The Most Stressful Sleepover of All Time

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Drama Contemporary

“Riley!” I heard Mom shout from downstairs. Great, I wondered what I did wrong this time.

“Coming!” I shouted back and slid down the railing of the stairs. Mom was in the kitchen, frantically scribbling in her little notebook. 

Yes, Mother?” I sighed and leaned on the kitchen table.

“Oh good, you’re here” Mom pushed up her glasses and looked at me, “Meg is having a sleepover tonight, so I’m gonna need you to behave-”

“You’re gonna lock me in my room the whole night. That’s fine, lemme go plug in my mini microwave” I started to get up and head back to my room, but Mom stopped me.

“Well there’s that, but you also need to be extra careful. Who knows what Meg’s friends will think when they see you. Teens these days could spread news like that like wildfire, the family’s reputation would be ruined-”

“Mom I get it! You can’t stand that you had a disaster child as a kid, and you don’t want me to embarrass Meg in front of her fancy friends! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going!” I quickly grabbed 2 cup-o-noodles, a pack of Sprite, and some Oreos from the pantry. Then I stormed off to my room, ignoring my Mom yelling at me to come back.

I slammed the door shut and set my snacks down on the table. Based on how I usually ate, this food would last me until dinner. I could eat one cup-o-noodle for lunch, and wash it down with sprite. And for dinner, I could have cup-o-noodles, sprite, and a little bit of Oreos for dessert. Perfect, I thought and plopped down on my bed. I picked up my remote and turned on my TV, scrolling through the channels, before settling on Food Network. There was nothing like watching people make tasty food to cheer you up.


“PARTY TIME!” a loud shout woke me up. I rubbed my eyes and turned off my TV, it must’ve been running for while. I looked over at my clock, it was only 5 p.m. I guess Meg and her friends wanted to party for a long time if they started this early.

“Now girls, we still need to be civil and maintain a normal volume, at least until 6 o’clock.

“Yes Mrs. B!” everyone said, and I heard them run up the stairs. I scurried over to the attic entrance and made sure it was locked. 

Now I was all alone, all I needed to do was make sure no one saw me. I could do that…, right?


I was super nervous to have this sleepover. I didn’t even think Mom would agree, knowing how she is when it comes to Riley. She never lets her out of her room, not even for lunch and dinner. But Mom insisted it was gonna be alright. 

“O. M. G! Meg is this top new? I’ve never seen you wear it before!” Angie asked, holding up a sparkly green top with blue, lime, and white flowers all over it.

“Um, yep. My mom got it for me as an “Earth Day” present, I didn’t even know people celebrated Earth Day!” I laughed.

“Nice one!” Ash said. 

“Now let’s do something fun!” Angie exclaimed. 

“We could raid your kitchen, ding dong ditch your neighbors, prank call people, sneak out, look through your attic for family secrets!” Ash added.

"Now maybe not the attic, but everything else sounds awesome!” I said, trying to subtly avoid the idea of going to the attic. That was Riley’s room and there was no way we could go there.

“Why not Meg? You hiding a body up there?” Angie asked.

In a sense, I thought, but I kept my mouth shut.

“C’mon Megladon! It’ll be fun!” Ash and Angie grabbed my hands and started to pull me out of my room.

“Guys wait a sec!” I panicked.

Thud. We heard something come from the attic. Angie and Ash looked at each other, then at me.

“M-meg...what was that…?” Angie asked.


Dangit, I dropped my books on the ground. I wondered if Meg and her friends heard me. I silently dropped on the ground and crawled over to the attic door. I pressed my ear against it to see if I could make out what Meg and her friends were saying. I could make out some frantic whispering, it sounded like they were scared. Oh no, what if they heard me? 

I needed to calm down, Meg would come up with a convincing lie right?

“Wait!” I heard Meg shout, and then some heavy steps down the stairs. What was going on?


Angie ran down the stairs, she looked like she’d seen a ghost.

“Mrs. B!” Angie squealed. She stopped in front of me and took a moment to catch her breath.

“Angie, you ok sweetie?” I asked. But in my mind, I was wondering what Riley must’ve done.

“We heard some noises coming from your attic, we didn’t know what to do so I came downstairs to ask you for help” Angie explained.

Riley, I thought and gritted my teeth. I kept reminding her to be quiet, she was going to scare away Meg’s friends! And our chances at a new business partner.

“Don’t worry Angie, I’ll have my husband go upstairs and take a look. Why don’t you just hang out downstairs for a while?” I said.

Angie nodded and went back upstairs, a few moments later she returned downstairs with Meg and Ash. I got up and started walking towards my husband’s study, Riley was in big trouble.


I shakily sat on my bed, what if I caused some kind of suspicion? Was Mom mad at me? I heard Meg and her friends go downstairs, maybe they just wanted a change of space. I opened my box of Oreos and started stress eating. About a few moments later, I heard footsteps. Oh shoot, I was doomed. Good thing my walls were soundproof.

I heard someone open the attic entrance, and a few seconds later, my Mom and Dad appeared.

“H-hey Mom...and Dad. How are you today?” I asked shakily.

“Do you realize how bad things could’ve gotten if Angie decided to check out the attic instead of cowering down and coming downstairs! You need to be more careful!” Mom whisper-shouted at me.

“I know I’m sorry ok! I just dropped some of my books!” I took a few steps back.

“Well, those books of yours could’ve cost us our reputation! If I hear one more thing coming from this attic you will be deeply sorry.” Mom glared at me and started down the attic ladder, Dad followed, but not without giving me a hard state first.

I plopped down on my bed and groaned. It wasn’t fair! Why was Meg allowed to go outside and stuff while I was stuck in the attic? And Mom and Dad...they act like I’m the reason bad things happen to them! Sure I may have burned down a few of our houses, I still didn’t deserve to be locked away in my room! I just needed someone to talk to. I took out my phone and texted Raymond, maybe I could talk to him to feel better.

'Ugh, I’m so sick of my parents. Meg’s having a sleepover so now I’ve been locked in my room until further notice.'

I sent the text and waited, a few moments later I got a reply.

'Just sneak out or something. Or better yet just expose yourself! Play some loud music and slide down the railing. Act like you live there because you do. ;)'

No way, he wasn’t serious, was he? He knows how much trouble I could get in if I did anything like that. But then could be fun. But I don’t wanna risk getting kicked out for real this time. But then again it’s now or never...ugh I didn’t know what to do!

'Idk….that’s probably the riskiest thing you could’ve suggested! Do you know how much trouble I could get in if I do that?!'


'Who cares? Wait I have an idea, if your sister gets to have an epic sleepover, we should do something too! What if you just come over to my house? It’ll be really fun I promise, and we’ll get you back home before your parents can find out?'

I thought about it, his suggestion was less extreme than revealing myself, but it still could be very risky. Plus I’m not really a “people person” they scare me. But you know what? Anything’s better than being stuck in my room for another 6 hours.

'I’m in', I texted back, with no regrets.

October 19, 2020 12:06

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00:16 Feb 07, 2021

I love this! I do wish that you explained why she was kept up it her room a bit better, but I love how you switched prospectives during the story! Also I just wanted to say that I LOVE keeper of the lost cities XD


Sunny 🌼
00:23 Feb 07, 2021

Oh yeah! This story is kinda related to a few others I've written, but for the basic rundown (which might've been explained can't remember) Riley is a disaster child which basically means she was born with an extremely dangerous power.


00:28 Feb 07, 2021

Oooooh! That makes so much more sense!


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The Cold Ice
08:29 Nov 05, 2020

Wow wonderful story.Great job keep it up. keep writing.well written Would you mind to read my story “Leaf me alone”


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Mark D
23:11 Oct 22, 2020

There are so many questions. She burned down A FEW houses? That seems deeply troubling and excessive. One or two sure. But a few? It took me a little while to get that the POV was changing, but it worked. Was she burned? Scarred? Why would she have to hide in the attic unless Meg's friends knew that Riley had burned down all those houses and was wanted by the police or something. But then it sounds like she has at least one friend who has seen her in person and doesn't seem to either mind her appearance or know about her pa...


Sunny 🌼
12:00 Oct 23, 2020

Maybe...we'll see. Thanks for reading!


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Sunny 🌼
20:20 Oct 23, 2020

ALSO, I realize how weird it might sound with Riley burning down houses so let me explain. She's not an arsonist or a psychopath, she's a disaster child. Which BASICALLY means she was born with a very dangerous power. Whenever Riley gets scared or feels a very strong emotion and touches something, the object catches on fire. Whether it's flammable or not. So a lot of things have been burned by her (whether she admits it or not her parents terrify her), including houses. Sorry if you got the wrong idea!


Mark D
22:21 Oct 23, 2020

THAT is fascinating. It's definitely okay to not give readers ALL the answers, but there are ways that could have been alluded to subtly. I didn't get that impression from the story and it would have given it a whole different dynamic with a little hint or two about that.


Sunny 🌼
22:57 Oct 23, 2020

Oh ok. In a sense, this story is KIND of like a part 5 to my first story, but maybe I could try and drop a few hints. And keep that advice for the future.


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