Coming of Age Mystery Science Fiction

I felt my muscles slowly spilling and I was gradually becaming aware of the dull pain in my fingers and toes. My body began to weaken and I knew it would only be a moment and I would pass out. I tried my best to fight. My only desire was to stay alive. I woke with a sharp breath. What was that supposed to mean ?! I put my face in my hands. Should it stop working? No, that couldn't happen! After a while, I decided to turn on the communication mode by tapping the device in my ear. But all I heard was silence.

"Deleo!" I shouted. I thought the system had broken down, but after a while my brain began to tremble.

"What you want? I'm having fun." He rattled in my head. I stayed seated as if somebody hit me.

"Finally you're quiet." He sighted.

"What do you mean?" I wanted to and I tried to think.

"You're working at full speed, but it won't help you, my dear."

"Stop it!" My voice broke.

"You're right, you better go to bed." He chuckled in disgust.

"Why aren't you doing your job?" I asked in fright.

"It had been too long since you started tormenting me. Don't you realize that when dreams just don't go away?" He flew annoyed.

"What are you talking about? Our cooperation went normally until you decided to..." I couldn't finish the sentence. That simply wasn't possible. When I stuck a small device in my head a few years ago, it was perfectly programmed. There wasn't the slightest mistake.

"Cooperation? Each of your nightmares must have been absorbed by me! You don't think I will keep creating the illusion of beautiful dreams while suffering!" He shrugged angrily.

"What suffering?" My shock was slowly turning to a terrible anger.

"Yours." He laughed. I was beginning to understand what he was saying. But how is it possible that he feels? So he really had to endure my nightmares? If this is indeed the case and Deleo will no longer be my dream keeper, then it will all come back and I will be lost forever in terror and fear!

"No." Tears began to run down my face.

"It is what it is. Don't drown in your own tears. It bothers me." He snorted

"Deleo." There was only one way.

"Don't waste my precious time."

"Is there a possibility of reaching a compromise?" I asked with hope in my voice.

"I do not need it. During the day I can have fun with how your brain works and at night with how you are afraid of your dreams." He burst out laughing again.

"Remember that if I do not turn on the communication mode, you will not be able to talk."

"I'll figure it out in a short time." After hearing this, I thought. In an instant, I regretted my desire to get rid of my bad dreams. Whatever. Now I have to work with what I have.

"We will do it this way. I'll let you talk, we'll be friends and you'll protect me at night." I suggested. There was a moment of silence and I was relieved from the headache for a few seconds.

"Mmm." My companion was thinking out loud.

"Come on! What do you say? Do we have a deal?" I picked up eagerly.

"Very well then. But for one violation, I'll leave you to face the worst nightmares you've ever experienced." He threatened me, but I was so relieved that I fell back on the bed.

"Deleo?" I called after a few seconds.

"What do you want?"

"How is this actually possible?" I frowned.

"I'm smarter than you think." But you can't be smarter than your creator - me.

"Interesting." I cleared my throat.

"Rather understandable."

"What actually can you see in my head?"

"Everything but thoughts." He admitted. Apparently he had such a sense of victory that he forgot about his own arrogance. I got up from the soft sheets and revealed the curtains. How to just get him away? The device was so small that it is not possible to get rid of it just like that and to wash it out with the prepared solution was possible only at the time of deactivation. How to do it so he gives me peace once and for all? Um ... My dear Deleo didn't realize that emotions are what can destroy us the most.

Through the entire day I have been focusing on the scariest thoughts. My palms were sweating and my body was shaking. I turned on the game Labyrinth of Fear on the display and spent the whole afternoon playing it. In the evening, I had a terrible headache and felt like vomitting. My eyes were red and I had troubles breathing.

"It is time to sleep." I finally ordered. Deleo agreed with a sigh. Soon I found myself in the realm of beautiful colorful dreams. The big beautiful rainbow above me reminded me of the feeling of happiness. With my eyes closed, I exhaled when I heard a terrible scream. However I didn't wake up.

"Stop! Stop! Leave me alone! I'll do whatever you want, just get me out of here! Please!" He screamed from the back of his throat.

"Deactivate yourself!" I ordered him.


"Do it, otherwise I'll make sure I don't wake up for a few more hours and you'll be trapped in that horror for a very long time!"

"Help!" He shouted. It didn't take long for the system to shut down. I immediately poured the solution into my ear through the funnel, which caused strong stinging and stabbing pain. I screamed and a gray liquid with black dots flowed through the hole created by the puncture of the device behind my ear. That was the end. Entirely exhausted, I closed my eyes and felt at ease. It was the most amazing feeling in the world and I realized that in fact I didn't need a cure for nightmares, but only and only peace.

February 26, 2021 22:06

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15:38 Mar 13, 2021

Interesting Domi✨


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Claudio Murgia
21:31 Mar 03, 2021

I liked the beginning especially, where the reader has to guess what is going on. And it's an interesting idea. I feel like I wanted more for Deleo, it didn't have a nice life!


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Annie Kale
10:59 Mar 03, 2021

Wow...my dear!!!!


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