Deja vu and nature too..

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Bedtime Drama Suspense

Human nature seems cyclic. Deja vu is not just in the written novels of reality but in life. Meaning? Almost everything under the sun has been done.

And? Solomon was right: living in the past was better than in the present. The only conclusion? My life was vanity and had no meaning if the future has not better or welled itself.

Sad, no? Secrets of the universe ranted and raved by a madman? Or a pirate? I doubt I know which. I used to be a poet.


I live in a crazy fantasy world Hardly. I read to retain my sanity. I book, tea, and chill too because I like books usually more than people. However, I party better than most people, so I would rather party with the right people than read a book. And? Well, I do fall in love with characters. Most people do not realize this. This reality is just one long novel. Drama or tragedy or comedy is yet to be determined. That this is the past for me is real. Being a space time traveller was not something you plan for evidently. If I had planned for it, I would have journal-ed more when I was a kid. Why? Secrets revealed through time make reality more interesting and speculative. Which happened first second and which influenced something totally outside the realm of that person reality is a question on my mind these days.

What is deja vu? What is real? What is reality? If this is all some simulator would you not expect the man behind the curtain to do a Ta Da moment revealing that you missed turning left at the right corner?

Or I become the people in the book I read. To steal a quote from To Kill a Mockingbird “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view... Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.”

And I am as a reader or as a time traveller walk around in other people'sideas or skin and try to do that often these days. Talking to or checking out those people, that are creative and trying to figure out. What makes them tick. Or move or change reality and hope for moment in my life that brief touch with greatness or madness rubs off a little enough for me to comprehend how to be more than. More than. Well, more than normal. More than just a boring person. What is wrong with boring?

Nothing. However, if you crave adventure and to be a pirate. Boring people is the way to act if you are going to con someone into letting you in. While being a light or beacon in the dark shining out for all the bugs to hit you. You might shine enough that the author of FATE or that man behind the curtain says. Well, Clint, Clinton, Clinton R, Ender, Talon, writer, poet, pirate, time traveller you have seen the game. You know the horrible truth.

And yet you still play the game of life like there is something to win. Which is it. Is life a game or or the trick to be insane in a sane world?

Meaning? Mark of the Beast everyone seems to know Microsoft has done it. Seems like using their corporation is no big deal to the church’s, and other religions.

Vaccinating people without their concent and murdering them. Again, no biggie. In yet? Here I am ranting and raving and wondering. Reading made me live. And in reading I lived. Portals to other worlds?

Please I have seen the end of time and back. Meaning? Hell is a real place I would not recommend the accommodations. And to realize reading to steal a quote again. “Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing.” The realization I love to read to escape.

Escape? I tried to escape hell for a long time. Which brings me to this place in time where the book of Revelation is in full force and I am lost. My words don’t reach anyone and my ranting and raving gets me censored on Facebook to minds.

Humor to be censored. That which can not stand questioning is not real. It is propaganda and to realize that humanity is the cause of the book of Revelation is sickening.

That this is the past which means the ending of time makes me question my mind.

Checking dates and how old the earth is instead of what year it is makes me an insane case. In yet I took photos and show them and well. I don't have photo shop and I shopped at JcPenny not JcPenney. I ate a Big Mac at MacDonald's.

Meaning? All of this is the past and in the end the word FATE reads across time and makes me question my performance of this game of life.

Did I do right? Did I try my hardest? Did I screw up? Did I? Did I have courage? To steal another Mocking bird quote. “I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. It's when you know you're licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what."

Did I see life through no matter what or did I fail? I fear failure more than failing. What is the difference?

Simple did I continue with an attitude of hey maybe if I was a pirate I could make things right. Or maybe one of my poems or stories will uplift one person. Or maybe being insane in a sane world makes me see this world ending horribly and wonder about life and what lesson is there for me in this game of life?

Game of life. That is what everyone should read the Secret of Light by Walter Russell. To condense the whole theory for you. You are an avatar in an absurd game. The game is played by 500 million advanced brains.

Don't be absurd.

Avatar? Let me begin. We all live via light. Energy. Plants stabilize that light into food for you. I am carnivore. Laughter animals eat plants. With that simple statement welcome to the understanding you are nothing more than an avatar in some absurd boring game.

And to play it you have to break out of the game and be someone. Someone creative? Who knows.

Be someone. LIVE damn it. Don't just be a stick man in a boring cartoon. Be. BE Calvin and Hobbes. Be a pirate BE a poet. Be someone.

That is the problem with normal. To steal my last quote from To Kill a Mockingbird “People generally see what they look for, and hear what they listen for.”

July 11, 2021 03:22

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B Easton
03:25 Jul 22, 2021

Amazing! Lots of cool ideas here!


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Maeva Minh
09:44 Jul 20, 2021

Dear Clinton Siegle, I am contacting you because I have a project to create a Youtube channel of audio books, and I would like to know if you would agree to me using your stories. Of course I will write in the bio of the video, the name of the author and a link to your page .. Laura who works for reedsy advised me to write to you to get your agreement, I don't want to do this behind your back .. Thanks in advance for your answer. greetings.


Clinton Siegle
18:29 Jul 20, 2021

Sure you may use my stories. Hope you make them sound great. Maeva Minh


Maeva Minh
02:54 Jul 21, 2021

Hello, thank you for your agreement.


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Andrea Magee
18:51 Jul 18, 2021

Outstanding! Thoroughly enjoyed reading this....Calvin and Hobbes rock!


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Theresa Graf
12:48 Jul 12, 2021

I love your writing! I am a reader, too and I think I've figured out this life too. It's a training ground and the sooner you figure that out, the more content you will be.


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Clinton Siegle
03:22 Jul 11, 2021


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