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It was a warm summer day in the city of New York. The tall buildings trapped the heat creating heatwaves. I finally came out of my ac and entered the reality of the hot scorching day. I got in my car and went for a snack but on the way over, something felt off. I went on with my day and returned home to something unexpected, my ac was no longer working. The day went on and I noticed that I wasn't the only one. Everybody was outside of their homes talking to each other when all of the sudden it went blank. All of the lights from the buildings shut off into complete darkness. Everybody began to panic and scream because New York City is always lit up with lights and that is not the case. People tried to use their flashlights to bring light but not even their phones worked. 


There was a strong unexpected wind pushing us away from our homes. Out of nowhere, there were sounds of unknown creatures. These creatures created terrifying sounds that were so loud that they made our ears bleed. Everyone broke out and started running for shelter. There were so many of them coming from everywhere. Nobody was safe... I began to run and tried to find a safe place but there was nothing, everything was already destroyed by the strong winds and the creatures. As I was running people were getting picked up from the ground and stolen by the evil creatures. 

People began breaking into supply stores and stealing weapons to protect themselves. 


*Help, Help, please Somebody help me* people were shouting

 I ran into the hardware store and got knives, guns, and most importantly a shield to protect myself. On my way out I found an abandoned teen crying on the floor. Her name was Jessica. I didn't know if I should take her with me or hide her because she hurt her leg, but there was nowhere to hide so I had to take her with me. I carried her on my back and ran inside the store. I tried to find bandages because she had an opened wound but there was nothing, so I had to get creative. I got a rag and some tape and wrapped it so would stop bleeding. We continued inside and got some more weapons for the girl to protect herself when all of the sudden one of the creatures went into the store…

*Shhhhhh* I said to the little girl “don't move and stay quiet”.

It kept on getting closer and closer so we had to move. I quietly dragged her because she couldn't move but as I continued, blood began to stain the white tiled floors. The creature then stopped and began to smell and consume the leftover blood. As it continued to eat the blood we silently began crawling but the next thing you know the creature makes a screeching noise. We are almost out the doors until two more creatures enter the building. . They keep on screeching like they are communicating with each other. We need to make a run for it now or else we'll never make it out. I put her on my back, bent down, and made a run for it. We successfully made it out but we were still not safe. They were everywhere, at the top of buildings and roaming the sky. I carried her on my back and didn't stop running until I found a safe spot. We ended up hiding in an empty dumpster in who knows where. We waited there for a couple of minutes till the coast was clear. We finally got out of the dumpster and began walking. There were people everywhere still shouting for help and comfort. We then made it to a pharmacy to clean up and try to make her wound better. We ran in the aisles and got hydrogen peroxide to clean the area, gauze to cover the injury, and a big bandage to make sure no germs get inside. She was all cleaned up and able to walk better. We got extra first aid supplies in case of any more injuries. Now that we are all cleaned up and better we were ready to help others. But first, we had to get better weapons.

We went to a store filled with pure weapons and went crazy. We got swords, guns, ammo, and protection. As soon as we exited the stoor, there were already creatures flying in circles above us, but we were prepared. We were ready to fight and save people. We were running to anybody that needed help and immediately there was somebody that needed help. One of my neighbors was being followed by one of the flying animals and we began to help. I was aiming to shoot at the creature, but my aim is not so good. Finally, I shot it down, and then there was a thump. A thump that created a mini earthquake. We all lost our balance and fell to the ground. The night continued and we saved more and more people. We were exhausted and hid in an underground tunnel. Time passed and we fell asleep, it was impossible to tell if it was the next day or not. We woke up and yet it was still dark. Although we were still living in the dark we were able to navigate ourselves back to our home. As we were walking back, the sun randomly appeared. We felt the need to scream of happiness and joy. We made it through the night without getting killed. Although we made it out alive the whole city was destroyed, buildings were torn down and people were injured seriously, or even dead. The day went on and I escorted Jessica back to her home. I then returned home and continued my as if it never happened. I went to work that same day although it was destroyed. This has now been happening every year about once or twice. We are not better prepared and know how to protect ourselves from danger and darkness. 

May 08, 2021 03:35

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