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Fiction Suspense Fantasy

Joey knew he shouldn't of went to the movie. He especially shouldn't went to see the one he saw. It was one of the scariest movies he had ever seen. At one point there was a scene that made him jump that he threw his popcorn over his head. Joey was so embarrassed, he scooted down in his chair. That did no good because his popcorn flew all over the couple two rolls behind him. The woman gave out a shriek and the guy yelled, "hey man watch it". Joey while scooting down, softly replied, "sorry". His girlfriend Elaine refused to come with him because he complained about how scared she got. He knew it was the complete opposite, it was him that got scared. Joey has always like scary movies involving the paranormal and monsters and crime. Even as a young child he would sneak and watch scary movies at night, His mother would protest because on more than one occasions, he'd wake up screaming, “it’s not real!" and his mother would run into his room to comfort him. He'd been placed on punishment for the same thing several times. Joey's brothers and sisters would also snitch on him for staying up late watching movies he wasn't supposed to be watching. He'd always said to himself when he grew up and was on his own, he'd watch all the scary movies he wanted to. What he didn’t count on was he’d still be just as scared as an adult as he was as a child, but he was. This movie was different he thought. It felt like the spirit, the evil spirit in the movie was stuck in his head. He shook it off as he drove home because he knew it was silly. But he couldn’t help but think that even the title of the movie was creepy.  The movie was call “Devil Within”. Joey could only wonder within what? Joey’s mother would say those kinds of movies leave spirits in your house. Of course, Joey didn’t believe it then and he didn’t believe it now. He’s watch scary movies for most of his life and he’d never had anything unusual happen to him.

When he arrived home, he stepped out his car and directly to his left was sitting his neighbor’s black cat Chester. Chester was an unwelcome nuisance. He was always around. He would just sat and look at you. Joey had often wonder what Chester was thinking as he watched you intently. Joey thought as he walked toward his door with Chester behind him. He had never heard Chester make a sound, no purr, no meow, nothing. He thought how strange that was but for some reason on that night that unusual observation had crossed his mind. Is Chester mute? He put the key in the door and turned it. The door opened to the front part of his small apartment. Joey was lucky to find this small place and was grateful. He threw the keys on the table that all but filled the kitchen area. It took Joey about two seconds to realize the apartment was completely dark. He could have sworn he'd left the bathroom lights on because he knew it would be dark when he came home. His bathroom had three studio lights that hung above the bathroom sink. He also had one that was in the ceiling. Each set of light had its own switch. One was right by the door and the other was just below the studio lights, that was the switch that controlled those. It was the studio lights he had left on. But they were off for some reason. It hadn’t stormed while he was at the movie so there hadn’t been a power outage. He didn't give much more thought. He figured he had forgotten.

    Elaine would be by about ten, ten thirty, right after work. She had the next day off. Elaine was a college student working her way through school. They had plans to be married some day. The next day she wanted to use Joey’s apartment to study. He didn’t mine because he would be at work, so things would be quiet. Joey fixed himself a sandwich, seeing how his popcorn at the movie took flight. He was hungry. He set at the kitchen table with his sandwich and some bottled water. The next thing he saw drew goosebumps on his arm. His TV had come on for no apparent reason. He quickly turns towards it with his heart pumping. Joey couldn’t decided which scared him worse, the fact it came on in the first place or the volume.  Joey recognized the station it was on. It was the station it was always on, “Scary Seats”. It was all about scary movies of some kind. Joey set in his old recliner, given to him about a year ago by his father. Joey’s mother had purchased it for him for Father’s Day.

Joey had over time broken it in to fit his body. It was his bed more so than his real bed itself. He slept like a baby while in this recliner. Joey relaxed in his chair and set his watch for one hour, enough time to get in a quick nap and enough time to get up and prepare for Elaine’s arrival. The flat screen showing the movie, “Satan’s Son”. Joey had seen this one before, so he didn’t fight his sleep to watch it. Joey couldn’t help to think about the lights, Chester and the movie he had just seen as he dozed off.

    The next thing he recalled when he woke up was someone pounding on his door. He got up, opened the door and there stood a guy dressed in all black. He introduced himself as Chester Lived. He was polite enough Joey thought. He was looking to sell Joey some life insurance. Lived said he worked for Natas Insurance LLC. Joey for some reason felt uneasy and it had nothing to do with Lived’s cold hand he had shook, nor the fact he was wearing all black in the middle of summer, it was something about his smile. His smile showed teeth that did not meet, none of them. There was a gap between each one, top and bottom, or as many as Joey could see when Lived smiled. That was creepy as anything, but even his eyes looked out of sorts. They were black and showed no white. That should have prompted Joey to shut the door in his face, but he didn’t. Before Joey could say no I don’t need, Lived was standing in Joey’s living room, next to his recliner chair. It happened so fast Joey had to do a double take. Lived told Joey he noticed Joey was watching Satan’s Son. He reached out his hand again and told Joey, “It’s my pleasure to meet you”. Joey begins to back away from Lived. His heart was beating so hard and so loud. Lived begins, “I can heard your heart Joey”. “You’re not afraid of me, are you?” Joey begins to shake his head as if to shake it hard enough what he was witnessing would go away, wouldn’t be true.  “Who are you and what do you want?” Joey protested. “I’m here to offer you life insurance Joey". "You’re going to need it”. Lived insisted. “For what!?” Joey shouted. Lived looked at Joey with his black eyes and insisted, almost warning him to keep his voice down. “Joey you’re the one watching me and inviting me into your home, your heart and your soul.”  “I thought you wanted to meet me.” “Meet you for what?” Joey asked. “I don’t know Sir.” “You tell me”, Lived asked wondering. Joey turned away and continued again to back away from Lived and before he knew it he had tripped backwards over the foot stool. He hit his head on the end table knocking himself out cold.

    Joey opened his eyes and there stood Elaine, calling his name. Joey started screaming and Elaine did too. “What’s wrong with you Joey, wake up!” Elaine shouted. Joey jumped to his feet with a slight stumble. He ran into the bathroom and looked in.  He ran to the door and looked outside. “What are you looking for, who are you looking for?” Elaine asked. “Lived”, Lived who?” They went back and forth. “Chester Lived” he replied. “The cat?”, she insisted, “No!” the man Chester Lived.”  Joey tried to explain as he paced back and forth rubbing his head. He would from time to time say ouch. Elaine made him sit on the edge of the recliner chair and looked at his head. “I don’t know if I want to know what in the world is going on with you but I kind of got an idea”.  Elaine said. Joey knew she knew. It was another one of those scary movies. “I told you one more and we were done!" "One more because they seem to take over your life and mines”, she screamed. “The last time you stated sleep walking and came at me with a knife trying to protect yourself against me”, she protested and "I’m sick of it”. Elaine threw the towel she had been using to dap the blood off the bleeding lump on his head. Joey started apologizing vehemently and asking for forgiveness. “Joey we’re having a child together I can’t put our baby threw this”, she exclaimed. Elaine thinks Joey has an addiction to scary movies. She’s asked him to get help, but he insists that he doesn’t. It’s been this that has kept her from moving in. Joey admitted to himself he didn’t want her to because it would interfere with his watching the types of movies he likes. Elaine picked up her things and was on her way out the door. She told Joey she was done and when he made a decision to let her know. He didn't try to stop her. He knew he had to make a choice, was he willing to loose his girlfriend, future wife and child? They were movies. it was time to stop. He was lucky Elaine didn't leave him when he came after her with that knife. This time he knew there would be no cooling off period. He shut the door behind Elaine. He fell against the door in utter exhaustion, shook his head and mumbled to himself, "this can't be real".

May 26, 2022 22:06

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Brenda Butler
22:13 May 26, 2022

i have never written two of these a day apart, but hey. Joey had some problems with scary movies. He also had to figure out some things. I enjoyed writing and I hope you enjoy reading.


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