The Man In Black

The black man, man in black, senses he will lack. People see, the horror of he, when they pat him on the back. No fortune will tell, what all will go well, but trust me. Don't Fall For His Spell!

In a dark park, such a lonely place, the sun fall, at it's pace. With a big sigh, and a rough frown, the female child walks the town. As darkness fills the air, she once again sighs with a stair, and realizes that someone had once been there.

After time go on, the girl was drawn. Who had once been there? A stare of confusion, a moan of illusion, and a sound, that brought quite a scare. A Boom, A Clap, A Whip, A Slap, then silence fills the air.

Follow the noise, and all will be clear, what you saw, was probably just a dear. With no hesitation, and no mindful resolution, the girl follows, and she doesn't change her solution.

All feels cold, on top of the hill, and the sight she sees brings quite a chill. A dark black figure, lay cold and still, no sense of reaction that he has been killed!

Tears fill the girl as she runs to the man, still no reaction. Is this good or bad. She takes a knee, still in shock you see, and touches the man with her hand.

No one can explain, the horror that came, with a boom, a burst, and what looked like a flame. The man in black, steps on back, regret is what he lacks. He knew what he, of all had seen, but still felt nothing back.

The Man in black

October 27, 2019 06:12

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Debra Caples
15:51 Nov 07, 2019

A poem story. Novel idea.


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Mark Newman
02:32 Nov 07, 2019

I've never read a story like this before. It's interesting how it sets up a pace and you find yourself reading at that pace. I admire the extra effort you put into it. Thanks.


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