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Another day another dollar, isn’t that how the old saying goes? Well for Sandi it didn’t work that way. She would bust her butt all day and make half of what her coworkers make. It didn’t help her boss was a sexist and believed woman should be seen and not heard. Sandi was the best in her business but of course her boss didn’t see it that way, he thought of things the old way. The only real reason she was working here is because her mother asked her too. Sandi had enough though, she was going to quit.

“Sandra,” her boss yelled, “Did you get those papers ready for the meeting?”

“Yes they are on your desk.” Sandi yelled back. She hated when he called her Sandra, it wasn’t even her name.

“Excuse me? Did you just yell at me?” Her boss said coming out of his office.

“No. I was answering your question.” She replied as someone walked in.

“We will talk about this later.” He growled and went to help the person who walked in.

“Walter so glad you can make it.”

“Hello Anthony, you remember my son Jonathon.”

“Oh yes hello Jonathon.” Anthony said pushing them into his office. “Sandra come here!”

Sandi rolled her eyes and got up with her tablet, her boss needed a witness and someone to take notes on the meeting. So basically Sandi would sit there and looked pretty, her talents wasting away. She walked in and took her seat at the side table the two men were laughing at something and the younger man was just sitting.

“Oh finally you are here Sandra. This one all looks and no brain.” Anthony laughed. Walter and Jonathon on the other hand didn’t look amused. Anthony shrugged it off and started the meeting. Sandi sat there her anger controlled; she ignored them and started taking notes. She always improved them though without her boss knowing. The meeting was almost over when Sandi decided to speak up.

“If we moved the desk to the corner then we could have more room for the sign in table. And it would look less cluttered.”

“Foolish. Who said you could speak Sandra?” Anthony grumbled.

“Actually…” Jonathon started but Sandi cut it off.

“My name is SANDI, not Sandra,” She said standing up, “And for your information I graduated top of my class so I have a brain. OH and all those parties you planned they were all MINE, I changed the notes because you are too stupid and egotistical to realize how wrong you were!”

“How dare you!” Anthony screamed.

“No! How dare you! You don’t let any woman come up with an idea, you rather we be seen and not heard. I’m tired of it and so is everyone else! Get with the times. If it wasn’t for me you would have been out of business a long time ago.” She said.

“You are FIRED!” Anthony shouted after he got over the initial shock.

“No, I quit!” Sandi said storming off and grabbing her things.

Walter and Jonathon watched the woman leave. That was gusty and brave. Anthony was a big name in the business and could ruin her future career. Something she said stuck with Jonathon though, the fact that the recent parties were all her ideas. He didn’t know if it was true or not but she did leave her tablet. Maybe he will look through it before returning it to her.

“Sorry about that. I don’t know what got into her but I assure you all the ideas are mine.” Anthony said trying to smooth things over. Walter looked at him and then his son.

“We will come back later and finish our discussion.” Walter said standing up and shaking Anthony’s hand. Jonathon grabbed the tablet and stuck it in his jacket without anyone noticing then followed his father out of the office. On the elevator ride down he glanced at the tablet and sure enough there were images and documents and the events she planned. The ideas were great way better than the other man’s. Jonathon had to find her, and convince her to work for him. After all he was sure she would want her tablet back.

Sandi got to her car and put her stuff in the trunk. She got in and started the engine, she put on some music to calm herself down before driving off. She closed her eyes and listened then a rap on her window startled her. Sandi looked out and saw it was that man Jonathan and he was holding her tablet and smiling.

“What do you want?” She asked coldly.

“Just returning this to you.” He said handing her the tablet, “Great ideas by the way.”

“Oh. Thanks.” She replied blushing.

“I would like to see more. How about lunch? To talk business that is.” He grinned.

Sandi shrugged her shoulders, might as well she did just quit her job after all.

“Ok. I could eat. I’ll meet you there… Where are we going?” Sandi asked.

“Just follow me. We are going to a nice little restaurant three blocks over.” Jonathon replied as he walked to his car which was parked right in front of hers.

Sandi followed him down the street and over to a small restaurant named Country Kitchen. She parked and then walked inside meeting up with Jonathon. They got a booth and sat down with a menu. The waitress came and took their order and told them it would be a few minutes. Sandi sipped her sweet tea not knowing if she should speak first or wait for Jonathon too.

“So I looked at some of your ideas and I liked them. I also noticed you were right about Anthony’s parties, they were yours.” Jonathon said.

“Well yeah I wouldn’t lie about that. I have talent he just didn’t want to acknowledge it because I’m a woman.”

“Well I do. I’m starting my own company and I want to hire you. What do you say?”

“Then why the meeting today if you are starting your own company?”

“The meeting was about doing a merger. I’ve been following the parties and liked what I see. What I didn’t know at the time was that it was all you. I want the best Sandi, and you are that.” He said as their food arrived.

“Do I get my own office? Do I get free reign? With my ideas actually be heard and listened too?” She asked.

“Yes your own office. Free reign yes but I will work with you. All ideas will be heard. I already know what you are capable of and I want to see more. So far it will be just you and me working together. In fact I already have the first event I need help with. So are you interested?” He grinned.

Sandi thought about it for a moment. This was the ideal dream job for her. She could try it out and see where it goes. Beats trying to find another job and dealing with another man like her previous boss.

“When do we start?” She asked smiling.   

September 03, 2021 01:12

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