This is my worst nightmare! Ok I might be exaggerating some; nightmare might be a bit strong, but, once I tell you what I mean I know you'll agree.

'Nightmare' material. People who....

Put used matchsticks back in the matchbox with the unused matches!!

Offer hot bread but the stick of butter is not softened!!

Drink the last of the orange juice and put the empty container back in the fridge instead of throwing it away!!

Hang the toilet paper roll under instead of over!!

Talk during movie/bring a crying baby to the movie theater!!

Clip finger or toe nails in public!!

Loudly munch, smack, or slurp next to you when you're trying to enjoy your meal!!

Sneeze or cough without covering their nose or mouth!!

Cut in line especially at the grocery store!!

When you open the door for them, a complete stranger mind you, not only do they not thank you, they also glide straight past you as if you're their slave and are supposed to open doors for them!!

What kind of scallywag would do such things?!

My mama told me about folks like this. Said there's a special kind of hell for folks with these types of shenanigans.

This is my worst nightmare!! I could be exaggerating just a bit. But then maybe not.

Being stuck in the middle seat on a flight between a talkative lush and a knuckle cracker.

Having no more quarters to feed the meter but I have another hour downtown before I finish my business and the metermaid is fast approaching.

My mother-in-law calling to tell me that she and my husbands two aunties are in town. No advanced notice of any kind. They just popped into town. Then she informs me that they will be staying a week and she needs me to come and pick them up from the airport.

Getting pulled over for speeding. Jeez Louise, I was only doing 40 in a 35 zone. Reaching in my glove compartment, I take out my insurance and registration to hand to the officer; when I realize I don't have my drivers license on me because I left my wallet and grabbed only my change purse. I was trying to make it to the 7-11 before they closed. Crap about to get locked up all because I wanted a bag of Dorritos and a Cherry Icee.

This is my worst nightmare. I could be exaggerating just a bit, but embarrassment can qualify as a nightmare right?

I told my boss I loved him at the end of a phone call.

I was multi-tasking while we talked and distractedly ended the call with ‘all right, I love you, see you later!’ like I usually do with my family and friends.

Mortified at what I had just said to my boss; I started rambling.

"Oh my god! I didn’t mean that. I absolutely DON’T love you...no, I mean, I like working for you but I know you’re married and me too I’m married. I’m not flirting so please don’t report me to HR for sexual harassment."

At some point during my rambling back-pedal he just hung up.

At my brothers wedding I called his new bride by his ex-wife’s name during the wedding toast."

I answered the phone at work using my bosses name....it was my boss calling.

I had a crush on a cute guy in college. One day I was in the college library looking up info about him; when I hear someone clear their throat and say, 'you spell my name with two t's.'

Waiting in line at a coffee shop I took a muffin off a sample plate; being greedy I decided to grab another one, I picked it up and was about to devour it when I noticed it had already been bitten. I dropped it quickly back on the plate. Then it hit me. There was no sample plate. It was someone's unfinished, dirty plate they'd returned to the counter. I left the coffee shop in horror without my coffee.

This is my worst nightmare!! First date cringemasters.

I was going on a first date with someone I had met online. We had been talking a bit for about two weeks before we met in person. While on our dinner date, he wasn't super talkative and it was mildly awkward.

 On the drive home after dinner he mentions that his grandfather lives nearby and it's a special day for him, would I mind if we stopped? I felt awkward, but too shy to refuse. After a few minutes he turns into a cemetery.

I kid you not. A, the-place-where-dead-people-rest, cemetery. I'm now terrified out of my mind, frantically texting my parents where I am and what they should do if they don't hear from me soon.

He pulls up to a tombstone and asks if I'd like to meet his grandpa. I politely decline. He goes out there and sits for a few minutes next to the tombstone.

He returns to the car and he drives me back to my house.Walking me to the front door he tried to go in for the kiss, but Frenchie, my Engish Mastiff tears outside upon my arrival to the front door and dances his 'happy to see me dance' around my legs. I yell thanks, goodnight, rush inside and lock the door and tell my anxious parents the story.

Later, when he tried for a second date, I told him I wasn't interested. His response verbatim was, "Fine, you were weird anyway."

A guy spent all of our dinner telling me about his ex-girlfriends and how after each break-up he had to move out of their place and move back home. Then he asked how big my apartment was.

I once went to the movies with a guy who bought popcorn and, during the movie, I went to get some popcorn from his bucket and he slapped my hand away and whispered to me that I should have bought my own.

# True fact...nightmares don't always happen when you're asleep.

(Leave a comment and share your 'worst nightmare.' 😖)

September 28, 2021 19:41

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Creed .
15:00 Sep 30, 2021

I have a few things to say... "they also glide straight past you as if you're their slave and are supposed to open doors for them.!!" - There should not be a period, the exclamation marks show the end of the sentence. "My mother-in-law calling me and telling me that she and my husbands two aunties are in town." - no page break in the middle of a sentence. "Jeez Louise I was only doing 40 in a 35 zone. Reaching in my glove compartment I take out my insurance and registration to hand to the officer; " - comma after Jeez louise, and after co...


Andrea Magee
20:02 Sep 30, 2021

Thank you very much. The period in the first correction you mentioned was a typo that I did catch, but, then forgot to go back and correct it. The others I didn't catch. Thank you for the edit. Thank you for your positive encouraging feedback also!


Creed .
20:03 Sep 30, 2021

You're welcome! I enjoyed the story very much!


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