My Love

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   My name is Ann, and I have met my soulmate. I know she is. I saw her one day for the first time at the mall, she laughed at something her friend said, and that laugh sealed the deal for me. I know she has never seen me. She wouldn't like me even if she met me. It's hard knowing that. 

    I am 19 years old. I have always loved the idea of true love, and valentine's day was my favorite holiday. Until I never received any valentines from the girls I loved, so I gave up. I started to hate valentines day. All the candy hearts, the love letters, all the people falling love on this one day of the year. I know there is nothing I can do about it. No matter what I do, no matter how hard I try, no one ever seems to like me back, and it hurts. It cuts me deep in places I never knew could hurt. I find myself in pain all the time. 

    I could have gotten myself a boyfriend. I am a reasonably pretty girl, but unlike all the other girls, I don’t like boys. Well, I do like them, some of them. Actually it just depends entirely on the boy. Some of them are awful human beings. But I was never into boys, I'm still not. I love girls. I honestly don’t know why. I just do. You may be wondering why I am so lonely. Well it wouldn't be so bad if valentines weren't such a celebrated holiday. Unfortunately it is. Basically I am reminded of my loneliness and bachelorette state not only on a regular basis when I see couples walking by but also once a year at my small town's huge celebration. 

    You may now be wondering why I don't just pack up and leave. Try to find something new. I would trust me, but my parents live here, and I can’t just pack up and leave them. I have tried on several occasions, but I have found I just don’t have the heart to do that to them. 

   “Hey ma'am you have been sitting at this particular table for approximately 3 hours. I am going to have to ask you to kindly leave because I have actual customers who want to buy food.” I glance up to see a tall boy about 20 or 21 maybe. He has blond hair, blue eyes, and a lean figure. I guess he is kinda handsome, but I don’t really pay attention. 

   “Oh, I’m sorry,” I say, “I am not trying to sabatosh your business.” 

He gives me a funny look. I get a lot of those. 

   “Ok then,” he says walking off. 

I sigh. I have been asked to leave from many different places before because I just come in and sit without ordering and I just stare at nothing. I think it makes people uncomfortable. I don't mean to cause problems, but even my own house is full of memories I don’t like, but can’t get rid of. So I have resorted to hiding from the world in small greasy fast food places, like Mcdonalds for today. I don’t like their food, but it is one of the places I regularly frequent. They have very big windows, out of which I can stare unblinkingly out, at families, couples, and single groups of people coming and going. I grab my college bag, get up and walk out of the building. I walk to my car, start the engine and drive the few blocks to my house, which is actually a large apartment. I grab my stuff and head inside. I flop on my bed and spend the rest of the day reading charles dickens. When I finally put the book down, it's called Oliver Twist, the sun has set and its twilight. I flop on my bed and fall asleep. This Sunday has been just as unproductive as saturday. The next morning I awaken grogley when my alarm goes off at 6 am. I have approximately two hours to get ready and to leave for my college classes at 8. During the week I am much more productive and I have an actual schedule. I shower, eat, pack my school supplies, and head out the door. When I get there I head to my first class, geometry. I bump into someone I wasn't expecting to see. It's the girl, the one with the beautiful laugh. 

   “Oh!” She exclaims. “I am so sorry. I'm such a klutz. My name is Rose.” 

   “I am Ann.” I say lamely. 

   “Like Anne of Green Gables!” She says with delight. 

   “Well yes, but I'm not Ann with an E.” I chuckle slightly. Only people who have read the book series will know what we are talking about. 

Rose looks startled for a minute then she cries with delight, “You've read it?”  

   “I have!” I say proudly. 

   “We must be friends.” She says. 

   “I'd love to.” I reply. 

I glance away quickly, and my eyes find the clock. 

   “Oh my goodness! I will be late. See you..” 

   “See you in science.” Rose says. 

   “How do you know I am in science?” I ask, puzzled. When I look up she is gone. 

   During a break between classes I find myself drawn outside to the college grounds. I sit down in the shade of a tree and pull out Oliver Twist. That's where Rose finds me. 

   “Oh I love Dickens.” She exclaims. 

I love how enthusiastic she is. Always excited about something.  

   “I've seen you before.” I find myself saying. 

   “I've seen you as well.” Rose says. 

   “Really?” I ask genuinely startled. 

   “Yeah.” She blushes a bit. “I may or may not have been watching you.” 

   “Why were you watching me?” I wonder. 

   “I could ask you the same question.” She says smartly. 

I smile at her.

   “I like you,” I say before I realize what I am saying. 

   “It's almost valentine's day.” She says. “Do you want to come with me to the celebration?” 

I look at her with nothing short of amazement. 

   “You want me to go with you?” 

   “I do.” She says. 

I smile again. Then I lean close to her, and she leans close to me. 

A gun shot sounds, then another and another. I leap to my feat. Then just as quickly fall back down with a bullet in my abdomen. Blood flies everywhere.  The pain hits me in a wave of agony. I feel my eyes cloud, and my vision fades. Rose crouches over me. 

   “Ann!” She cries. “Tears fill her beautiful green eyes. “Don’t leave me. Please, Please.” She leans down and her lips touch mine. She pulls back and smiles down at me. A gun fires and she collapses next to me. I wonder if anyone will remember us in the aftermath of this tragedy. Or if we will be forgotten, passed off as 2 normal unextraordinary girls. But I will go wherever a dead person goes, and I will always know that I have experienced my first and last kiss. 

The End

February 10, 2024 06:12

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Dao Huy Kien
08:51 Mar 07, 2024

I enjoyed your writing style as well as the conversation between Ann and Rose. However, I’m not satisfied with the ending. In my opinion, it’s a bit rushed.


Kaelyn Klaus
02:25 Mar 08, 2024

Thank you for your opinion Dao, I would like to take this story and develop it more in the future. Thanks for commenting.


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Kevin Marlow
02:52 Feb 13, 2024

A bit of a Shakespeare twist at the end, yet I would posit these suggestions: Overuse of pronouns like 'I' can be jarring to the reader, especially at the beginning of sentences. Also, use the free version of Grammarly to limit punctuation and capitalization missteps. Going over writing by editing it can often take longer than the initial writing/word dump. Keep up the good work!


Kaelyn Klaus
05:16 Feb 17, 2024

Thank you for the advise Kevin!


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Mary Bendickson
20:28 Feb 11, 2024

Somehow this was sweet and tragic at the same time. Sadly contemporary for our times.


Kaelyn Klaus
19:33 Feb 12, 2024

Thank you Merry!


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Kaelyn Klaus
19:59 Feb 10, 2024

If you read this please comment, id love to have your opinions! Good, bad, or somewhere in between!


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