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"Doctor ...! Doctor...! The patient in room number 203 couldn't breathe'' said nurse Santhya to Dr.Serene Issac .

"What's her name ?"

"Leona "

"She's is a complicated patient.I have never ever seen a patient like her."Doctor went to room 203 in a rush and found Leona's difficulty in breathing.The Doctor called the cardiologist " Sir, can you do me a favour?"

Can you please visit my clinic now? It's emergency."

Yeah ! Sure.i'll be there in ten minutes" said Dr.Vinod.He checked Leona and found everything normal and he left. It is around 9 p.m, Dr.Serene's mobile started ringing ting a-ling, ting a-ling, "Hello !"

"Hello...! Doctor it's me Dr.Poppy"

"Oh! How are you?"

"Fine.I called you to say an important thing."

"Important thing???"

"Yes! save the child of the patient Leona by today." 

"Oh! Is there any complications?"

"Yes. . . a secretion in her liver is abnormal.She may start to vomit continuously by next two days,by that you couldn't deliver the child either by normal or surgery.so, save the lives soon"

"Okay doctor."

   Dr.Serene came to Leona's room in a hurry and said " Tomorrow at 9 a.m we can have a surgery and take the child out" and took Leona to ICU.

  Next Morning,the entire family members arrived to welcome the newborn.

 "She's dying....."said nurse Santhya to Dr.Serene ."Leona!Leona! Wake up, wake up! Open your eyes." 

   "Leona, is this your first baby?"

   "When did you get married?" 

The nurses kept on asking questions to make sure that she is conscious.

 'waa....waah..waa..waaah" the frist cry of the baby was heard.

" It's a boy!...He is very health.!" said Dr.serene. 

Leona regained her consciousness, the nurse gave the baby to Leona. Looking at the baby she thanked God with tears for the miraculous gift in her hands.

The tiny little hand of the baby touched her and she was filled with the happiest moment of her life . She kissed him on his forehead and tears of joy sprinkled in her eyes.Holding onto his hands, she remembered the path she travelled from the day the child was in her womb.

On August 20, 2016 Leona was so happy "Dear, I am pregnant" she said to her hubby with happiness and said this happy news to the entire family by preparing Halwa.

   Nextday,she went to her college as she was working as an Lecturer.Walking with a glee into the college, "Leona, you look different today " said her collegue Dhanu.She smiled and sat on her seat. She decided to keep it a secret. But she wasnt able to hide it from her sister Majini, the one who taught Leona more things about life.



"Sissy! I'm pregnant"

"Wow! That's a great news! happie for you dear!"

said Majini. The day went just like another day. 

  Next morning she couldn't wake up from her bed.

" Darling! I'm so tired, let me sleep for a while " said Leona to her hubby "Okay! Take care of your health dear ! "' Joy replied and went to his work.

    she woke up in a hurry, " Oh god! It's 9 o' clock! " Immediately she got up from the bed, freshened up, took her favourite purple colour saree from rack and wore it. She was about to leave but suddenly she felt uneasy and thought of sleeping for a minute. 

  " Leona! Leona ! Get up " her mother - in - law tried to wake her up.

 Leona woke up with heavy tiredness. She vomitted, vomitted continuously for an hour. Then to everyone's shock, she fainted. They took her to the nearby hospital and she was under observation.

   In the evening, her mobile started ringing "ting a---ling , ting a ---ling, ting a ---ling" ; It was her mom. But Leona was too tired even to pick up the mobile. Knowing that something was definitely wrong with her daughter , she and her son Blyton i.e., brother of Leona came in a hurry to see her as she is their little princess.They were totally shocked to see her in a terrible condition.They felt really bad, so they stayed with her the whole time she suffered. She kept on vomitting the full night till she vomitted blood. Seeing the blood her mother was devastated. Everyone including the doctors who treated her thought that the baby was going to die. But with Leona' s determination and mental stabilty she was alright after a week. She got discharged from the hospital and came home. She planted few spinach, beans and spent her time reading books. After few days again, she started to vomit till she vomit blood and she fainted. When she opens her eyes, she was in hospital.The medicines were injected in her veins.She couldn't eat anything nearly for fifteen days.Then, her brother took her to native, she stayed there for a while.

   "Ma. . . ! I need fish fry!" Leona asked. Her mom cooked and gave few pieces. She started reading about ancient literature and spent the entire time in reading the books.

  Every month nearly ten days, she stayed in hospital. The chill climate in her native made her too weak. But with her strong determination she kept going through all the obstacles.

 After three months,her hubby took Leona with him.The change in climate didn't allow her to sleep.She struggled a lot due to over heat and the next morning, her hubby brought an Air conditioner so that she would sleep comfortably.

 While Leona was travelling by car she longed for food "Dear! I need food! " when she saw people eating and foods on the plate, she felt hungry. But, due to vomitting, she couldn't eat anything.Alamin medicine was injected everyday.

    After a week , she asked for chappathis.Her mother -in-law prepared few chappathis with ghee and kept it in hot pan for her to eat at night. Early in the morning, around 2.a.m, she woke up due to hunger and ate all the chappathis. The clock ticks to 5 a.m. "Darling! I'm hungry "she said to her hubby, Joy. He woke up, boiled some milk and gave it to her.But,again she got admitted in hospital and two drips was injected in her same arm than usual.

  The baby weeped."waa, waah !" She came back to reality and saw her precious jewel on her hands.Her hubby touched the fingers of the little one and said " He looks like you".She smiled.And they both named him SHAUN BLYTON, which means the gracious gift of God.

August 28, 2020 17:37

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Kristy Reynolds
16:10 Sep 09, 2020

The story idea is good. The punctuation and grammar need some work. There aren't spaces between sentences and there are misspellings and places where letters should be capitalized. The story itself is sweet, I think you should have a better wrap up of the flashback. It kind of leaves you hanging just a bit.


16:20 Oct 25, 2020

Thank you for your comments and suggestions.


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