Cleo's 1 Day Job

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Cleo’s 1 Day Job

Cleo went to town to see what might be happening where she lived. She decided to take a look at what was going on in the community. One of her favourite places was to check out the community association where there were a few non-profit organisations in the building and there were other government organisations as well.

 She saw a sign beside the doorway, it read Volunteers needed. It was right outside the main building. She opened the door and went in, Cleo decided to take the lift and push the button going to the second floor. The lift door opened and she walked out and checked to see if the Citizen Advice Bureau was still there. Cleo smiled as she remembered one of her neighbours who had passed away, who had done volunteer work for the Citizen Advice Bureau,

 Cleo got a little sad, she remembered having some really good talks with her neighbour about her garden. And how she had a daughter and that her daughter often came to see her. Cleo was relieved about that. She stopped thinking of that time and decided to visit the Citizen Advice Bureau, and ask for some advice. 

Cleo went up to the desk and said “Hello can you help me?, I am looking for part-time work, and want to know where I can look.”  “Take a seat I will be with you in a moment.” said the man behind the desk. Cleo had been waiting for about 5 minutes and looked to see if there was any way she could look at the time around the office.

 No Cleo couldn’t see a clock so she decided to wait. She didn’t have her phone to look at the time because she had left it at home. The man behind the desk said “Now how can I help you.”  “Well,” said Cleo “I am looking for part- time work and I thought, I would come here and get some advice from you lot, Since I know you have a variety of information, where I can look and I know that you are really helpful.” 

 “have you got a computer.” said the man behind the desk. “Yes” said Cleo “I will write down on a piece of paper, where you can look on your computer.”  “You can also try Work And Income you can also try the Dominion on a Monday and the Local Kapi Mana.” said the man at the desk. “Thank you” said Cleo and left the office. 

Cleo decided to catch the lift and go up another floor to Level 3. On that floor was a reception with leaflets on it and other bits and things. While looking through the leaflets that were available, there were some Leaflets that read needing some extra money email us or phone us. Cleo ripped off one of the tags and left by the lift going to the ground floor.

 She decided to go to Subways on the corner, and get half a roll, and a drink. Cleo then caught the bus home, she was excited she was going to give them a call the next day, after 10 oclock in the morning. She thought it was the best time to ring. Cleo went to bed about 11pm and fell asleep quickly. Cleo woke up at 7am in the morning, it was still dark outside, she knew it was going to be a good day.

Cleo rang the company at 11am just as she had said to herself she was going to. “Hello can I help you?” said the lady on the other end of the phone. “Yes I am applying for the Job position.” Cleo had no idea what she was applying for, she had not done work for 1 day before. “Okay said the lady on the other phone line. “ Have you used a computer before?” said the Lady. “Yes I have, I have one here.” said Cleo. “That’s fine, what is your name?” said the Lady. “My name is Cleo,” said Cleo. “My name is Rebecca” said the lady on the phone.

 “Hi Rebecca,” said Cleo. “Will you be able to come in next Thursday?”said Rebecca. “Yes of course I can,” said Cleo. “What time can you come in?” said Rebecca. “Will 2pm do it?” said Cleo. “Yes that will be fine.” said Rebecca. Cleo said “Goodbye” and hung up the phone. The week went along smoothly. Suddenly it was Wednesday.

 Cleo looked at her Calendar on her wall. It was okay to be the best she could before the day, she thought it better to prepare herself before Thursday. 7am the Alarm went off. Cleo wanted to sleep in, she turned off the alarm on her mobile phone and went back to sleep. Couple more winks, she thought. The alarm went off again, this time it was as if she was dreaming it. “Oh fricken heck” she said as she looked at the time in surprise. 

“I’m running ½ hour behind my schedule already,” she knew she had lots to do. It wasn’t a good start to the day, she was starting to feel a bit on edge, so Cleo didn’t want to be late. She got ready for her usual daily work, she was not going to have a break today, she needed to make sure she got enough done for the day before her appointment in the city. It was Lunch time. Cleo had ½ Lunch break and then decided to take the rest of the day off so she could go to her appointment. Fortunately she was her own boss, and could make her own decisions.

 She freshened herself up and caught the bus to the train station. She went to the counter at the railway station and brought a train ticket going to Wellington station. “Can I have a return ticket to Wellington please?” said Cleo. The man at the counter gave her a ticket for 1 person and not a return ticket. She thought nothing of it. And thought to get a ticket from Wellington on the way home. She opened the door and looked up at a screen that read Wellington All Stops in 10mins, that gave Cleo enough time to get started on reading her book which she was reading at the moment.

 The Train came and she made herself comfortable in a seat, she was really glad she had her book to read on the way into the big city. The Train stopped at the train stations and then went through two tunnels, which felt like it would take forever but didn’t because Cleo had her book to read. And was really glad to finish a chapter when the train pulled up at the main station. Everyone got out and there was a buzzing of people getting off. 

Cleo looked at the time and decided to walk to her destination; it wouldn’t take that long.  She walked for about 15 minutes then asked a couple of people if they had heard about the place she was going to.  

One person said “no hasn't heard of such a place.”  Another person said “yes it.s at the end of this street you will need to cross the street to get to it though.” “ Thank you” said Cleo and walked to the end of the street and crossed the road and had to walk to another end of the street before getting to another end of the street which was okay with Cleo because she knew it was going to her 1 day work. 

She looked across the street and saw an enormous building that was really modern. She got to the top of the step and the sliding doors opened for her, she read the signs. The department she was looking for was on level one, she took the stairs this was because she also was conscious about keeping fit. She entered the Office and rang the bell a young man came to greet her which she was quite surprised, she had always been greeted by a woman.

She smiled and said I’m here to do the testing of the website, “oh yes please take a seat and we will be with you shortly.”  “ Okay” said Cleo with a smile and sat down and waited patiently. Then she remembered that patience is a virtue, and waited, she saw a magazine and read it for a  while, while waiting. 

The gentleman that had seen her came out of the office and said “Come this way please”  Cleo followed the young man and Cleo sat down in front of a computer with a microphone also in front of her. Then the young man talked to Cleo and explained what they wanted her to do, while they asked questions and Cleo took the mouse in her hand and moved the cursor on the screen. There was also a Lady in the room who took notes while the other person asked questions.

 It took over 1 hour and Cleo was happy with the outcome. She received a $50.00 gift card which she could use any time she wanted to, but within 2 years. Cleo got the bus home and then train and then bus and home again she was happy that she had felt she had done something she really enjoyed and was hoping to get some other work in the future for her. 

Her cat Luka was waiting for her at her front door.



July 10, 2020 11:54

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