A Perfect Hypocrisy Quandary

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American Christian Speculative

The room seemed frozen and only the curtains swayed gently as the wind blew a soft breeze through the half opened window. The happy and exited atmosphere surrounding inside the front room of this quant little brick home veered into abashed feelings.

The days time had been late afternoon and the evening was pushing forward.

A group of three young adults sat around a coffee table gawking at each other in awkward silence, each clutching a King James version of the Holly Bible.

The Saturday bible study, arranged on a whim by the three erratic church goers, had taken a quick stunning turn once the subject on perfection had been brought up. The idea of a worldly perfection has been understood by so many Christians. However, when a universal (God) point of view of perfection was mentioned, confusion and questions arose almost instantly.

Franky Spade, the red hair and youngest of the three bible group, could not take the uncomfortable tension now overwhelming the supposed cheerful bible study.

"Hey! Come on guys." Franky stabbed the silence with words. "I know we all have had our doubts at one time or another, but there has got to be an answer by God for this possible contradictory."

Both Hilary Holmes and Todd Bloxham faced each other in disbelief and then they looked back at Franky, wide eyed and jaws dropped. At that moment, Franky stood up and paced, with energetic haste, back and forth, and with just a few steps, in front of the polished wooden coffee table, trying to process the new found issue. Franky began to murmur to himself.

"It has to be the same. How can a worldly perfection be any different from a Godly perfection?" He suddenly stopped pacing and gulped in horror. "Wouldn't that make God a hypocrite?"

Todd stretched out his hand towards Franky in an attempt to calm him down. "Franky, do not be so rash. There has got to be an explanation like you said."

"Yeah!" Hilary jumped in. "Maybe God is telling us that our level of existence is not equal to his and we are probably not mature enough for his kind of perfection."

"What? That doesn't even make sense, Hilary. It should be the same. His perfection and ours. If I can not be lukewarm-neither should he." With an opinionated stubbornness, Franky carelessly tossed the bible onto the coffee table. "No, I refuse to believe God as a black and white God."

"What are you saying Franky? That you refuse to believe God has done bad things for a justified reason or that it is unfair for us not to be the same?" Asked Todd, even though he was asking himself as well.

"I know it is hard to believe that God has committed an action considered to be an act of genocide by some, like the flood. But we must not look at this in our perspectives..."

"In our perspectives, Hilary?" Interjected Franky. "That is my point. If we see it in God's point of view, will we not see it as a black and white perspective because he supposedly is all good, but know he maybe black and white, so we will instead not see it whole white either. So tell me, what am I to see? Because I see that now, if we are only good we will not be a God perfection, but a worldy. And we are taught not to be."

Todd now rose up from the couch and walked over to Franky and put his hand on his shoulder. " Listen. I did not mean to bring up why God has done terrible things but yet asks us not too. I wondered this for years and the question always bugged me. How does he go from telling us to turn the other cheek, but he eliminates, destroys and sends the evil to be punished."

Hilary stormed from her sitting place on the couch, swiftly acrobaticed her way around the coffee table and now stood with Franky and Todd.

"Don't say that, Todd. We are all pondered the question, but we are all getting upset too. Let us discuss another topic besides this one."

Franky eyed Hilary with questioning eyes. "What do you really think, Hilary? Is God a black and white God, or is it something else? I always believed God to be all good. Never doing any bad actions. Can a good God who is going to bring the Armageddon upon us, be a good God? Why does he release the four horsemen with plagues, when it supposed to be the devil who does bad things?"

Also placing her hand on Franky, Hilary consulted. "Do not worry about it so much. We have talked about this long enough. I think it is getting late so we should probably be heading home." Nodding towards the door, Hilary commanded Todd to leave and let Franky be for the night. " Come on Todd, let us give Franky some time to himself."

Saying their goodbyes, Todd and Hilary went back to their own homes while Franky stayed up for a long time that night thinking on if God was black and white and if a universal perfection really is different than a worldly perfection. He asked himself is perfection a Yin and Yang? Is being all good an imbalance to the universe?

Franky knew that truths reveals all, good or bad. That God is everything. Like a two sided coin, if it is true or a part of truth it still has to be a part of God as well. He was taught God is truths and truths is everything. But that means God would have to be black and white.

God (truths) must be a Yin and Yang, for it is everything. Franky then concluded God was not a hypocrite for being black and white. Perfection is not one sided, but still the question on why he asks his flock to be one sided.

To Franky, that was no different than asking your child to not result to violence but then you turn around and act violently yourself.

Maybe the truth will come Frankie's way. Then again, maybe not.

September 10, 2022 21:40

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