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Romance Happy Fiction

My best friend, who loved tackle football, who wore dirty sweatpants and sweat-stained shirts, now stood at a dias covered in white roses, a tuxedo covering his muscled frame. A soft smile decorated his full lips, but I didn’t miss how tight his jaw was clenched as he gazed at the pale woman before him.

She had the reddest hair. The way it shifted in the slants of sunlight peeking through the windows of the church, god, it looked like a living flame. She had red lips and lashes laden with mascara, soft glitter dusted on her cheeks to make her look more lively. With doe eyes the color of emerald, she looked like Lily Potter.

I’m pretty sure Lily was a good person.

Tiara had a crooked smile that she carefully morphed into a love-iddled expression, fluttering her eyelashes occasionally, her pearl white dress draping over her body, with its skirts and jewels.

I just sat on a bench, staring at my best friend as he unwillingly gets bound to the last person he loves.


Get over here. Right. Now. Ur gonna freak, Bells

I rolled my eyes, responding with, I cant drop dinner for u, stupid. I’ll come once im done

Absolutely not. Just stuff ur face like a squirrel. Cant be that hard for u

Low blow, Drew. Just for that, i’ll take my sweet time

Pleasseee no. Im sorry, just get ur butt over here as fast as u can


Thx :)

“Bella,” my mom said. I glanced up from my screen, dangling on my knee. She frowned at me, and I gave her a sheepish smile in return. She sighed, and I quickly finished my pasta and left, not wanting to earn an hour-long lecture on today’s youth and cell phones. 

It was dark outside, the sky a rich midnight blue, soft white stars speckling the sky like white paint. I located Andrew’s house right away, the only house completely lit. I stood on their porch, inhaling the smell of roses. Drew loved roses, planted and pruned and took care of them after football practice. It was so weird, him doing something with precision and tenderness. 

I rang the doorbell, and immediately heard barking. Before my mind could register the sound, he was at the door, a huge grin on his face, a fluffy white dog dancing around his feet.

“Oh my god, you got a dog?!” I shrieked, bending down to pet the puppy. He (or she) licked my fingers and looked up at me, and it almost felt like it was smiling.

“Yeah. Just picked it up. Name’s Cooper,” he said, squatting to pet Cooper. He smiled up at me, and the dog was barking, and I smelled roses, and so many things were going on I couldn’t process it. 

I called my parents and told them I was staying at Drew’s for the night. Cooper was now mine too, and I told him that. He just laughed and said, “You wish.”


“Are there any objections to this marriage? Speak now or forever hold your peace.”

Tiara looked around with a nasty look, daring anyone to say anything. But who would? Tiara was the perfect girl, and Drew was the perfect guy. A match made in heaven, his parents declared the night he proposed. There was so much smiling and drinks and food that day, everyone blissful. Drew was with Tiara the whole time, one arm around her waist, smiling at her like he loved her. It broke my heart.

That all changed when I told him our conversation less than a week later.


“So, you’re marrying Drew. Are you excited?” I asked her. We were lounging in my room, magazines and pizza and nail polish littering my bed and floor. She glanced up from a Vogue magazine and laughed.

“Seriously? Heck no. I just know that his parents are loaded, so that could be good for me. And besides, he buys me whatever I want, so why not get those advantages in the long run?”

My mouth fell open. This little witch…

“So you don’t love him?” I asked casually, trying to keep my voice level and calm.

She laughed again, like playing with my best friend was some big joke. “No, not at all.” 

Her phone went off, and she glanced at it. When she read the text, she got up, saying, “That’s my mom. She needs help with wedding preparations. See you later, hon.”

As soon as she left the house, I got my phone and texted Andrew, Get over here. Right. Now.

He immediately responded. Funny. Remember when i told u that when i got Cooper?

Drew, i am not kidding. Get here now.

Y so serious? Im playing pool with Harrison and Blake. Can I come tmr?

Andrew Thomson Kennedy. Im not joking

Wow, u bring out the full name. U must have been taking lessons from my mom :)

Drew, just stop. Im being dead serious, pls just come here

I was so mad, I had to hold back tears. Why does he take everything so lightly?

Ok, ok. Dont get ur hair in a twist. I’ll come in 20 mins

I need u here faster

No can do. I gotta finish the game, Bells

What if i was in the ER rn

Then i would tell u to stay put, wait 20 mins, and keep ur blood in ur body

How would u know if im bleeding? 

Ur clumsy. Prob fell on a pitchfork or smth

Where would i get a pitchfork?

Dont all demons keep a spare in their closet?

Ur not funny

Through ESP, i know u mean the exact opposite 

Ur a wizard, Harry

Ik ;)  I’ll come in 20

Despite myself, my lips faintly tugged upward. I could be bleeding out on a hospital bed, and Andrew would just say the right things to make me smile again.


“I object.”

I barely heard my own voice as I stood, well aware of dozens of eyes shooting daggers at me. My mother tugged my hand, hissing softly to sit down, but I paid her no attention.

I only had eyes for Drew, who was looking at me with a scowl, but I could see the relief in his eyes. He wanted this, begged me the night before over a phone call. It didn’t take much convincing. All this, the pretend love, the hate-filled face he now looked upon me with, it was all a show, an act.

I just need to fulfill my role. 

“I object,” I repeated, more clearly. Tiara was looking at me with so much rage, I almost yielded, but no. For Drew, for my best friend, I would yield to no one. 

“Tiara is using Drew for his money,” I declared, and gasps rang in the air. “She told me, a week before, that she never loved him, that she plans to use him, and I will never let Drew go through that.” I then looked at Tiara, smirking as I said, “Don’t try to deny it. You’ll only be lying to yourself.”

My heart was beating fast, my palms sweaty. I knew that this couldn’t work, knew that all Tiara had to do was put on a dazzling smile and tell everyone I was lying. But I had to try. For Drew, for all he has done for me the past decade, I would do anything. 

The minister raised his eyebrows and turned to Tiara, the latter’s cheeks turning bright red.

“Do you deny this, Tiara Williams?”

She glared at me one final time, and then said, “No. I don’t.”


My phone buzzed furiously, and I sighed, setting down my brush as I picked it up.

What is wrong with u? Cant i even brush in peace?!

Absolutely not, honey. Today’s a big day

Ik, but still. I wanna get ready

Im pretty sure u look adorable in ur pjs and bed head

Ik. i look like a living goddess

Not hard to believe ;)

U r a hopeless flirt, u know that?

If i cant flirt with my own fiancé, then who am i supposed to release my infinite charm to?

Idk. ur dog?

Ur funny. Side not- u bringing ur pitchfork to the engagement party?

Ofc. i just need to polish it first

I can help u with that

No thx. I wanna surprise u. I got a custom one from Satan himself

I cant wait ;)

I laughed and put down my phone, glancing at my bed. A wooden pitchfork lay there, one that my dad and I spent a whole week making. I knew Drew would love it.

I looked at my left hand where a glittering diamond ring sat on my ring finger. I smiled and kissed it for good luck. Two weeks from now, I am getting married to Andrew Thomas Kennedy, my best friend, and first love.

And I couldn’t be happier.

March 12, 2022 01:44

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Excellent girl...keep it up...


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