attack but they have nice dinners. One day they had brought them their little turkeys (even though at the time it was not thanksgiving) with lemons surrounding it and Asparagus on the side. Don't get her wrong she enjoyed the meal as anyone else would but she didn't eat as much considering they were putting weight on her so that she could “taste” better. But tonight's gonna be the night that everyone in this place will be set free to see their families. 

     Having the knife she puts all her power into it and stabs the man or woman in the neck piercing the hazmat suit. The blow shocks the person and they have them tuble back cupping their hands to the wound the person falls against the wall outside the door and goes limp. 

Mya and Lydia are eating and even Melissa but not too much . They still want to be able to move but they do need food.

    Mya and Lydia start running door to door and start leading the people and children out. They suspected them to be people considering that the name on their door spells out “party group” , other doors saying “bar group”, “daycare group”, “at home group” there were so many groups of people. With so many different names and the fact that they were categorized by the place they were all at last. 

Unlocking the doors to the rooms. They rush it and swing their arm to the door telling people

“If you guys want to live and not be eaten by cannibals then I suggest you leave!” lydia would start off 

“Now!” mya would finish

The people would rush out the door, some of them hitting it on the way out. 

feeling guilty for leaving Melissa behind to fight off Dr. burg and his eating buddies she starts to leave the empty white room that looked identical to theirs back in section Q. Not shutting the door, she wants them to know that their meals are gone and hopefully out in the outside world running for dear life even if they are in another state. She's pretty sure that the red scar on their arms’ are from a huge needle...they were putting trackers in them just in case something like this ever happened. 

“Maybe we should go and help melissa” lydia suggest

“Lyd we went over this already she does not nor want our help she want us to free the people and get out of here maybe she wants to die we don't know, we still have one more door to open so pull it together and lets go.'' Mya starts to walk away, not turning to see if Lydia is following her or not.

Back at section Q Melissa is still trying to run but every corner she takes there are tall people running at her with an expandable police stick taser. She's wondering how they even got their hands on them and then she started to come to the conclusion that maybe they ate a cop…. 

She's running toward them. She gets on a stocky person's back and rips off the hazmat suit to see a “human” ; she can't really tell if this thing is human; it has multiple skin patches of different colors stapled and stitched to its face. Two different eye colors. An earring that seems to be made out of human teeth, she jumps off the person and starts to run away. Trying to find mya and lydia she ends up finding Dr. Burg he was wearing a grey suit. Instead of a white hazmat one. His face looked pretty normal all of a sudden Dr. Burg stabbing Melissa repeatedly in the abdomen. Falling to the floor trying to cup her blood back into her stomach. Then she looks up at Dr. Burg. 

   “Y-you Asshole” she stutters out, starting to choke on her own blood she lays back her eyesight goes blurry then fades into blackness like a show about to go to commercial.

   Mya and Lydia clearing everyone out of the room on their last door turn to leave when Mya in shock gasps, Lydia turning to see what is wrong is in shock when she sees Mya’s neck cut. 

Sadly knowing that there is no way to save her friend Lydia turns and runs. She runs as fast as she can and does not stop. Even when she saw Melissa's dead body slumped up against a beige wall.

Omg! lydia thought

 Lydia makes it to these huge double doors that are available to anybody, even the lady at the desk. Which makes absolutely no sense on why they would allow the doors unguarded. Unless the carnage had corrupted everyone into thinking that you should just drop your kids off here. We'll take good care of them and it's free of charge like how sick only if people really knew what was going on...wait a minute people do what is going on here. The outside probably looks like a building for some bank. 

At this point lydia doesn't care about what is going on about the place and their decorating she heads for the door and it takes her 3 seconds to figure out whether she should run or walk casually out the two doors like she's late but don't want to be rude about it but then she remembers her friends and darts for the door.

3 seconds later.


Beautiful sunshine, the warmth is wonderful, it's astonishing!

I’ve never felt this way in the sun before. Maybe it has something to do with being trapped in a room with no windows. Before everything happened the sun had a place in my mind with the devil because of all the things that the sun can cause from sunburn to skin cancer. But right now I would take all of it to not have to go back into that place and be food for creepy man-eating murders. 

After taking in all of the sun I start to look around and I come to find people staring at me. Maybe it's because I'm standing in front of The Carnage building that, as I said and had become right, it looks like the outside of a bank. Most people looked away while others gaped without a hint of embarrassment at the fact that they were staring at a carnage victim.

Lydia is looking at everyone's faces. They change from shock to horror. Lydia turns around to see one of the hazmat suit creatures staring at her with a weapon in hand aiming it at her. She couldn't put what the weapon was to name at the moment. She didn't have enough time so she turned and screamed for help from anyone who was watching. 

 But it was too late she was choking on her blood. The weapon pierced her heart. She fell to the ground and flipped, wanting to look at the sky. One day she will be able to see timon. One day. 

Her eyes fluttered shut. 

October 29, 2021 15:28

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Daniel R. Hayes
05:28 Apr 22, 2022

Hi Jalaya, I have to be honest and tell you that I found this story to be incredible. I read your author's note here in the comments, and I'm so glad you decided to post this. I came across a few mistakes here and there, but we all make them, and I'm not one to be too picky when reading these stories. No one is perfect, but I will say that for your first story on here, you did an amazing job, and I can't wait to read more from you. Keep it up!! :)


Jalaya Jenkins
22:35 Apr 22, 2022

Thank you for your comment! Truly means a lot. I have not been in the writing mood lately but this comment definitely is making me want to type/write more. Again, Thank you!


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Show 1 reply
Jalaya Jenkins
15:30 Oct 29, 2021

*This has nothing to do with halloween btw* (I created this story before I found the website. I just thought it would be a nice story to share.) THANK YOU! for reading!


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