Real Solutions, Morals, and B.S.

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The trail around the pond had a recent addition among its scenery. A line of ducks, mallards actually; in single file line behind the mother.

" Look there are children without an adult watching isn't that bad " says Dina while wobbling into the water. Her statement goes unnoticed and she finds it hard to break eye contact with the well to do looking kids. She knows there is black magic here and cannot shake what is in store for these kids if they are out here alone. ' Being locked up in nature there has to be something I could do to help' she thought tuning into the conversation from the frame of catspaw that bordered the pond.

" Hey, Beeline do you remember the two days ago when we left Campbell's? " Asks Coup. He is met with an angry and bitter mannerism characteristic of a cold personality dealt from the parent's blow of too much beating and not enough freedom to invent due to his expected output that is his family's expectation falling short via his free-will. He wanted to be a clergyman yet his scientific parents of doctor degrees maintained math and science without GOD.

"What about it, the time it was would help me remember. I have had a lot going on lately". As the rock leaves the grip of his hand's thumb and index finger rotating in the plane orthogonal to his body posture the cross leaves an impression in his mind. He wondered why things are the way they are.

"After the store the man and woman..." Coup is cut off.

"Look it is woman, plural! as in more than one, we are stuck under supervision and they are critical about how we make it in the world. Which I do not agree with, they always have their input and this is mentally subjected upon us such that I have to figure it out to make it stop."

"I believe I may be able to help out"

Coup picks up a rock and throws a two-skip dud that sinks quickly. Beeline smirks.

" What kind of throw was that?" They had set up camp and began talking survival methods for getting themselves out of their jam. Dina would puzzle over the boy's problem for the rest of her life unable to realize what was so difficult. Forgetting all about the dark aspects that lay on the edges of modern human existence.



The politicians A, B, C, and D, walk to the next scene of the haunted House of Reality that is an attraction at the 2025 World's Fair. There sat a rather lingering tactic that invoked the viewer to feel as if they were about to be surprised in which knowing about still did not completely remove the edge it invented by simply being in existence. The room flashes on into a fully lit scene with a man on his knees and bound with a rope. His hands behind him and a burlap sack over his head. " Oh my f****** god what the hell is that! " They are witnessing a live beheading that was done two days ago in the Middle East. The assassination is silent as the lights shut back off to the liquid droplets rapidly terminating in the drip drip drip that echos against the interior of there skull. Hallowed, the Uncle Sam figure from the front is now being raised up from the basement into the middle of the room he is lit up in LED lights. Red, White, and Blue. He states: "This really happens among our world population. Your job as politicians is dealing with these types of problems. This is part two of your essay that is being used for the vote, you do not get a speech. We provide real problems and ask only how you intend to solve them. Not your interpreted problems of our life. The politicians A, B, C, and D now are directed into the dining room where they will sit among some great individuals of humanities past. They take their seats designated at the sites noticing two chairs are left empty on the table ends. World leaders will be talking with the upcoming political nominees of the future about what is America and it's role as the debtor.


"The art produced by these kids is indubitably one of a kind" says Teresa Monologue; glass of chardonnay in hand. A 5-ft 2-in female with a nice layer of fat on her hips, ass, and tits. She has been studying modern art and its uses and now doing her graduate work as an advocate of Arts for Kids that is an enjoi_Purity foundation. The demo is the first one she is showing and has used Leonardo da Vinci for the class project, and personal writing assignment derived directly from my stream of consciousness for myself. "The children are painting the abstract genre and it's quite remarkable the meaning these kids put behind their paintings." Said Teresa. Leonardo looks over the mess of green on Blue swatches with red painted borders that seem to catch his eye giving him the thought that this is not all abstract. "So this border I know around the edges what is a frame so to speak this is intentional is it not? I see meaning in the abstractness of the framed in mess". The art major is blown away by his perspective and it is a shame she realizes that the world of humans was taken over by robots and that's all the people talk about. How robots are taking over. No jobs left to do such that humans are on the sidelines being the frame so to speak of the mess that is our existence. What are we going to do." Silent genius connects time in it's understanding that is structured emotional pleasure. "Thank you Leonardo " she says letting the dead drift back off into rest.

Back in the lounge of The Institute the staff waits for Miss Monologues report. They are tasked with the burden of interpreting the demo to a wider audience.

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