The replaying highway

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American Horror Mystery

content warning: this has nothing to do with bad kids, no one is bad, this isn't based off a real person!!

The roads were slick and wet. I was driving home from my parents house, it was almost 11 Pm, I was in my car alone. My aux was hooked up to my phone and I was blasting my music full volume. I seen a blue mustang with under lights that flashed blue under it.

I wasn't paying much attention to the cars that passed by me I kept driving then I checked the time and it was 11:30 PM. I knew I was almost home, or so I though. I seen the same Blue mustang drive right by me. The blue lights and everything. I checked my phone and I knew I had been driving for more then what my phone said. It was 11 PM again and I was still on the highway with the same mustang that drove right by me. When I put my phone down and looked back up I saw a girl standing in the middle of the road. I slammed on my breaks and I stopped in time to not hit her.

I turned my lights on full blast and turned my music down. I looked closer and I saw it was my older sister who lived with our parents she was wearing a white dress with blood all over her. I jumped out of my car as fast as I could and then I ran to her. I heard her laughing then she told me "you lost control" she looked me with her eyes rolled back into her head. I backed up and she started reaching twords me.

I got back in my car as fast as I could then backed up and drove right past her. I thought she was crazy so I checked my rear view mirror and she was sitting right there in my back seat. Blood all over her. She leaned in and whispered in my ear "why did you do this to me" I felt her cold, lifeless, and damp breath on my ear I kept driving and then I turned around to go back to my parents house where my older sister was at but my gut told me something was wrong.

Then that's where I saw it. The same mustangs again this time I saw myself driving and my mom in the passenger side of the car. We looked as if we had blood on us. I looked in my rear view mirror and my sister was still there and then I realized as I looked over my mom was sitting there with blood all over her. Then I looked in the rear view mirror again and saw my sister's dead body in the back. I finally seen what was going on. I saw I was driving the mustang now. I had lost control and killed both my mom and sister. I was going to go dump the bodies in the river and never go home again. My dad would see the blood then call the police but there will be no evidence that I was there. My sister and mom didn't know I was gonna be there till I showed up.

I looked back in the rear view mirror and my sister was still there. She now leaned forward and said "why did you loose control, Mikey?" I finally calmed myself and said back to her "because I was finally done being the bad child, I didn't do anything to be called the bad child, you were always the favorite to mom, and mom was always the dug addict and the acholic parent, dad hated you sis, and mom because you guys never helped out around the house."

I took a breath and then look her in the eyes and said, "I never loved you sis."

My mom finally looked at me. I could always feel her staring at me, she told me "I always loved you son. You were always the good kid, but now you're a killer and you can't stop." I didn't listen to her. I kept driving with my eyes on the road then I saw my dad's car drive past. He was heading home and he was going to see the blood.

I wasn't worried. This is what he wanted. He didn't love my mom anymore and he sure as hell didn't love my sister. I had my eyes fixed on the road glancing at the dead bodies in my car. I started laughing like a maniac. "I'm not a killer, I'm a helper." I kept thinking to myself: this is all gonna be over. Me and dad can be happy and dad can find a new wife who has a better kid that's not a bad one.

I had realized it was 12:30 and I was almost to my destination. No one was gonna find out what I did. I will burn both bodies and never bring this up.

I was laughing the whole way to my destination.

I pulled up to a deserted house and grabbed the gasoline and the bodies. I threw the bodies into the house and made a trail to car.

I had to burn the car or there will still be evidence that I was here.

I took my lighter and set the trail of gasoline on fire and watched everything burn. My dad pulled up behind me and I got in the car.

We drove off and never looked back. I knew we were on the replaying highway because everything that had just happened is replaying on the highway.

Its never ending. But I knew that. Because I've done this before and no one can stop me.

My dad kept driving and saw everything that had just happen replaying. "When will this end?"

"It never does, and it never will." I replied

He rolled his eyes and kept driving. He never looked back.

June 12, 2021 07:42

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