The prosecutor and the lawyer

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Contemporary Crime Friendship

 There was a prosecutor and a lawyer in Scarborough town. Oh such a lovely team they were at court. The prosecutor was highly introvert and the lawyer open and extrovert.

To hook and crook onto weird talks must meant that the bait and the solution gets into one and one only. One solution in accordance with the crime...

However the kind gentleman? The prosecutor fell in love of a woeman from Sweden, our renown Lin. And Lin was mad and Lin still studied English, trying to trap down grammar, spellings and mistakes. The lawyer, more of a Romantic kind, had a mind that still was true like ice and fire. He spent days talking to clients and figuring out how to defend in the proper way. This took hours of debates. Then the prosecutor had ways in his inner realm to solve mysteries, but the magic of love he could never solve. Or could he? Would he? Should he?

Back at the Brit-o-fling language school Lin was taught in a way by the so called headmaster to learn the proper way of conversations, eating, begging, thinking, sitting and being handling over an issues as she was like the dog. Because British people had been more involved in the slavetrade, because the Aristocrats had ways (not all of them) to treat servants and other sorts of clientel.

Students could be treated like dogs as the bones of discussions ought to be chewed on down to the last atomic sphere. Quantum leap began dancing in Lin´s brain when she felt her introvert side coming out. Forced out her introvert side it was, because Lady Wit at that school had come to know of the prosecutor´s love for Lin.

The very Lady Wit had to ”prepare” Lin to meet the prosecutor. But first of all: Lin was not allowed to talk (she talked in a sailor´s mode). She was not allowed to describe things (there could been a mirror in her mind to be spoken out truth.) She was not allowed to defend her right to express what mistakes she had done. Here into our plot comes the prosecutor and lawyer.

The prosecutor was in no way charming or handsome, but his kind spirit had a high mind from his mother´s ancestry. He was born into a highbrow family and was used to listening to plots and planning and debates and how rhetoric itself got the language on the correct track. He was not even the first lover in the role of this story and he felt a bit retarded (but oh no!) when it came to follow the Celtic tradition of love´s lore. And Lin was over-eating sleepingpills to rid her off her country´s awful crime. Be it love? Be it crime? Be it justice for each and every criminal? But no. The prosecutor had solved lots of crimes before, but crimes of love went unsolved. Mrs Wit at the school then began to intervene into the introvert prosecutor´s mind and heart.

Mrs Wit was of highborn class, which means more in Britain than in Sweden. Highborn still might mean other things in Sweden than in America. And race is no issue to be solved in Britain, nor is it to be solved in Sweden. If we all come from Adam and Eve then we are all related and we are one huge family of Mankind. But some Christians thought them being on the correct side of the law and therefore began acting within their own terms, within their own mission, within their own means and methods.

Mr Prosecutor sat down one chilly autumn´s afternoon, having tea with the lawyer and Mrs Wit. It was in his flowery Victorian clad parlour and he served snacks and tea.

Mrs Wit again began talking about the student. Her prey, our story´s Lin.

What had Lin said lately? How did she behave? How could she talk (or couldn´t she?). And Lady Wit explained to the prosecutor that she had done exactly as he asked her. He had almost begged on his knee to ask if not the headmaster could take care of Lin. The minute he had seen Lin and her queer manner he was afraid that she would turn up on the wrong side of the law. He asked Lady Wit to take Lin under her wings. A prey she was from now on. But little did his introvert mind figure out that a highbrow lady would solve the problem in an extroverted way. Handing out each and every task and issue from a stubborn hand and a stern mind. She explained frankly and directly how Lin would overcome her problems with men if she knew how to behave in front of a gentleman….

Lin had laughed when Lady With had placed a photo of a gentleman in front of her. She laughed because such a thing had never happend to her before. So Lady Wit phoned the distracted prosecutor, who was a bit dizzy because of longing, and she told him that he had gone for the wrong target. Lady Wit´s plot was sort of taking her very frank way into her own direction, trapping Lin because of a crime, but also trapping the prosecutor. The crime be Swedish longing. Sweet Swedes?

In the parlour…!

The prosecutor turned to his best friend. The lawyer laughed and said that there was something going on. He drank his tea and said it open and very outspoken. ”I think there is something rotten hidden in this land. And if I may say so I am going to dig up that rotten bone to see how all things fall together into one solution.!” Oh this was 1991, a woeman had been found murdered. In Sweden. That´s why the gentleman had asked Mrs Wit to talk to Lin. Not let her slip away. Not letting her feel trapped, but yet...Let go Lin! Let go of past memories! The rotten is digged up! But solved nothing as the criminal was let out. No one guilty and no pride left for Sweden. However, comes a day when we have our court. Somewhere, one day. Not now. But that day shake the poles of the earth´s spheres. And poles of allusions go for the wit´s brain. But as for love...

Mrs Lady Wit said clearly that she knew her job, because sciences of languages carried all signs and figures of speech. And lawyers, nor prosecutors could not solve the mystery of a plot. She was very sure about this.

The distracted and daydreaming prosecutor laid up his warm voice: ”I have trapped many and one criminals, but a bone of contention because of something hidden cannot be brought into the open, not until we have all the evidence. And you said you are taking care of her, this little dame. I expect her to be in good hands. Now let her take her Cambridge exam and let her go back to Sweden. Free as she came and free she will go. She is no criminal because you said she slept with two men. In no way at all….”

Mrs Frank/Wit roared with laughter: ”Oh I know people from all over the world as a teacher in English. I know seven continents and seven ocean. I know people from around the world...In Sweden they have a modern tradition of free love. Swedes have no mind and yet an open way to discuss mundane affairs. Even love is easy for them...Just skip her, forget her, now she is on her way to take the exam. I have made sure she shall be able to come through with it…”

The prosecutor fell into his archetypical mind, sought for words, found none but let his eyes begin to climb the wallpaper. And we all know it. When introvert people fall into their own mind it is so easy to catch up with their inner plot. Freud figured out that breaking into someone´s thought could make anyone defenceless. She broke into his daydreaming, placed a hint or two and he hooked onto the bait, as he was of the Pisces sign. Deep, inside of himself. Trapped. He had from the start not had any intention about Lin, but he was trapped by the lawyer who had noticed his odd behaviour. And the lawyer had made open insinuations of how to seduce the dame in question. The prosecutor was trapped from all sides, but came back to his senses: ”Leave her be, I am not the right sort for her. I can´t make her happy. But I would like you both to help me out. I must have a date with her. Just a simple dinner, just a glas of the best wine. Just to see her face a last time before she go back home.”

The lawyer stood up. He was standing by the fireplace. Sparkling tones of flames, flames hidden. He made up his mind. ”If you don´t dare go and talk with her I must act. I even act upon your behalf. And here is the phone to her host family. I am going to get in touch with her….I act now!”

He rushed to the phone. Let it rang and rang. He was used to acting.

Now the odd thing about the prosecutor was that he suddenly felt a vision from his inner realm, where he before had had so many solutions. It was like that and could not be otherwise. At work he was brilliant, but in mundane matters he was lost. As lost as in love. He run after his best friend, grabbed the phone and smashed it in the lawyer´s face. They stood face to face. Said nothing. A spot of blood ran from the lawyer´s nose. The prosecutor had become to act out of his own laws and principles. It goes like this. If extrovert people over and over intervene they go beyond justice sometimes, trying to solve the affairs of the introverts. But sometimes comes a point when visionary dreamer act, and act upon their own. It is when their limits are reached by outer force. As it happens in all tales, the prosecutor told his guests to leave. He phoned Lin. They had a visionary discussion about sun and moon and stars walking the skies. And as they talked and as they were both daydreamers they fell into their own speech, sharing daydreams because of longing.

And by that phone we leave the prosecutor with his own mind and his own solution. How do you figure out he would go further? You may have your suggestion about it, but the prosecutor would find you guilty if you intervene into his true love. And that´s it Mary!

July 24, 2021 11:31

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04:35 Aug 05, 2021

The blog was as difficult to understand as the cast of characters. One expected a case to be projected and the ramifications thereof to reveal intro- and extrovert thinking. in places blogger veers off main narrative. English should be better written, 'woemen' and 'clientel' have been used. Blog must concentrate on what the prompt expects. CRITIQUE CIRCLE


Lis Lovén
18:13 Aug 05, 2021

Thanks for commenting...well I could agree that it is difficult to always follow what the prompts expects...


00:23 Aug 06, 2021

I understand. Thanks. REgards.


Lis Lovén
04:23 Aug 06, 2021

And I have to add: writing the word woe-man is a way to play pun on the fact that sometimes it´s a woe to be woman...a pun, and ironic as well


12:47 Aug 06, 2021

I had thought as much. Thanks. Regards.


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