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Carlo wasn't always the friendly person during his high school years but it all change when a girl name Hailey helped him to come out of his shell.

She was an ideal dream girl in every romantic novel but the problem is he is not her leading man. Hailey became Carlo's first love which lasted for years.

He wrote fifty poems for her and on Valentine's Day, an event held in their school. It was his opportunity to confess.

He looked at Hailey from afar while she was talking with her friends. She was wearing a red dress with no sleeves.

He went near her and then inhaled for courage. He then tapped her shoulder and asked if they could talk in private.

Hailey with no memory of being acquainted with Carlo agreed. Hailey knew that he is just another one of her admirers.

She knew that the cheap heart-shape chocolate on his hand and a book with ribbon are for her. Hailey is a kind person, she is, but she does not want to give him false hope.

But still, Carlo gave her the poems and chocolate. He knew that he had no chance and that he is just another man crazily in love.

The event ended and he went home looking down on his feet. He opened his phone and scroll from one post to another of his classmates about the event.

Everyone was happy and broken on social media. He was too but everything stopped when he saw a picture.

The guy was handsome, tall, and probably rich while he was tall enough but not so handsome, and not so rich but not that poor. In short, he was just an average person living day by day.

He couldn't stand looking at the post with Hailey's wide smile while the guy is wrapping his arms around her.

He silently cried that day while listening to melancholy music. Music was his medicine. He continued loving her until he grew out of love for his first love, Hailey.

He knew that there's still part of him that wants him to make Hailey love him too but it was too hard to do than imagine.

He shifted his thought and focused on finishing school. When the time came, all his hard work was paid. He finally graduated from college and pain then became a professional engineer.

"Carlo, we will be having the reunion party this February 14," his friend, Grego, said on the phone.

Carlo is now 25 years old, living a single and simple life. "Oh? Am I invited?" he joked and let out a faint laugh.

"Yes, of course! Why the hell would we leave you out of the list?" Grego laughed and added, "Anyway, see you at the party? I will text you the details of the party."

"Alright, see you..." 

He ended the call and went inside his car. He turned on the engine and thought of his high school memories. It was not boring, he said in his mind. He learned the lesson that made him grow into a better person right now.

Carlo's phone vibrated and a message from Grego pop-up on the screen. "La Perro Grand Hotel, six o'clock and wear formal attire..." he read and smiled.

"The formalities... tsk," he whispered for he knows that it will be an interesting party for people who like to flaunt their fancy dresses.

He will never forget how his classmates talked about those popular, fancy stuff that brought conflict inside the classroom, sighs, good old times.

He also couldn't forget how he fell in love so deeply and crazily with a woman like her.

It was still seven in the evening and he went to the grocery store to buy something. He parked his car and went inside the store.

He grabbed a cart and stroll around to look for the things he needs. He went to the meat section and grabbed a plastic bag. He picked two breast chicken and gave it to the counter for the price. 

When the guy gave him the chicken and placed it in the cart then pushed it without looking at his way. His cart bumped another cart and look up to the person he bumped with.

His eyes widened and jaws are slightly dropped. "Hey?" he called, "I am sorry for bumping into your cart. How are you?"

Hailey smiled shyly, "I am good, hmmm, you?"

"I am very, very good," he replied with a wide smile, "How are you?"

Hailey chuckled and said, "I am good?"

Carlo blinked rapidly and laughed, "I am sorry... it's just... I never thought I would bump you here."

Hailey grabbed a plastic bag and answered, "Oh no! It's not a problem that our carts bumped. It's fine."

Carlo's smile faded and his brows furrowed. Carlo watched her as she picked up some pork chop and thought of the reunion party. He smiled and imagined if she could be his date for the event.

Carlo cleared his throat and inhaled for courage. "Anyway, about the reunion party..." he paused as she looked at him with a questionable look, "Can I be your date?"

"Date? Reunion party?" Hailey said and frowned. 

"Yes... if it's alright..." his words slowly faded when he saw a kid running towards Hailey.

"Mommy, I found my favorite choco-oat milk! Can we buy this?" the kid begged and Carlo with a confused look stared at Hailey's face.

"Just one, honey, okay?" Hailey said and smiled at the kid widely. The kid jumped from excitement and looked at Carlo.

"Your kid?" Carlo asked.


The kid kept staring at Carlo at then shifted his gaze to his mother, Hailey. He pulled her mother's shirt and covered his mouth to whisper.

"Mommy?" he asked in a low voice.

Hailey lowered his body and smiled at him, "Yes, honey?"

"Who is he?" the kid then held her mother's hand and looked at Carlo.

Carlo looked at Hailey with the heavy feeling inside him. When Carlo saw her, his heart drummed with happiness but the beat of it turned to heavy, slow drumming. It's weakening his whole body.

Hailey stand properly and held his son's hand. She smiled at Carlo and asked, "My kid, Marco, was asking..."

His surrounding paused and a sharp ringing in his ears made him stop blinking. His heart beats flowed rapidly.

"Who are you?" 

Hailey asked that made Carlo smiled bitterly.

"You don't remember me... you don't notice me."

Hailey chuckled, "I am sorry?"

"I am just another man in love..." he whispered and let out a sigh, "still in love with you."

February 15, 2021 15:22

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Meggysa Nine
15:36 Feb 15, 2021

I actually experience writing 50 poems for my first love in high school. The rest is fiction. If you are in love then you can never know when to stop unless it will stop suddenly then you'd be happy again then find another one. Sighs, love made me crazy indeed.


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