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"Here we go again." Sophie hears coming from her sons bedroom. She ties the front of her bathrobe before knocking on Ethan's door. She can hear him searching for something under his bed. She grins and knocks again. "Everything ok in there?"

"Yeah, Mom! I'm almost done!"

Sophie turns the doorknob and slowly slips her head into Ethan's room. "Ok, buddy. I'm going to start breakfast. You have five more minutes."

Ethan looks up from the debris on the floor that surrounds him. He pleads with her by a sullen look in his eyes.

"No, buddy. Five minutes, I mean it today. You might be able to leave what your looking for behind."

"No way! I need this!" Ethan moans.

Sophie shuts the door and descends down the staircase to the first floor. The aroma of fresh brewed coffee invites Sophie into the kitchen. Her fourteen year old daughter is wiping down the marble counter tops with a cloth hand towel. Sophie walks up beside her. "Your up early, is everything alright?"

Jayla turns to face her Mom. "Oh yeah, I'm fine. I made your coffee. I was gonna cook but I wasn't sure what you wanted..."

Sophie touches Jayla's forehead with the back of her hand.

"I'm not sick, stop it!"

"Ok, your fine but since when do you make me coffee?"

Jayla tosses the hand towel into the farm house sink and stomps over to the table. Sophie reaches for her favorite mug and pours herself coffee. She takes the mug to the table, pulls out her chair and places the sunflower mug on top of the wood.

"Do you wanna tell me what's bothering you?"

"Nothing. Its nothing, I'll be fine." Jayla looks down at her hands on her lap. Sophie takes a seat and has a mouthful of coffee. She places her hand onto the table and opens it palm facing up to Jayla. She waits as her daughter brings her hand to hers and she gives it a gentle squeeze.

"There is nothing you can say that'll ever change how much I love you. No matter what it is, I am here for you. Big or small its okay. Try me."

Jayla looks away and Sophie sees tears start to roll down her daughters face. Sophie lets go of her hand and brings her into an embrace.

"Sweetie, what's wrong? Please, tell me?"

"I'm stupid. I just feel so stupid." Jayla wipes her face with the back of her hand.

"I told Anthony I loved him. He laughed Mom. I feel like a freak, how could he do that to me?"

"Because boys are assholes sometimes. I'm sorry to burst your bubble but its true. They never mature not really. Well, maybe when their thirty nine."

Sophie and Jayla laugh. Sophie kisses the side of Jayla's face.

"Thanks. You always make things better."

Sophie grins. "This is what I do. Forget Anthony, he is a fool. You are far too beautiful to waste another second on somebody like him."

"I actually thought he liked me. I let him kiss me, I would have let him, you know.."

"No, I don't know. And you are fourteen you need to be reading, and drawing and going to the movies with your friends. I cant wrap my head around you and Anthony and that!"

"Mom, please. I'm not a little kid anymore. Half of my friends have been dating since last year. Some of them already, you know do stuff. I'm not ready yet."

"Good. I'm relieved and it better stay that way. Go get your back pack. We will continue this talk tonight."

Jayla blows out a breath, than runs to find her things in the den.

Sophie heads to the bottom of the stairs.

"Ethan lets go! Your going to miss your bus!"


Spring 1998

I ran down the stairs faster than I think I ever ran before. I turned the corner at the bottom and continued on until I was at the double doors in the back of the building. I was out of breath but I didn't mind. I threw the doors open and felt the steady breeze against my face. I should have wore a light jacket but it wasn't on my mind this morning. I passed all the buses parked against the curb and a few of my friends who walked home this way. Dawn and Liz waved as I continued on turning my run into a fast paced jog. All I could think about were his eyes. So warm, rich and brown. And his hair was a medium chestnut. Not too dark and not light. His smile made my knees go weak.

I left the parking lot and headed east on Pine wood Road. It wasn't like I was late. I stopped to check my watch. One thirty five just like always. So where is he?

I thought about running back to the high school before my bus left for the day, but then he came into view. I stood perfectly still.

Even his walk was cool. I smile at him and smiles back.

"Sorry I was late, I had to help my brother with his car. I tried to get away."

He takes my hands in his and we walk together. I tell him all about my day. That I had gym first thing in the morning and had to walk around all sweaty for the next to periods. He grins and listens intently. I mention my birthday is next week but he already knows this.

"I missed you Sophie. Your all I ever think about."

Then he takes me into his arms and we start to kiss. Slowly at first and then it speeds up until I want him to stop. I pull away.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, I just think we should talk. How was your day?"

"Not bad but its much better now. Have you thought about this weekend?"

"Yeah, but I need more time. I thought you understood that."

"Well, I do but you know I would never hurt you. Don't you believe me?"

"Of course I do. Can we change the subject?"

"Sure, come on I'll walk you home."

"Maybe I'm not ready to go home."

"Sophie, you know if your late your Mom will freak."

We walk together and hardly speak. I start to cry the moment we step on my street. He tries to take my hand again but I walk away.

"Please don't cry. I was wrong to pressure you. We can go to a movie or something. I don't care as long as we're together."

I face him now. He rubs my arm.

"Ok, we can see a movie. I hope you know how I feel."

He touches my face ever so softly.

"I do. And remember Sophie, I love you."


September 26, 2023 21:55

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